This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 5

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

Welcome to this latest edition of ‘This Week in Wrestling‘. This week Craig talks about the latest arrivals at NXT including Shinsuke Nakamura and Austin Aries while Brian shares all the best images and videos that he’s stumbled upon this week.

Shinsuke NakamuraThe NXT in a long line of things to be excited about

Sometimes we are left wondering if NXT can actually get any better.

As a wrestling show, more often than not it is as close to flawless as you can get. One hour of TV with short and concise promos in-between strong matches. Throw in the fact that we are not over exposed to particular performers week in, week out and wrestling fans have every reason to be cheerful.

Throw in a very impressive roster full of up-and-coming talent and established stars and you have an unmissable show on a weekly basis.

And in recent weeks the WWE have gone to impressive lengths to improve that roster.Last week saw former TNA star Austin Aries wrestle at TV tapings and this week it was announced that at ‘NXT Takeover: Dallas’ at WrestleMania weekend, three time IWGP Heavyweight Championship Shinsuke Nakamura will make his WWE debut.

The Japanese sensation is the latest established performer from around the globe to make his first steps into the world of the WWE via the NXT brand. On April 1 he will face the well-travelled Sami Zayn in a show headlined by another veteran Samoa Joe lock up with Finn Balor, another performer who made his name in Japan – amongst other places – as Prince Devitt.

Such a combination of bright young things and established acts is of great benefit to NXT. The big name experienced hands not only help develop the younger performers but also draw crowds to arenas that then get to see the future of the business.

‘NXT Takeover: Dallas’ is shaping up, much like the other installments of ‘NXT Takeover’, to be unmissable and we’ve only had three matches announced so far: Bayley defending her title against Asuka being the third. Throw in a tag team match – and boy is the NXT tag team division strong – and it only makes things better.

Let’s leave the last word to NXT Champion Finn Balor. He is certainly happy at the prospect. of Nakamura debuting in April.

Finn Balor Shinsuke Nakamura

And he’s not the only one.
Picture Gallery

A great cartoon that deserves to be shared….


The Fabulous Freebird toys….Jack Daniels not included.

Fabulous Freebirds

Dave Hebner selling the gust of wind from a Debra McMichael slap that completely missed him.


It looks like Jimmy Hart is selling off one of his jackets from his days in the Dungeon of Doom. For just a few dollars, you could walk away with this snazzy jacket. Nothing will get you nail that all important job interview than showing up wearing this bad boy.

Jimmy Hart

Did anybody actually send a card or letter to this address wishing Hulk Hogan well when he was “injured?” Did the WWF actually pay for a PO box in Venice Beach or were they sent to some random person’s box? Just curious…

Hulk Hogan

Two of Memphis wrestling legends then and now…

Jerry Lawler and Lance Russell

Jerry Lawler Lance Russell
Video Gallery

Enjoy some great outtakes and bloopers from the WWF circa 1986….

Last Week on the Blog

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Next Week on the Blog

In tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon we discuss the fall-out from last week’s Rumble and look ahead to WrestleMania 32, we talk Buff Bagwell, have the latest ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ and much, much more.

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