Wrestling With Sin: 50 + 9


Brian Damage

This is the 59th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, sometimes seedier world of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve sex, drugs, greed, arrests and sometimes even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…we do not condone nor do we condemn the alleged involved. That is not our intention at all…we simply retell many of these stories that have already been shared throughout the years.

Ignorance is Bliss


Current NXT diva Alexa Bliss has come under fire from another alleged current NXT wrestler who asked to remain anonymous. This unidentified wrestler claims that Alexa is nothing more than a glorified “ring rat” who has had sex with several members of the NXT roster including wrestlers, announcers and even trainers. This is what was recently written about her on the website: TheDirty.com…

Nik, I am currently training with WWE to be a wrestler. We train at NXT in Orlando. A great group of men and women are down here but I have to call out one girl, Alexa Bliss. I wish to stay anonymous but this needs to be out. She is a ring rar as we call it. She sleeps with just about every person who walks in the door here and has slept with trainers, higher ups, wrestlers and whoever else she can get her hands on. I have heard nasty stories I refuse to share. She is cute and nice but is a total whore. She is not very good in the ring but isn’t bad as a manager. I hope she sees this and cleans her act up asap.

Bliss responded on Twitter by saying: One Thing my mother always taught me… “Your reputation is something you will NEVER out grow, so make sure it’s one you’re proud of”

Of course, none of these accusations can be confirmed at this time. Seeing as this was an anonymous individual…it isn’t even known if they actually train at the WWE Performance Center. We do know, that Bliss is currently dating one half of the tag team she manages in Buddy Murphy.


Is this a case of sour grapes from the anonymous accuser? Was he shot down somehow by Alexa Bliss? Is it the other half of the tag team she manages in Wesley Blake? If it is indeed true, what trainers did she sleep with? Like sands through the hourglass…so are the days of our lives…

Land of the Rising…..RUN!!!



This next story is a bit graphic in nature…but a completely necessary component to the tale. It involves former ECW wrestler C.W. Anderson who while on a tour of Japan…”got together” with one of his usual female companions there. While the couple was having sex, the woman began gushing blood out of her vagina. At first, it was thought that the female was having an extreme period…but she didn’t stop bleeding.

Anderson left her in the hotel room and got her some items to help stop the blood flow…but nothing was working. It became evident that this woman was in dire need of medical attention. Anderson called upon his friend…fellow wrestler Steve Corino to ask for his help. One of the thoughts, was to stuff the woman in a suitcase and leave her somewhere on the side of the street.

Thankfully, Steve Corino got orange juice to help her get her blood count back up and the duo didn’t put her in that suitcase which would’ve probably led to her death. The woman did eventually recover and it turns out that she suffered from some sort of vaginal aneurysm that nearly killed her.

Borne to be Wild


Matt Borne aka Doink the Clown in the WWE, Big Josh in WCW and Borne Again in ECW truly led a wild lifestyle in his day. Aside from abusing drugs like cocaine that got him fired from the WWF in 1993…Borne has been arrested numerous times as well. He was kicked out of the Georgia territory in the early 1980’s after sexually assaulting the daughter of one of his mistresses.


He once viciously assaulted fellow wrestler Buddy Rose after Rose assaulted his wife who just so happened to be Borne’s sister. He also had physical altercations with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Buzz Sawyer while on the road. In 1995, Borne was arrested numerous times for vandalism, harassment, criminal mischief, public intoxication, trespassing and disorderly conduct. Matt Borne died in 2013 after an accidental drug overdose.

Eye For an Eye Or Cheek to Cheek


Back in 1969…while on a tour of Japan…English wrestler Billy Robinson was out drinking with fellow wrestlers Peter Maivia and George Gordienko. After all got pretty drunk…the the trio had exchanged some heated words with each other and that led to a brawl between Maivia and Robinson. According to Robinson, Maivia took a bit out of Billy’s cheek drawing blood. Robinson then allegedly knocked Maivia unconscious. Robinson then had to go to the hospital to treat his cheek wound.

There have been other stories where it has been alleged that Maivia bit out Billy Robinson’s eye in the melee. That was never substantiated although Robinson did have a glass eye.

You can read all previous ‘Wrestling with Sin’ pieces here.


2 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 50 + 9

  1. Seems to me that if you’re gonna call somebody out, you should at least have the guts to do it face to face. I do not know Alexa Bliss, nor do I know about what she does beyond the ring. She may very well be a ring rat, but quite honestly, what the hell does that have to do with her wrestling ability? For a person to call her out on what is a perceived notion abut to then hide be hind the “I wish to be anonymous about this” is cowardly, and to me, reeks of bitterness that someone higher up found Bliss to be a better personality than the accuser. What Bliss does on her own time is none of anybody else’s business. There have been many instances of lady wrestlers and valets sleeping with male wrestlers. It’s not new and will still be happening tomorrow. Wrestlers, at their very core, are human. And sometimes a human likes to get jiggy with another one.

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