Hazard Pay: The Legend of WWE’s Spanish Announce Table


Brian Damage

Table spots – a superstar going through a table – have long been a part of wrestling. In the WWE it is invariably the Spanish announce table that is destroyed and that is the focus of this latest piece.

It really seems that you can’t go one single, solitary WWE pay per view or major event…without a table spot. To be more precise…it is hard to imagine a WWE event without the famed Spanish announcers table being a part of the action. The Spanish announce table is just as important as the particular event itself. Whether it was Mankind falling off the Hell in the Cell cage onto the Spanish table…or someone like Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton or even John Cena going through it…it has seemingly become like second nature.

It is almost like a ritual that the Spanish announce table is used as a sort of weapon for a WWE pay per view. If it doesn’t happen…well…it just seems like the event was missing something. To fully understand the history of the WWE and the SAT…we need to go back over 20 years into the past.


In 1993, the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF) hired former Spanish newscaster Carlos Cabrera and former wrestler/commentator for the World Wrestling Council based in Puerto Rico Hugo Savinovich. They were hired to help Vince McMahon expand his WWF product to the ever growing Spanish speaking communities. For the better part of two years…the team of Cabrera and Savinovich mostly did their Spanish commentary within the confines of the WWF’s Titan Towers. It was there that they usually dubbed over all the English speaking television shows the promotion produced.

They eventually made their way to being live during WWF pay per views and were rarely seen or mentioned. That all came to an abrupt end during the 1995 Survivor Series pay per view. It was during that specific event that the WWF changed and changed for the better.


It was a one on one match pitting Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart against Big Daddy Cool Diesel aka Kevin Nash. During the course of the match…Diesel threw a shoulder block into Bret Hart causing Hart to fall from the ring apron directly onto…you guessed it…the Spanish announce table! The fans in attendance at the US Air arena in Landover, Maryland went into a frenzy. Why you may ask? It was the very first time in WWF history that a spot like that was ever attempted.

Granted, table spots are nothing new in the pro wrestling business and have been done countless times before ’95. Territories like the Mid Atlantic, Florida, Memphis and the Mid South have all done table spots before. The WWF on the other hand…was more cartoon-ish in nature. So when this incident happened at a WWF event in 1995…their fans for the most part…witnessed something new and exciting.

Since that infamous spot in 1995…the Spanish table has become a big target for wrestlers to execute a big move just by tradition alone. Are they trying to repeatedly relive the initial magic of the Bret Hart spot or has it just become standard with almost every show…just like the backstage “Gorilla position?”

Some of you may be shocked to learn that there was a period of time that the Spanish announcer’s table was spared from destruction. That era occurred in 2006, when the WWE had their brand split with Raw, Smackdown and ECW. During all the major events…the SAT was not used because three tables for the different brands were utilized instead. That all changed in 2010…when Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich returned to ringside full time after a lengthy absence.

BvR9riqIAAAXLGW.jpg large

Some of the announcers have changed like Hugo Savinovich, Tito Santana, Marcelo Rodriguez and Ricardo Rodriguez…but the table spot has pretty much remained the same. CM Punk was once on commentary and he joked when John Cena was using the English language table to do a spot…”Hey you’re using the wrong table.” The only times it seems the SAT is ever spared…is when the WWE invites another foreign language broadcast team to join the English and Spanish teams like German or French languages. Otherwise…it is the SAT all the way.


Now you know the legendary history of the WWE’s Spanish Announce Table. A table that has seen and felt its fair share of tremendous high spots and “Holy Shit” maneuvers. To those announcers who are brave enough to sit at that table…always be on alert…be careful of falling objects. Heck, if the WWE can have a celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame…there should be a separate wing soley for the Spanish Announce table…heaven knows it paid its dues.


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