Ring the Damn Bell’s Not the Slammys 2015 Pt.2


Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow and Brian Damage

It’s that time of the year again, it’s time for our end of the year awards, our version of the Slammys. Similar to last year, it’ll be divided into two parts. Part one was on Monday and today we’ll put forward our nominations for the following awards:

  • Superstar of the Year
  • Match of the Year
  • Worst Pay Per View
  • Tag team of the year
  • Best angle
  • Feel Good Moment of the Year
  • Worst Character

So, without further ado.

Superstar of the year

Craig: Slim pickings, here. So many guys have been poorly booked or poorly used throughout the year. It’s taken the WWE the best part of two years to book Roman Reigns right, Seth Rollins was booked cowardly whilst the rest have all been fair to middling. With the fans starting to warm to him as he stands top of the mountain, perhaps it’s only right that Roman Reigns gets the nod from me on this one.

Jamie: Seth Rollins all day long. Some of the angles he was involved in were pretty unimaginative (i.e. anything with Kane), while some were pretty darn awesome. Rollins was entertaining regardless, and his in-ring performances were befitting that of WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His injury in November just showed us that we did not know what we had until it was gone. Can’t wait for this guy’s comeback next year.

Brian: Seth Rollins will be my pick if it is just relegated to the WWE. He really grew as a main event talent over the past year and deservedly so…he is extremely talented.

Match of the Year

Craig: Although the pair would have three good matches I’m going for John Cena vs. Kevin Owens at Elimination Chamber. The US title open challenge had been a great introduction to WWE programming and having Owens lay out Cena, instead of wrestling him, made his debut one to remember. Then he’d go on to defeat Cena clean at Elimination Chamber. It helped make Owens look like a star.

Jamie: I agree with Craig, Owens vs. Cena at Elimination Chamber. It could be argued that their subsequent matches were better technically, but by that point our expectations had been raised and we were mostly anticipating great matches. I won’t say that this match (and it’s result) came out of nowhere, but it was one hell of a pleasant surprise.

Brian: I’ll go with Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Kazuchika Okada from this year’s Wrestle Kingdom 9….New Japan’s version of Wrestlemania. If you didn’t see it…look for it on Youtube or someplace else. Well worth the watch.

Worst PPV

Craig: For me, and it pains me to say it going by my historical fondness for the event, but it’s got to be this year’s Survivor Series. Just a dreadful show from start to finish. The WWE had a chance to do something good, and arguably push the reset button then, but instead we left with Sheamus as champ after seeing Kane and Undertaker – two part time wrestlers – defeat the Wyatts. Grim…

Jamie: Survivor Series, it sucked! I’ve detailed my displeasure with this show elsewhere, so let’s just say that a PPV featuring a tournament relies heavily upon the booking and organisation of said tournament. If that is flawed then the PPV does not stand a chance.

Brian: The WWE had a bunch of them…but the Royal Rumble 2015 certainly comes to mind right away. It was a sign to come when not even the Rock’s return couldn’t stifle the loud boos after Roman Reigns won.

Tag team of the year

Craig: I don’t anticipate much debate on this one righter, right? It’s New Day for me. They have been the most entertaining thing about the WWE in 2015.

Jamie: Do we really have to ask? New Day have not only been the best team, they have been the best thing on Raw for the last four months. Entertaining as hell, can get laughs and boos, always deliver great matches and the fact that there is three of them and one is a beast is perfect when booking matches. Long may The New Day reign!

Brian: New Day…all day!

Best angle

Craig: Struggling also on this one but I’m going to go for something that I mentioned previously: The US Title Open Challenge. It added some prestige to the US title, made for a different segment and allowed us some cool, cool moments along the way.

Jamie: Seth Rollins cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania. Fans have theorised about someone cashing in during the ‘Mania main event since the gimmick’s inception, but this year we got our wish. It was done perfectly too. The right guy cashed-in, at the right time and against the right opponents.

Brian: Kevin Owen versus John Cena really stood out for me. Kevin Owens had great matches with Cena…but him stomping on the United States title as a sign of defiance and power bombing Machine Gun Kelly were true highlights for me.

Feel Good Moment of the Year

Craig: I’m going for TLC. As mentioned last week, the WWE finally pressed the reset button after a dismal year. It gives us plenty of hope for 2016 and was long, long overdue.

Jamie: The divas revolution begins. It could have been done in a much, much better way, but I was left full of optimism when Stephanie McMahon pressed the reset button and introduced Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch to the main roster. The angle hasn’t really lived up to the hype, but nobody can take away the initial hope WWE filled me with.

Brian: Finn Balor and Samoa Joe winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and the award presentation after was truly great. It was an awesome touch to see Dusty’s family present the trophy to Balor and Joe.

Worst Character

Craig: I think Rusev is in some danger of earning this title but at the moment it has to be Stardust. It’s a gimmick begging to be dropped. Poor Cody Rhodes, as every year passes it looks less and less likely that he will be the star many of us anticipated he would become.

Jamie: Macho Mizdow. This is not a slate on the guy himself, but this was piss poor. 2015 started so well for Sandow, but all WWE had for him after his much anticipated split from The Miz was a tandem with a guy who had already milked his Axelmania gimmick dry. Axlemania was funny, but then he started parodying Hogan, and then Sandow became Macho Man largely because he had a beard. Awful, just awful.

Brian: Rusev’s love struck gimmick was horrendous and killed any credibility he had as a bad ass. It is still going on to this day and seems more like a punishment than actually trying to get him over.


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