This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 3

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

In today’s ‘This Week in Wrestling‘ Craig discusses the similarities between WWE Raw and Bill Murray’s film ‘Groundhog Day’ and Brian discusses the selling of Hall of Fame rings before sharing his weekly dose of all viral content he’s stumbled upon this week. 

Raw & Groundhog Day

It was Albert Einstein that said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Yet that is pretty much what the image on the right shows, isn’t it?

Lots of space on sites likes ours right through to those that do this sorta thing for a living all feature pieces on how to improve Raw and return it to its former glory.

One thing that invariably always comes up is the length of the show but for me, and many others, the real problem isn’t the three hours but the lack of deviation week in, week out – again something that the image to the right shows.

In the olden days when it wasn’t just the core wrestling fan that watched Raw – and millions watched either WCW Nitro or WWE Raw every week – both prided themselves on their respective shows on being something where anything could happen.

It made you want to tune in each and every week and tens of millions did. You didn’t know what you would see during the two hours of fast paced action. Would a big name from the ‘other show’ debut on our screens or might we even see a new champion crowned?

Now though, we certainly don’t have that ‘anything could happen’ vibe. In fact, each week starts much the same. A promo. Previously it would feature the Authority or Seth Rollins and now it features a McMahon and WWE Champion Roman Reigns.

Frankly, the first 30/40 minutes is completely missable as, on the off chance, something of note does take place during that opening section you can be rest assured that it’ll be discussed ad nauseam.

And there lies the real problem for the WWE. If it wanted to it could book a great 3 hour Raw and we’ve seen them come pretty close. A good amount of in-ring action, some storyline progression and throw in some focus on creating the stars of tomorrow and you don’t have too half bad a show.

The problem really isn’t how much of our Monday night is spent watching Raw. It’s the amount of time spent watching the same stuff time and time again.

Sunny is Selling her HoF Ring

SunnyIt was announced this week that Tamara Sytch aka Sunny is putting up her WWE Hall of Fame ring for sale. The starting bid for the piece of jewelry is at $3,000. I am not here to judge why Tammy is selling off the ring, nor do I really care. The fact is, Tammy isn’t the first person to sell her HOF ring and probably won’t be the last.

Others like Jimmy Hart, Abdullah the Butcher and Superstar Billy Graham have done the same exact thing. The bigger question is…Is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame that big of a deal to most of the inductees? Granted, there is no actual brick and mortar structure to speak of and it doesn’t look like there will be one anytime soon. Is the Hall of Fame ceremony more about making money or honoring the stars of the past?

Do you think the inductees who sell off their rings being disrespectful? The current state of the WWE Hall of Fame…in my opinion…is no more prestigious than TNA’s fictional Hall of Fame. The WWE should perhaps really start considering building an actual museum to these stars. Give them something that means more than a ring and a free night out.

Picture Gallery

Here is the current WWE roster give or take a few wrestlers in 8 bit form..

WWE roster 2016

A recent pic of Shane O’ Mac with his wife and kids. The oldest one really is starting to resemble grandpa…Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Shane McMahon

If New Day had their own flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…

New Day

To quote Matt Hardy himself…Matt Hardy…will….not…DIE! Unless you are tagging with Justin Gabriel…then that’s a whole new ballgame!

Matt Hardy

Not trying to be political at all….but this pic is just too sweeet!


Video Gallery

Triple H’s speech at the funeral for Lemmy Kilmister’s funeral….

Speaking of 8 bit WWE characters….here are some pretty awesome theme songs if they were in an 8 bit video game…

Last Week on the Blog

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Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon looks at the signing of the Bullet Club, we have another ‘Wrestling with Sin‘, our first Top Five piece of the year, another The Way We Was and much much more.

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One thought on “This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 3

  1. For me, with the way things are going. I think we’re starting to see the Fall of WWE and I hope Vince dies because he’s a stupid old fuck that needs to go. And his buck-tooth bitch Kevin Dunn.


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