Hell in a Cell 2015 Predictions


Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage & Craig Wilson

Tonight the WWE hosts its annual Hell in a Cell event. This year its headlined by Brock Lesnar taking on The Undertaking inside the cell. The other cell match pits Roman Reigns against Bray Wyatt. Elsewhere, Seth Rollins defends his title against Kane and more.

Pre-show: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs. Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett

Jamie: I’m surprised in myself by quite liking the look of this match. It’s like WWE know they should be doing something with these guys, so they’ve lobbed them into a multi-person match. I particularly like the heels, they look quite good as a team…

Winners: Ziggler, Cesaro, Neville

Brian: This has the makings to be a pretty darn good opening match. It seems we have a new faction developing between Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev…

Winners: King Barrett, Rusev and Sheamus

Craig: I’m with the others, I think this could be pretty good. I sense it’s a bit of a ‘throw everything into the ring and see what sticks’ type approach but it’s the pre-show so why not.

Winners: King Barrett, Rusev and Sheamus

Intercontinental Title Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Ryback

Jamie: I have no fear of Ryback regaining his title, that won’t happen. My fear is that he will leave the IC Title scene on a strong note and proceed up, rather than down, the card.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Brian: Is it just me or has Kevin Owens been pretty stale since winning the IC title? Owens is capable of so much more than what the WWE is giving him. Feuding with Ryback certainly isn’t the answer.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Craig: Yup, Owens’ run with the gold has been disappointing so far. As soon as he moves on from feuding with Ryback the better, really. Certainly see no chance of anything other than Owens leaving with the gold.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Tag Team Title Match: The New Day (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz

Jamie: I’d really like New Day to hold the titles for a long, long time. However, I wouldn’t begrudge a Dudley victory here so long as New Day regain in quick order. I mean, if this feud ends – which a New Day victory would indicate – then what will either team do?

Winners, and New WWE Tag Champs: The Dudley Boyz

Brian: I see the Dudley Boyz winning the tag titles here…mainly because the New Day doesn’t need the titles to be relevant right now. They are perhaps the most entertaining group in the WWE today. Could a Spike Dudley show up in a surprise appearance to help even up the odds? Hmmm?

Winners: The Dudleys

Craig: I’m looking forward to this one as this should be a good one. I’ve really enjoyed the programme between these two teams. I think that this feud has plenty left in it and wouldn’t be surprised then that the Dudleys win the gold. I do wonder if we’ll see Spike Dudley too…

Divas Title Match: Charlotte (c) vs. Nikki Bella

Jamie: Momentum, where have you gone? I’m over the Bellas, the wicked witch has been defeated so I’ve lost any interest I had in Nikki. Charlotte is also much better suited to being a heel. Paige will surely play a part here, she is the most interesting ‘Diva’.

Winner: Charlotte

Brian: I really like Charlotte here to retain and move on…possibly to Paige or whomever attacked Natalya backstage. Was it Paige or someone else??? Becky Lynch perhaps?

Winner: Charlotte

Craig: This divas revolution relies on better talent taking part than the Bellas. Hopefully this match, and the win for Charlotte, allows her to move on from the Bellas and into programmes that will result in much better in-ring work.

Hell In A Cell Match: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Jamie: Why oh why is Roman Reigns still a babyface?! I’m just not into this match or this feud because I don’t relate or sympathise with him in the slightest little bit. Plus, I’m still unsure as to why these guys are even fighting in the first place.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Brian: This has been one long feud….but it finally ends in the Cell which I guess is good news. Bray Wyatt can do better and his “family” intrigues me. Reigns needs this win to stay relevant.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Craig: The only good thing about this is that it is looking like it’ll be the end of the feud – that’s something we can all be happy about. Have limited interest in this match or even this feud.

Winner: Reigns, probably.

US Title Open Challenge Match: John Cena vs. TBD

Jamie: Surely, please, this is the payoff to the US Open Challenge we’ve been waiting for. John Cena will finally bite off more than he can chew and drop his title in a fantastic moment for his opponent. Who will that opponent be? No idea, but my fingers are crossed for Tyler Breeze.

Winner, and new US Champion: Whoever answers the call

Brian: People are speculating Tyler Breeze and that may be the case….but I’m thinking outside the box here. There has been a lot of talk that Carlito Colon is making a comeback. Why not have him challenge Cena? He’s already beaten Cena before for the US title…why not again?

Winner: John Cena

Craig: The chat seems to be about Tyler Breeze entering and winning this one. I’m not adverse to that. Also worth noting that if this is later in the card then there’s every chance that Ziggler could answer the open challenge after his pre-show appearance. Either way, I think we’ll crown a new US champ, especially with Cena not scheduled for Raw tomorrow.

Winner: Whoever answers the challenge

WWE Title Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Kane

Jamie: I’m not interested in this. Rollins will win, probably unfairly, and that will be Kane’s annual title shot out the way for another year.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Brian: Don’t really see Kane winning the title here under any circumstances. All it will do, is lead Corporate Kane to be fired the next night on Raw.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Craig: I don’t think anyone sees Kane winning this one. I’m sure he’ll go back to floating around for 12 months after this until his next ‘title shot outta nowhere’ next summer.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Hell In A Cell Match: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Jamie: Again, I’m not that arsed about this. How many times have these guys appeared on WWE TV to promote this match? Once each, with one Paul Heyman appearance on top of that. Ran out of ideas much? Is there a significance to a victory for either man? Not really, so I’m not interested.

Winner: Oh, let’s say The Undertaker

Brian: Tough call…but my guess is Brock Lesnar wins to keep his momentum moving forward.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Craig: I’m worried about this one and the impact it’ll have on The Undertaker. Could make for grim viewing, really. Totally torn on who will win this one. Can’t disagree too much with Jamie’s analysis. Not all that bothered.

Winner: Brock, I guess.


Jamie: Looks rubbish on paper, but every time I say that WWE produce a good show. Fingers crossed then…

Brian: The WWE really needs to let wrestlers bleed again. Otherwise the build up to these Hell in a Cell matches is laughable. Blood goes a long way to sell a story the right way. Not really crazy about the card either.

Craig: Not a great card, nothing much we’ve not seen before and a title match for Kane for no real reason. Really not at all bothered about this.


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