This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 46

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage & Craig Wilson

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week while Brian and Craig have all the week’s best viral content. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Let Me Tell You Something Brother…”

So this was stupid...

So this was stupid…

  • Wayne Rooney is destroying the business by breaking kayfabe and attending WWE events with West Brom captain Darren Fletcher!
  • The Undertaker and Kane destroying all four members of The Wyatt Family in a fair fight is certainly one way to promote a two on two tag team match…
  • Alberto Del Rio knows all there is to know about women with hairy armpits…
  • I wonder if Stephanie knows that Triple H wants Roman Reigns to be ‘his man’?
  • If The Wyatt Family kidnapped Kane then why was he able to wrestle Seth Rollins at an event in Ireland?
  • Tag Team Champions The New Day have been excluded from the WWE Title Tournament, but tag team wrestlers Titus O’Neil and Kalisto have not?
  • Tag Team Champions The New Day have been excluded from the WWE Title Tournament, but fellow champions Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio have not?
  • Are Manchester United called The Manchester United in America?
  • If you are a British or Irish performer and cannot garner any kind of a reaction at an event in Manchester then you are clearly struggling
  • WWE trusts a source that considers the Winter Olympics a bigger event than the FIFA World Cup?!
  • From Raw General Manager to “someone in a chicken suit”. Well, at least Brad Maddox got to work with The Undertaker
  • If The Undertaker and Kane still apparently have their souls – i.e. their magic powers – then what was the point of running an angle where Bray Wyatt supposedly stole them?

Picture Gallery

Recently, former WWE and TNA women’s wrestler Taryn Terrell announced her retirement from pro wrestling. She cited her new new beliefs in God as the main reason and said that she just doesn’t feel comfortable as a wrestler anymore. Gee, I have no idea why..

Taryn Terrell

Someone in this family photo will become a pro wrestler. Any ideas as to who?

Seth Rollins

Sorry, but this was too cool not to share…

Raw Wars

The Crane Brothers of Destruction

Crane Brothers of Destruction

It’s nice to see that Triple H has a backup plan just in case this marriage thing to Stephanie McMahon doesn’t work out…

Triple H

Video Gallery

Can’t attend the Hall of Fame due to Kayfabe… Can Tombstone a guy dressed as a turkey on Jimmy Fallon…

Bad News Barrett has some bad news – delivered with an excellent Scottish accent – for fans at the recent house show in Glasgow, Scotland.

This Week on the Blog

In last Sunday’s Sermon we looked at the immediate need for a new superstar to step up, on Monday we looked at 25 years since the debut of the Gobbledy Gooker, Tuesday saw us look at the missed wrestling opportunity that was Demolition versus Legion of Doom, on Wednesday we inducted Drew Carey into the celebrity wing of ‘Icons of Wrestling’, on Thursday we decided if we would ‘book or cook?’ Damien Sandow and we rounded off the week with more wrestling facts.

Next Week on the Blog

In tomorrow’s Sermon look ahead to WrestleMania 32, we ask whatever happened to Corporal Kirchner, we have the next instalment of ‘Wrestling with Sin‘, have the Top Five Survivor Series moments and more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ columns can be read here.


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