Sunday Sermon: Can Sheamus be ‘The Man’ in the WWE?

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Jamie Lithgow

In last week’s Sunday Sermon we posed the question: Has Roman Reigns been Lex Luger-ed with the WWE not going through on a title run for him. Today’s Sermon is a follow up as we discuss Sheamus as champion: can he be the man, what does the WWE need to have him do to be a credible champ and is the League of Nation stable a help or a hindrance.

Craig: We briefly touched on Sheamus in last week’s Sermon but with him now the figurehead of the WWE – he’s deserving of one all to his own. As I alluded to last week the best thing for Sheamus is a lengthy title. He’s hardly ‘hot’ at the moment so losing the title quickly – such as at TLC this month or even at next month’s Royal Rumble would damage him. He needs to be champion until WrestleMania and in that time the WWE need to make him look strong. I also think that they need to keep him away from Roman Reigns.

It’s not looking like they are doing either. This past Monday they lumped him in with King Barrett, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev in the ‘League of Nations’. A corny enough sounding gimmick made worse by the directionless nature of all the superstars involved. I’m not saying they are the 2015 version of the Job Squad but it’s a classic ‘well those guys aren’t doing anything – let’s stick them together’ type booking decision. I worry that they are going to be used to keep the belt on Sheamus by interfering in his bouts so instead of booking him as a monster they are going to do what they did with Seth Rollins and have interference galore in his matches as he wins by ‘any means necessary’. That’s not a great start.

Nor is a rematch with Roman Reigns. I know that as a former champion – albeit it briefly – Reigns is entitled to a rematch but with how the WWE book things just now it means we’ll get endless Roman Reigns and Sheamus segments. It means focus can’t be on making Sheamus look strong or generating face sympathy – if that’s the route they go down – for Roman Reigns.

Is the WWE already showing signs of being about to blow this? What do they need to do to make Sheamus look credible as champ?

Brian: First and foremost…DON’T book Sheamus the same way they did Seth Rollins. Many people felt Rollins was booked weak looking…but I disagree. It worked for him as the “paper champ” so to speak who hid behind the Authority. I see them doing the same thing with Sheamus with this “League of Nations” faction. PS, am I the only one thinking that Superman, Batman, Aquaman etc will show up with that silly name?

Sheamus has to be built up strong and differently than Rollins was. Sheamus can be entertaining if they allow him to be. We have seen snippets of that since winning the WWE world title. I’m not saying make him the singles version of New Day…but something similar can’t hurt.

Craig: Key is Sheamus looks different and speaks different to other wrestlers on the roster so why not make him act different. Make him stand out rather than just a nother WWE champion.

I think the League of Nations is absolutely junk, as stated earlier. Will take a lot for me to get into them as a stable. If it’s a group all about making sure Sheamus wins by any means then I’ll like them even less.

If done correctly I think Sheamus can be a good champion. If they make him look strong, though. If it’s all sneak wins and interference then it’s just too predictable.

Brian: Exactly! Sheamus needs to follow the model of say a Brock Lesnar WWE champion as far as wrestling than a Seth Rollins champion. What I mean by that is have him look strong…sure, he can still work as a heel and cheat sometimes…but do it in much smaller doses. As for the League of Nations…I’m with you Craig. It just seems something thrown together at the last minute.

What does that even mean for Zeb Colter? Is he with them or is he the odd man out? Also, let’s not really fool ourselves here…the League is nothing more than a tool to help Roman Reigns look stronger as the challenger.

Jamie: I agree 100% to everything that has been said so far. He looks different, sounds different and wrestlers different to Seth Rollins, but so far it feels like he has been booked the same. He should be booked like he was when he first entered WWE i.e he might cheat sometimes, but you know he’s more than capable on his own. It just feels like that because Rollins did so well as the cowardly jackass who hid behind The Authority, WWE are going to try the same trick with Sheamus and his League of (not so) super villains.

It just feels wrong. Did you see him on Raw wearing one of Kane’s old suits? Here’s a big bruiser of guy with a mohawk, silly beard and nose piercing… but he’s in a fucking suit dancing with The New Day! What is this saying to potential new fans – or the 25% that have stopped watching since the summer? Sheamus as Champion and his League of Gentlemen feels so half-arsed that I’m convinced Reigns will take the title from him at TLC and he’ll tumble straight back down the card once his rematches are done and the likes of Cena and Orton return. Put it this way, Sheamus held that MITB briefcase for ages and WWE did nothing to build him up. There’s no way he’s holding the title for any length of time if creative didn’t even hint at him as being a genuine player until two weeks ago.

Craig: That’s exactly the reason he became champion despite being so cold, the WWE did absolutely nothing with him when he was carrying the MITB briefcase. It’s almost as if just carrying that is enough in the eyes of the WWE – it’s not! But having that briefcase allows the WWE to insert him into programmes and justify it with “well, he won MITB didn’t he?” But they left it too late. During his run with the briefcase he didn’t look anything like a champion in waiting and now he’s champion and looks a bit out of place. The WWE has a lot of work to do, in my opinion, to get him over as a credible champion. If Jamie’s prediction is right then it’ll then take a lot of rehabilitation to get Sheamus at all credible again.

It’s clear, though, that we all have serious reservations about the plans that it looks like the WWE has for him as champion.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon: Can Sheamus be ‘The Man’ in the WWE?

  1. Sheamus has always been a joke. Just take a look at his history pre wwe main card.
    I can only hope the “Authority” finds a new direction. No pun intended


  2. I thought the suit gimmick was a good idea, he looked like more of a bad ass heel. But the mohawk and whole ginger punk rocker thing has to go if anyone is going to take him seriously!!!


  3. Is Sheamus the Man? Let’s see…. NO!!! I could never buy him as a WWE champ or a main eventer. Hell, I found him to be boring and I don’t remember one classic moment he’s ever done.


    • I completely agreed. The guy has been a flop since day one. Maybe the kids liked him at first, but that died off quickly. Vince should have just pulled the trigger on Roman and got it over with. Either go with the guy or don’t. Nobody wanted Sheamus.

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