Sunday Sermon: The Pros and Cons of A Sister Abigail

Brian Damage & Craig Wilson

Ever since Bray Wyatt and his “family” debuted in the WWE back in the summer of 2013….there have been several mentions of a sister named Abigail. It certainly has peaked many fans curiosity as to who this Sister Abigail is or was. While Bray has alluded that Abigail is dead…in the world of professional wrestling…that might be one big swerve. Dirt sheets and news sites have reported that the WWE is considering debuting a Sister Abigail character. In conjunction with that, there have been rumors that Bray and Bo Dallas’ real life sister Mika Rotunda recently had WWE tryout. Coincidence? In today’s sermon, we examine the possibilities of the potential of a real life Sister Abigail debuting in the promotion and if it is a good idea at all.

Brian: When I first heard Bray Wyatt speak of a Sister Abigail…I thought it was a forgone conclusion that she or dare I even say he would debut in a matter of time. It has been over 2 years now and still no Abigail. The mysterious figure still gets mentioned routinely in Wyatt it’s not like they scrapped the whole idea. The thing is…the more and more they talk about her…the more mystique around her grows. Sort of like the power of the Undertaker’s urn. While we never found out about the urn…it added to the legend of the dead man. Does the same apply to Wyatt and Sister Abigail? Is it worth a big reveal?

Craig: I have to say for starters, I’ve grown a bit weary when it comes to Bray Wyatt. I find his promos to no longer be all that interesting and instead just going round and round in circles. I think, unsurprisingly, the WWE have dropped the ball with Wyatt by booking him like everyone else and not really understanding the unique nature of his character.

That said, on to the thrust of your remarks and it’s an interesting topic for a Sermon, certainly. In terms of the reveal, I can’t imagine it being anything other than a disappointment. It obviously won’t be a well known name masquerading as Abigail as she’d be recognised so it’ll likely be someone we don’t know and, for me anyway, that’ll just feel a bit meh.

I do understand the Sister Abigail shtick but haven’t the WWE just left it too long?

Brian: We are in disagreement over Bray Wyatt for sure. I am finding myself fast forwarding a lot of Raw and Smackdown lately…but stop and watch Bray Wyatt and his promos. He has a very uncanny knack to make something dull and boring and make it interesting. I think the main issue with Wyatt now is his 6 month feud with Roman Reigns. People for the most part…..don’t give a crap about Reigns the way the WWE wants fans to care.

As for Abigail…..I also disagree in part with what you are saying. It can easily be someone we already have seen in the company. What if….Sister Abigail was really Bayley or someone like that? Get a cool backstory as to why she hid her real identity from everyone and go for it. Remember…Bray Wyatt’s early vignettes had Bayley in them. She was in a white dress sitting on a tree branch….granted, this was before she became Bayley…but it would be so bad ass I think.

Craig: I’ll concede your point about Reigns, I think it is a feud that’s destroyed any interest most fans had in Wyatt. A guilt by association. I think if it was a big reveal, such as Bayley, that would be a huge deal however I’d be staggered as she strikes me as a female Cena, certainly when it comes to merch in the future.

Since Braun Stroman has joined the Wyatts I’ve become more interested in them. I like the idea of Bray seguing more into a manager style role – even just for a bit – watching as Stroman runs rough shot over those that stand in his past. That may be less likely now after the frankly diabolical match he had with Reigns on Monday, right enough.

I think there has to be a reveal though. Otherwise, what’s been the point in it all? A lot of time has been invested in the Wyatts, rightly for the most part, but if it turns out that Sister Abigail is nothing or very little of interest, then it’ll go down like a tonne of bricks.

Brian: From what I have read from fans…there are those that believe a Sister Abigail reveal would kill some of Bray’s mystique. There would be no more mystery to his character. Does anybody buy that? Are some things better left to our imaginations…like Sister Abigail?

Craig: maybe I’m being harsh? Would it be beneficial then to keep it mysterious rather than have a reveal? Based on it being unlikely to meet expectations, maybe best just to leave it be a thing we are left wondering about, huh?

Brian: I don’t think you are being harsh at all. Some things are better left off to the imagination. That’s not to say they can’t do a reveal and make it work great. It’s just do we expect it to be great creatively when the WWE seems to be struggling in that department lately? Mika Rotunda…Bray Wyatt’s real life sister would make perfect sense to be the character if she really wants to get involved in wrestling. I just don’t know much about her one way…in a way…I guess that would make a perfect Sister Abigail then wouldn’t it?

Craig: Yeah, I guess that his real-life sister probably is the best for the character. The thing is, if the character debuts what is she. If it’s a real life character doesn’t she just become either a manager or an in-ring performer? If that’s all she is, what’s the explanation of her as a character rather than, say, a legend?

Brian: Maybe for the sake of utter disappointment…she should stay a mystery to fans. If the reveal was a huge disappointment…it could probably do irreparable damage to Bray’s character. Then again, if it was a real swerve and turned out to be a shocking reveal…it could open up more doors and opportunities for the Wyatt’s to explore. Bo Dallas anyone? Not a female…but could play one ala Bruce Jenner style. Mind blown!

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