Wrestling with Sin: Fifty Three


Brian Damage

This is the 53rd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, often times seedier side of professional wrestling. Many of the stories that are covered here deal with lust, greed, assault and in some cases…even murder! As with every story in Sin series…we never condone the actions of those involved or condemn the alleged either. We simply try to retell these stories.

Outback Crack


Music and pro wrestling promoter Andrew McManus was arrested after a 4 year long drug sting operation. It is alleged that McManus was somehow involved in an Australian drug ring that dealt with drug trafficking and money laundering. Subsequent searches at McManus’ home allegedly found large sums of money, steroids and cannabis.


Andrew McManus is most known as a concert promoter in Australia dealing with musical acts such as KISS, Lenny Kravitz and Motley Crue. In 2001, McManus founded the wrestling promotion called the WWA (World Wrestling All Stars) in Brisbane, Australia. The roster consisted of many former WCW wrestlers who were not signed by the WWE after they bought the company. The WWA lasted for close to two years before folding.

You Kent See Me


An independent wrestler from Tennessee that goes by the name of ‘JC Kent,’ was arrested on charges of aggravated statutory rape, sexual exploitation of a minor through electronic means and providing obscene materials to a minor. It is alleged that Kent…was sexting with a female minor of 14 years old and exchanged several nude photos of one another. JC Kent texted to tell the minor that…”I’m touching myself to that last one” referring to one of the nude pics that the 14 year old allegedly sent him.

In addition, the 14 year old girl claimed that JC Kent met up with her at her home and used his finger to penetrate her. She also claims that Kent asked for sex and oral sex but was refused. JC Kent was 28 years old at the time of the incident.

The Classic No Show


Chavo Guerrero Sr was brought into the WWE as a manager/wrestler to help his son Chavo Jr get “over.” His character within the company slowly began turning into a comedy routine and it began to seriously sour Chavo Sr who was known as “Chavo Classic.” Chavo started giving WWE management a hard time refusing to do certain angles and putting certain wrestlers over him or his son.


Chavo Sr. refused to drop the now defunct WWE Cruiserweight title to Rey Mysterio until he had to be convinced by his brother Eddie Guerrero. Chavo Classic then decided to “no show” two consecutive house shows and was subsequently fired.

The San Antonio Screw Job


In 1985, World Class Championship Wrestling based in Dallas, Texas…wanted to expand it’s territory to the southern regions of the state. At that time, Texas All Star Wrestling formerly “Southwest Championship Wrestling” controlled that portion of Texas.

As the story goes, Fritz Von Erich got in contact with Bruiser Brody and Mark Lewin who were in the midst of a hot feud for Texas All Stars. He also contacted the booker of that promotion Buck Robley and asked them to sabotage their heavily advertised match in San Antonio. In return for them putting on a horrible match…Fritz promised them jobs with World Class.

Seeing how World Class was becoming a red hot promotion in Texas…all three agreed to the sabotage. When the match took place, it was essentially Bruiser Brody putting a nerve hold on Lewin’s neck for over 40 minutes. The match was so horrible it turned fans off of the Texas All Star product. Brody and Lewin…as promised would get jobs with WCCW and as for the booker Buck Robley…he was never given a job. Texas All Star Wrestling would never recover and subsequently went out of business.

The Student Schools The Teacher


In 1962, an 18 year old girl by the name of Rita Cortez traveled to South Carolina in hopes to be trained by her wrestling idol “The Fabulous” Moolah. Not only was she trained by Moolah…the two began a bond that was similar to a big sister/little sister or Mother/daughter relationship. When Moolah would be on the road wrestling…Cortez was allowed in Moolah’s home to help take care of things.

Moolah recounts how Cortez started acting strangely by copying her mannerisms and wrestling style..both in the ring and out of it. It almost seemed as if Cortez was trying to be Fabulous Moolah then Rita Cortez. One day, while returning home from a wrestling trip…Moolah caught Rita and Moolah’s husband Buddy Lee…having sex in their bedroom. Moolah quickly and forcibly threw Rita out of their home and would later divorce Buddy Lee.


Buddy Lee and Rita Cortez continued their relationship and married each other in 1967. The couple had four children together and founded Buddy Lee attractions which handled several big name country musical acts like Garth Brooks, the Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr.

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