The Facts and The Furious: The Never Ending Useless Pro Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia


Brian Damage

It’s that time yet again here at Ring the Damn Bell…another set of facts, stats and useless trivia in the business of pro wrestling. Now, I don’t expect any of these tidbits to be on exams, job interviews, game shows or questionnaires. They are just for the sole purpose of entertainment. You never know though….maybe one day, somebody will ask you a random wrestling question and the answer may lie in one of these Fact pieces.


We recently saw the Dudley Boyz enlist the help of Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno to help in their feud with the Wyatt family. Did you know that all four of these men wrestled on Spike TV or as it was known earlier TNN for there separate promotions? They were ECW, WWE and TNA respectively.


Former WWE diva Kristal Marshall was one of “Barker’s Beauties” aka a model on the game show ‘The Price is Right’ before her gig with the WWE.



Current NXT diva “Carmella” whose real name is Leah Van Dale…is a second generation wrestler. Her father wrestled briefly in the then WWF in the 1990’s as enhancement talent. Paul Van Dale wrestled under the moniker of Paul Vandello and is most notable as the man who lost to a newly debuting Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)


….And speaking of Carmella…before training to become a pro wrestler…she was formerly employed as a cheerleader for both the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Lakers.


WWE announcer/interviewer Renee Young tried her hand at acting before getting into sportscasting and later with the WWE. During her fling with acting….Renee had a brief cameo appearance in Kelly Clarkson’s music video, “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” She appeared as a bridesmaid and pops in at the 32 second mark of the video.

The King of the Ring tournament has pretty much been an event to help heels get over to the next level. As a matter of fact, the last time a baby face won the KOTR tournament was in 2001…when Edge won the crown. Actually, that was also the one year where Edge won a trophy instead of a crown and scepter. The trophy was modeled after the Stanley Cup of the NHL.


When Mabel won the KOTR tourney in 1995….an actual King of the Ring belt was made…but never made it on WWF TV.


When the Road Dogg was fired from the WWE in late 2000…he decided to look for work elsewhere. Where better than WWE’s main rival at the time World Championship Wrestling? (WCW) He decided to show up at a Monday Nitro located in Panama City, Florida. The problem was, this was the very last WCW Nitro as it was announced that the WWE had bought the rival company. Neddless to say, Road Dogg remained unemployed a while longer.

The last time Brock Lesnar was pinned in a WWE match was at Wrestlemania 29 in Met Life Stadium against Triple H. He has also never been pinned or for that matter submitted on an episode of Raw.


Before he ever became the Hitman in the WWF…the original gimmick offered to Bret Hart was that of a cowboy because he came from Calgary. One of the things Calgary is known for is the Calgary Stampede which is a 10 day event filled with rodeos, horseback riding etc….

Bret Hart is also known for being the first ever entrant in a Royal Rumble match.


Glenn Jacobs wrestled on three consecutive Survivor Series matches as three different characters. In 1995, he wrestled as Dr. Isaac Yankem…in 1996 he was the Fake Diesel and in 1997 he was Kane.


The letters “B.S.K.” tattooed on the Undertaker’s stomach stands for the Bone Street Krew. It was a group of wrestlers backstage not much unlike the infamous Kliq back in the early to mid 1990’s. Members included the Undertaker, Rikishi, the Godwinns, the Godfather, Savio Vega and Yokozuna. It is widely believed that the Undertaker was the leader and formed the BSK…but according to Charles ‘The Godfather’ Wright…it was Yokozuna who actually founded the group and gave it its name.


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