This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 2

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s been a massive week in wrestling and Craig and Brian look at the return of Impact Wrestling and a series of big WWE injuries. Elsewhere, Brian shares his weekly dose of all the week’s best viral content. That’s all featured in this latest edition of This Week in Wrestling

Impact WrestlingWas the return of Impact Wrestling a success?
Brian & Craig

This week saw the return to our screens, well some of them, of Impact Wrestling. Now at home at POP TV, the show boasted a number of significant moments and some big name matches. But was it a success or not? That’s what Brian and Craig discuss.

Yes – Brian

This past Tuesday, TNA debuted live on its new home of POP TV. While I have read mixed reviews about the revamped show….my personal feeling are quite positive. Was it the best show TNA has ever had? Certainly not…but everything seemed to make sense and gelled nicely. EC3 is without question one of the more entertaining characters in TNA right now. It only made sense to give him the TNA world title again.

I think the biggest mistake wrestling fans make when watching TNA or any other wrestling program besides the WWE…they can’t help but compare the production quality. In all fairness, the WWE will always win in that department hands down. TNA will never be the WWE and at this point…I don’t think TNA management wants that anymore. They can still be a viable option for talent to go and get much desired television exposure. I think Mike Bennett and Maria will breathe a little fresh air into the roster as well.

I know it has become sort of the “in thing” to bash TNA regardless if it is a good or bad show. I have been extremely critical of TNA in the past and will continue to be if they mess up…but I must give praise and credit where its due to Dixie Carter. She and her money have kept TNA afloat and have survived several times when many thought they wouldn’t or shouldn’t be around. Here’s to her and TNA’s continued survival. If for no other reason…another place for pro wrestlers to make a living.

No – Craig

I wanted to enjoy this week’s Impact Wrestling. I tried, I really tried. It’s not the first time I’ve vowed to give Dixie Carter’s promotion another chance. Yet everyone time I do I come away thinking the same thing: this is a poor man’s version of the WWE and that didn’t work well when the WWE was hot, let alone now when it isn’t.

We were promised something different and that it would be a new TNA. Instead, it felt exactly the same as before with slow drawn out talking segments destroying much chance of momentum being built and when we did get treated – if that’s the right word – to in-ring action it hardly set the heather alight.

They had plenty of time to plan, prepare and get this right. This could have been a new TNA to capture some of the imagination of the many disgruntled wrestling fan out there. This was there chance, on a new home, to grab our attention and create their own identity and stand out from other promotions around them. Instead, we got the same old, same old. I want a strong competition to the WWE as much as the next man but, on this evidence, there’s virtually no chance of Impact Wrestling providing anything like a challenge to the WWE’s domination of the world of wrestling.

In the end this was neither a good (re)debut or a good wrestling show. What a sorry, sorry state of affairs.

John CenaInjuryMania running wild on the WWE

This week the WWE expected to be in the position to gloat over the signings of some of the best wrestling talent in the world not currently on their book. Instead, they are in a state of despair at one of their biggest names having to undergo shoulder surgery – ruling him out of WrestleMania.

With John Cena’s recovery period meaning he will be out of in-ring action until after WrestleMania, it leaves a particularly big gap that the WWE need to fill. But casting your eyes up and down the roster there isn’t an obvious person there to fill such a gap.

It’s quite the case of the chickens come home to roost for the WWE. After debuting on our screens back in 2002, Cena has gone on to become this generation of wrestling’s biggest star and, more importantly for the WWE, one of – if not the – biggest draw.

But over that same time the WWE have largely failed to create the next superstar to fill in for Cena once his star powers wanes. Sure, CM Punk was given a lengthy title reign often found himself playing second fiddle to John Cena in his battles with part time performers – perhaps the nub of the problem.

With the WWE going back to days of old by bringing in the likes of The Rock, or making a big deal of stars such as Brock Lesnar with limited appearances deals or other part time legends like Sting or the Undertaker, the haven’t spent as much time as they could have on creating the next main event talent.

A peruse at the current NXT roster shows that the WWE has number of superstars with the potential to be top of the mountain in five-to-ten years time, but that doesn’t help the WWE plug that gap now. Later this month 29 superstars will join Roman Reigns in the Royal Rumble match with the victor winning the gold. John Cena robs the WWE of one of its biggest names and a guy that is a believable winner.

So the position they are in; is it down to the company’s touring schedule, the continued focus on one superstar at the top or a relentless focus on the booking of part timers? Ultimately it is all of the above. What is for sure is that the WWE have a huge task on their hands to make WrestleMania 32 the sort of show that will fill Alington Texas’ AT&T Stadium.

Time will tell how the WWE deal with this. It’s certainly a big task they face.

Picture Gallery

This picture should really explain Vince McMahon’s venture into pro football called the XFL…


It might have taken years for it to actually happen, but Rick ‘The Model’ Martel’s idea FINALLY came to realization! Arrogance cologne really does exist!


You just had to love parents who brought their kids to an ECW show back in the day….I guess.


If Bray Wyatt was around in the WWF back in the day…he and the Wyatt family may have looked something like this. (Or maybe just like Waylon Mercy!) Follow the tax brackets!


The Macho Man finishing off what Muhammad Ali started…..down goes Joe Frazier!

Macho Man

An interesting pic…if for nothing else Mr. Perfect’s manager Bobby Heenan holding up the WWF tag team title belt. Interesting because Perfect was never a tag team champion in the WWF.

Mr Perfect

That moment when you regret touching Roman Reigns…

Roman Reigns

Video Gallery

A look at the super rare infomercial starring Hulk Hogan and his “Ultimate Grill.” Keep in mind, Hogan claims a company came to him and offered Hogan to sell a similar grill a few years prior and he supposedly turned them down. The company then went to former boxer George Foreman and wah la…the George Foreman grill was born making millions of dollars in the process. Hulk decided to get into the grill business later on and this failed big time.

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 2

  1. That picture of a father and son at an ECW event and the kid holding the sign…. those were the good old days. If I was a father, I would gladly take my boy to these kind of events. It saddens me what pussies parents have become and how fucked up their kids are becoming….


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