Whatever Happened to Kurrgan?


Craig Wilson

From the monster in The Truth Commission to one part of the Human Oddities, the wrestling career of Robert ‘Kurrgan’ Maillet was certainly a mixed bag. In this latest piece we ask Whatever Happened to Kurrgan?

Robert Maillet, born in Ste-Marie-de-Kent, New-Brunswick in 1969, spent some time in Japan working for the W*ING promotion as Goliath El Gigante before signing for the WWF in 1997, alongside The Jacykl, as part of The Truth Commission.

However, it wasn’t his first interaction with the WWF. Back in 1991, whilst on a tour of Mexico with Grand Prix Wrestling, Leo Burke arranged for Maillet a tryout with the company. It didn’t go as planned for the 7 foot wrestler and he was told to get some experience under his belt and see what happens.

The tryout may not have gone as planned, but a few years down the line he got another chance and again it was down to Burke. He brought Maillet to Calgary where he got a chance to work with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

Not long after his time with Hart ended, the Canadian giant was sent down to WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut where he was introduced to his future Truth Commission partners: Recon and Sniper. They worked in WWE’s studios, perfecting their personas while learning to work as a unit in the ring.

The group spent time in United States Wrestling Association before being called up to the main WWF roster, where Maillet’s ring name evolved into Kurrgan The Interrogator. Initially under the tutelage of The Commandant, The Jackly became their manager. Under the charismatic cult leader, Kurrgan became known for applying the Iron Claw finisher and not releasing it until The Jackyl slapped him.

After the disbanding of The Truth Commission, Kurggan – as he was now known – wrestled as a singles performer still managed by The Jackly. At the same time The Jackyl was working on his own side project: Human Oddities. At the WrestleMania XIV after party, Maillet did something that would get him and the Oddities back into the eyes of WWE fans.

To many he may have only been dancing with his wife but Vince McMahon saw something in a giant dancer and couldn’t get it out of his mind and that helped turn the Oddities into a fun-loving group of clowns. The Oddities were beloved by WWE fans during one of the company’s hottest periods but as the Attitude Era waned, as did the opportunities of the grouping and they were soon let go. Kurrgan credits that, and the passing of his father, as the reason why he hung up his wrestling boots.

In 2007 he appeared in the film 300, playing a savage berserker that was part of the enemy’s imperial guard. Two years later he appeared in the film Sherlock Holmes and had a fight scene with the star Robert Downey, Jr. It was later revealed that Maillet accidentally punched Downey in the face. In 2011, he appeared in The Big Bang and the same year appeared in the film Monster Brawl as Frankenstein. He played Polyphemus in the 2013 film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Blackwell in the 2013 film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and the executioner in the 2014 film Hercules.

Regardless of the success he achieves on the big screen, in an interview with WWE.com Maillet described his fondness for his time with the company: “I realized my dream and was proud to be a Superstar,” he said. “I never won a title, but being hired by WWE and being a Superstar, to me, was like winning a championship.”

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4 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Kurrgan?

  1. You know something. One of the great things about the Attitude Era was the fact that if you were a low-to-mid card guy that has something unique to offer. You can still get over and Kurrgan was able to do that as part of the Oddities. That is a group that would never get over in today’s product but fans connected with them during the Attitude Era.

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  3. He’s made several appearances on the recently ended Syfy TV series Haven, the same show where Edge became a near regular after retiring from the ring, and where Christian also had a few appearances. I don’t believe he ever had any scenes with Edge, though, definitely none with Christian.


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