Whatever Happened to The Spirit Squad


Brian Damage

Dolph Ziggler may have gone on to become a mainstay on WWE TV but few would have predicted much success when he first debuted as part of the Spirit Squad – a group of evil cheerleaders. Yup, you read that right. Today we ask Whatever Happened to The Spirit Squad?

Ah yes, the Spirit Squad, the WWE’s take on evil cheerleaders that consisted of five men…Johnny, Nicky, Mikey, Kenny and Mitch. They debuted in January of 2006 and split their time between the WWE’s main roster and their developmental territory Ohio Vally Wrestling (OVW) for a brief period of time.


During their brief run in the WWE, the Spirit Squad won the promotion’s version of the World tag team titles. Kenny and Mikey originally won the belts…but every member of the team were allowed to defend the belts at any given time under the “Freebird Rule.” The Freebird rule is a homage to the trio of the Fabulous Freebirds who used any combination of the three member team to defend their tag team belts.


Eventually, Kenny and Mikey lost the belts as a tandem and then the team would break up not too long after in 2007. The five members were sent back down to OVW to be repackaged as different characters. Some came back up…while others completely disappeared from not only the company…but from professional wrestling altogether. So it begs the question…whatever happened to the members of the Spirit Squad?!?



First things first, as we are mostly all aware by now, Nicky of the Spirit Squad would later be repackaged as none other than Dolph Ziggler. He’s won a couple of world titles and several other mid card titles since the group disbanded in 2007 and is still actively on the WWE’s main roster.



Mikey would continue to team with Nicky down in OVW as the the Frat Pack before being released from the company in 2008. Mike began wrestling in the independents under the moniker of Mike Mondo…including Chikara, Ring of Honor and the New York Wrestling Connection. Mondo continues to work wrestling events throughout the country.



Nick Mitchell basically disappeared from pro wrestling and began training and competing as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He currently resides in his hometown of Bryan, Texas. He briefly dated Torrie Wilson, but the two have since split up.



Johnny Jeter returned to OVW as well and was renamed Jaden Jeter briefly before disappearing from wrestling in 2009. He returned to school at the University of California State and earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. He currently resides in California working for a management consulting group.



Ken Doane was just 20 years old when he won one half of the WWE world tag team titles. He was sent back down to OVW and later renamed Kenny Dykstra and returned to the main roster. Ken continued to wrestler after being released from the WWE making stops at TNA and several indie promotions. Doane returned to college and played football. He is currently a competitive bodybuilder. He was once engaged to former WWE diva and TNA knockout Mickie James.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to The Spirit Squad

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  2. For a slight update on this article:
    From the recent angle on WWE where Kenny and Mikey appeared during the Dolph Ziggler/Miz storyline, the Observer reported that all four other members were contacted, but only Kenny and Mikey could make it. Johnny had work committments (possibly related to this), while Mitch had found religion and now lives in Israel.


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