The TNA Title Nobody Wanted…


Brian Damage

It started off as the TNA Legends title then became the Global Title and finally the TV title. From being defended by superstars deemed legends to being fought over outside of the USA to just being a belt that was part of matches every week on TNA Impact! Today we take a look at the TNA title that nobody every really wanted.It is certainly not uncommon for a pro wrestling championship title to lose prestige and ultimately be declared defunct and inactive. It has happened more than you’d think. Belts such as the WWF European title…NWA Western States Heritage title…the WCW Hardcore title etc…have all been relevant one day and inactive the next.

Then there are those titles that for whatever reason…keep coming back…not so much because of popular demand…but just because. One such title currently resides in TNA wrestling. The names have changed throughout the years…but for whatever reason…it keeps finding its way back on TNA television.


Its lineage traces back to 2008…when Booker T, who was with the promotion back then…carried around a steel briefcase. For weeks, TNA fans wondered what was inside the case that Booker carried around with him. On October 23, 2008…Booker T unveiled the contents of the briefcase to be a shiny new title belt. Booker T called it the Legends title and only a true legend like himself could hold such a prestigious belt.


At that time, the Legends belt was unsanctioned by TNA management…so Booker could defend it whenever he deemed fit. He wound up losing the belt to AJ Styles making AJ the company’s first ever Grand Slam champion. (Meaning AJ Styles had won every sing title in TNA) The title would eventually change hands to Kevin Nash to Mick Foley and back to Kevin Nash and be a title defended only between wrestlers in TNA deemed “legends.”


The concept of a legends title had perhaps gotten stale and it…with only a limited amount of legends on the TNA roster…the title’s ideology was changed. Once the Canadian Eric Young turned heel and won the title from Nash…it was renamed the TNA Global title and only be defended on soil other than the United States of America against wrestlers of different nationalities.

Like the Legends concept…the Global title concept would too grow stale and TNA…once again….renamed the belt and changed the way the title would be defended. Once AJ Styles won the belt again…it was renamed the TNA TV title and with that…TNA general manager Hulk Hogan decreed the the TV title had to be defended each and every week on Impact! The title would then go through several different champions including Brother Devon…Gunner…Abyss…Doug Williams and Samoa Joe.


At the Slammiversary pay per view in 2013…the monster Abyss defeated Devon to win the TNA TV title and soon disappeared into…well…the abyss. The title would not be seen for well over a year. In July of 2014…it was announced the TNA TV title was declared vacant and inactive…killing off this often changing championship belt.


It wasn’t until close to a year later…the title was once again reintroduced. This time it was called the TNA King of the Mountain title. Jeff Jarrett was awarded the belt after winningW a King of the Mountain match and was quickly vacated allowing PJ Black to win the belt. It currently is worn by TNA original Bobby Roode. Who knows where the KOTM title will go from here. Can it ever regain any prestige it might’ve had when it first was conceived back in 2008?

Will it be worth anything to fans? Will it fall to insignificance as say the million dollar title did in the WWF? Nobody knows for sure and only time will tell if it will remain a title or once again vanish without a trace.


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