This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 47

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what Raw taught him this week while Brian and Craig have all the week’s best viral content. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Let Me Tell You Something Brother…”

This guy must hate Mex-America

This guy must hate Mex-America

  • Mentioning dead family members in a promo; that’ll make fans cheer for you!
  • If you know you will taking back bumps at some point in the night, probably best not to wear a jacket with giant spikes on the back.
  • Finally, Dean Ambrose might be able to stop wearing the shirts and ties we always see him wearing
  • What’s the best way to promote a two on two tag team match? Ah yes, show highlights of one team destroying the other, plus two of their mates
  • Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter don’t pay taxes….?
  • Rather than an eight man, seven match tournament to crown a new WWE Champion, Survivor Series will host a four man, three match tournament plus a couple other meaningless matches
  • How to make two seven foot tall monsters look tough? Have them beat up children in Halloween costumes. RUN!


Picture Gallery

NXT’s biggest signing to date!


In all seriousness….this guy may or may not be AJ Styles who was spotted at Full Sail this past week. A feud between him and Finn Balor would be epic!


Gotta give credit for the creativity of this Seth Rollins fan’s haircut…


This is why parents of celebrities should stay clear of all social media! Case in point, Randy Orton’s mother….


This Week on the Blog

In last Sunday’s Sermon we looked ahead to WrestleMania 32, we had the latest installment of ‘Wrestling with Sin’ on Monday, Tuesday saw us ask Whatever Happened to Corporal Kirchner?, on Wednesday we cast our minds back to the 80s and various WWF managers fighting it out over Bam Bam Bigelow, Thursday’s Top Five was on Survivor Series moments and we rounded the week off by looking at Bad News Brown’s Survivor Series record.

Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow we share our Survivor Series predictions, a ‘Great Ideas that Didn’t Last‘ piece on Imposter Kane, our Top Five wrestling turkeys of 2015, look at the failings of the Ascension and more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ columns can be read here.


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