This Week in Wrestling 2015 week 50

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what wrestling taught him this week while Brian has all the week’s best viral content. All that and much much more in the latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Let Me Tell You Something Brother…”

The Survivor Series build-up is really taking shape...oh, wait...

The Survivor Series build-up is really taking shape…oh, wait…

  • A few months ago Hulk Hogan was swiftly removed from the WWE ‘Hall of Fame’ when evidence of him making offensive, racist remarks came to light. So tell me this; why is a man who wants to ban people from entering the United States based on their perceived religion still present in said ‘Hall of Fame’? Was this abhorrent racism phrased in a more ‘PG’ way…?
  • What’s the best way to antagonise an Irishman? Tater tots!
  • I thought Alberto Del Rio was from Mexamerica?
  • Aren’t WWE a month late with all these four man teams?
  • TLC, an event that is supposed to feature some of WWE’s most violent matches, is sponsored by Toys R’ Us
  • Is it just me or do Apollo Crews, Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan & Chad Gable all have the same theme music?
  • This week on Monday Night Raw; the slow motion replay of a coke being spilled
  • Roman Reigns doesn’t like Mohawks…….. or tater tots
  • Shouldn’t it be ‘Reigns 5:15’?
  • Does Sheamus not remember winning the World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds?
  • If WWE’s PG rating is supposedly non-restrictive and a non-issue then why do so many characters make reference to it during scripted promos?

Picture Gallery

Here’s a newspaper clipping of the Steiner brothers while they were both still wrestling for the University of Michigan.

Steiner Brothers

A picture of the late, great Big John Studd with George Bush Jr and Sr.

Big John Studd

Ring of Honor is now selling a coloring book apparently…

Ring of Honor

The original idea before Halloween Havoc! Nah, just kidding…it’s actually a pretty cool T shirt design. Happy Hanukkah

WCW Hanukkah

The Future Kane Glenn Jacobs before pro wrestling…

Glenn Jacobs

This pretty much sums up Monday Night Raw lately…

Monday Night Raw

This also sums up what fans rather be doing than watching an Eva Marie match….

Eva Marie

Regardless how many might feel about JBL…this was a pretty funny scene at ECW’s One Night Stand pay per view when JBL impersonated Paul Heyman writing checks…


Video Gallery

Probably one of the greatest things you’ll ever see…Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper singing Sasha Banks theme song while traveling on the road.

Back in the 1980’s, there was nobody hotter than the Rock N Roll express. They were so red hot…they even came out with a song. Here is a commercial from 1987 for joining their fan club.

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