This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 1

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

In the first ‘This Week in Wrestling’ of 2016, Craig covers for Jamie – who has net issues – and shares what wrestling taught him this week while Brian has his usual dose of all the week’s best viral content. That’s all featured in this latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

“Let Me Tell You Something Brother…”

The League of Nations - a talented group of performers yet already it looks like the WWE are dropping the ball with the foursome.

The League of Nations – a talented group of performers yet already it looks like the WWE are dropping the ball with the foursome.

  • That opening segment made no sense whatsoever. Roman was just repeating the same lines he’d said to Vince previously and a whole lot of fuss over nothing.
  • How come Vince McMahon gets arrested for pretty much nothing while later in the show Kevin Owens gets away with attacking both Neville and Ambrose?
  • Also, that must have been one of Vince’s worst performances on the mic, right?
  • On the other hand, Reigns camea cross as relaxed when speaking and you can’t help but love his “speak up, old man” jibe at Vince.
  • Do you know why the New York crowd weren’t into the divas match? Because the WWE haven’t given us a reason to really care about either Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch. The divas revolution needs more than matches, it needs creative backing to to get the characters over.
  • Also, how many mid match adverts do the WWE need?
  • The matches up until Cena vs. Del Rio were dull, drawn out in some cases, under cooked in another.
  • It’s crazy, and painful, to see how good ‘El Patron’ was in Lucha Underground compared to how bad Albert Del Rio is at the moment.
  • It’s crazy, and painful, to see how good ‘El Patron’ was in Lucha Underground compared to how bad Albert Del Rio is at the moment.
  • Which neatly brings us to my next point: On paper The League of Nations are a great stable featuring talented in-ring performers that are multi-time champions. They should, then, be capable of taking out pretty much anyone on the roster. However, not Roman Reigns or John Cena and when they are in the ring with those two they end up looking like losers – with Sheamus, Rusev and Del Rio all attacking Cena and yet he still kicks out. Way to make them look like chumps.
  • Perhaps this is the best example of just how far Raw has fallen. Despite an appearance from Vince McMahon, the return of John Cena to action and a follow up on The Rock’s WrestleMania 32 announcement, Raw drew a 2.47 rating. Admittedly up on last week but there is a long, long way to go.

Picture Gallery

Want to know what happened to the original Sin Cara? The WWE gave him a job in their merchandise packing department…;)


Here is a look at WWE’s pay per view buys for a full year. It starts December 2014 and goes to November 2015. It is plainly obvious why Wrestlemania is a really big deal for the WWE and its employees.


A funny take on an old Snickers commercial…


Seth Rollins ex fiancee is selling her engagement ring for 6 figures on ebay. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity which also provides some personal info on the WWE star. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins2

Have you ever wondered what getting released by the WWE would be like? Wonder no more…here is the official release of Nelson Frazier aka the late Mable/Viscera/Big Daddy V.


This is a picture of a dad who surprised his son with Wrestlemania tickets this past Christmas. He put them in a Money in the Bank briefcase and placed it on a tree with a ladder underneath to retrieve. The father is certainly up for the Dad of the Year award!


I know Vince McMahon called Cesaro boring over a year ago…but please tell me what the heck is boring about what the “Swiss Superman” can do?


Video Gallery

A classic commercial from 1985 starring the Von Erich brothers..

Did you know that WWE’s Lana aka CJ Perry is an accomplished dancer? She started dancing at 9 years old. Also in this reel is CJ Perry with a lollipop! Happy New Year everybody!

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One thought on “This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 1

  1. wrestling is controlled by a literall sociopathpath. Not 2 sure he didn’t kill the competition.
    I will say this, I wanted to start a drywall business legally. I got confronted by many a mommas boy(that’s all they are) with him showing me gun, well I’m no stranger to feathering chicken or skinning a buck.
    Vince doesn’t have that I grow what I eat attitude, so I can make sure the mafia is still involved in his business. Legitamate dollar he only ever made was under his dad. Look at his notebook….He hid stars that committed male rape by his superstars. Bad thing about it, his daughter was serviced by one of his own.


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