FACT-cinating: Another Round of Useless Wrestling Facts and Info

Dean Douglas

Brian Damage

Here we are again…for yet another round of wrestling facts that you’ll probably never need if your life depended on it. Some of these you may know…while some not so much. Either way, it is all in fun. So sit back and read along as we go through all these useless…but oh so fun pro wrestling facts.


The great interviewer and not so great hot line host….WWE Hall of Famer ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is an undefeated pro wrestler. In his career, Okerlund compiled an unblemished record of 4 wins and 0 losses.


Ric Flair certainly has had a tremendous career. Wrestling all over the world and amassing a record 16 world titles. He’s won more matches than he has lost…but do you know who beat Flair the very first time? It was none other than French Canadian wrestler Rene Goulet. Goulet pinned Flair in Ric’s 2nd professional match ever.

For extra credit….who beat Flair in his last match? The answer is none other than Sting in TNA in 2012. Flair hasn’t wrestled since that match.


For whatever reason..the WWE likes Pitbulls…the name anyway. They named the brief tag team of Kid Kash and Jamie Noble the Pit bulls and renamed the American Werewolves of Davy Richards and Eddie Edwards the American Pit bulls when they had a week long tryout in NXT. Of course, we all know the most famous team to have that name are Anthony Durante and Gary Wolfe aka The Pit Bulls most notably in ECW. Incidentally, the WWE also had them on their roster…but used them as jobbers NOT named the Pit Bulls.


Mike Rotunda holds the distinction of wrestling the opening match of the very first WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event episode in 1985 (The US Express and Ricky Steamboat Vs Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and George Steele)and wrestling the opening match of the last Saturday Night’s Main Event episode in 1992.(Money Inc. Vs The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage) There were other SNME episodes…but were extremely sporadic “specials,” rather than a normal run…


Did you know that before Jack Tunney’s reign as the fictitious “President” of the WWF…there was another so called president in charge? Hisashi Shinma, who was a top executive in New Japan Pro Wrestling for many years…served as the figurehead WWF president from 1978 to 1984. Tunney then took over from ’84 to 1995.


The only McMahon to never hold a WWF/WWE title of any kind was Linda McMahon. She is also the only McMahon to never have a wrestling match.


Former NWA interviewer/play by play announcer/backstage executive David Crockett…was formerly a pro wrestler himself…albeit…only briefly. Crockett wrestled under the moniker of Dave Finley.


Seth Rollins is the first WWE champion to be born after the first Wrestlemania took place. Wrestlemania 1 happened in 1985 and Seth was born in 1986.


“Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright holds pin fall victories over both Steve Austin and Paul Levesque (Triple H) while both were in WCW.

It was former WWF/WWE ring announcer Howard Finkle who came up with the name Wrestlemania. Before that, Vince McMahon wanted to use the title “Colossal Tussle” for the company’s biggest event.

Paul Heyman has managed countless wrestlers with a record 5 of them winning the WWE title in the process. Did you know who the very first “Paul Heyman Guy” was that he ever managed? It was none other than the ‘Beast of the East’ Bam Bam Bigelow in the northeast independents.


There have only been 4 Universal Heavyweight Champions in the history of Bill Watts old Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) promotion. These four men were One Man Gang, Big Bubba Rogers, Terry Gordy and Dr Death Steve Williams. They would form tag teams later on in their careers….The Twin Towers (WWF)and the Miracle Violence Connection (WCW/Japan)respectively.


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