Book or Cook? The Booking Of Zeb Colter

Zeb Colter

Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson & Russ Morgan

The WWE roster is filled with “superstars” at every level. There are the main roster guys who regularly appear on Raw and SmackDown, those who are used as glorified jobbers and those who are barely used at all. In this series of pieces, we will take an individual wrestler barely used and decide if they are worth keeping or should they be let go. Today we decide if we Book or Cook Zeb Colter.

Brian: Zeb Colter was recently taken off telelvision after WWE creative decided to go in a different direction with Alberto Del Rio. If you believe what you read from the news sites, it is being reported that Colter won’t be back on TV anytime soon. I will admit, I wasn’t too fond of Zeb Colter managing Del Rio in that whole Tex-America angle….but I still think Zeb has a spot on the roster as a manager.

There are plenty of WWE stars that could use Colter as a mouthpiece and could flourish with him guiding them. Zeb is ultra talented and in my opinion…extremely valuable to have on the active roster. I do think, however, that the whole anti-American, politicalangles are worn out…but Zeb could offer so much.

Jamie: I like the idea of doing something different with Zeb and putting his considerable talents to good use, but I just don’t know what. One thing is for sure, WWE really need to stop with the xenophobic/patriotic angles and gimmicks. What the hell was that Mex-America stuff?

If he’s not being a bigot (it’s called “patriotic” when he’s a babyface though) then what do you do with Zeb? My first thought is probably obsolete due to the presence of The Wyatts. Zeb could be a mouthpiece for a giant monster, but those guys get put in the Wyatt Family these days. A bit like what Paul Heyman is to Lesnar, only Zeb’s monster could be a bit more gimmicky. Braun Strowman could have worked in the role, but you know what happened there…

Craig: I concur, Zeb definitely does have a role with the WWE. Countless times on this blog we have discussed the fact that certain superstars would benefit from having a mouthpiece so that has to be an option.

The other, and it’s another bugbear on this blog, is adding him to the booking/creative team. A guy that knows wrestling and has been around the business for decades. The addition of such experience, with more a focus on wrestling per say rather than storylines, could make a massive difference.

Brian: Agreed, Zeb Colter/Dutch Mantel is a valuable asset to have in the company. He has booked many years in Puerto Rico and with TNA. He has a wealth of knowledge…so why not capitalize on it? If not a booker, a color commentator maybe? Why is Byron Saxton on two shows anyway? Give one of those spots to Colter and have him also sit on the pay per view panel before shows.

Craig: The commentator suggestion is a good one. No one can doubt his speaking skills, that’s for sure. It would also help differentiate one show from another by having different guys – or gals – calling the action.

Here’s another suggestion, what about working with the guys down at the Performance Centre. If it’s like WCW’s Power Plant, presumably there are promo lessons – who better to help deliver them?

I think we’re all agreed on booking Zeb and if not on screen, in another capacity. Right?

Brian: Absolutely, although I believe William Regal does the promo stuff down at NXT. He is still a tremendous asset to have on the team. I say book him and use him in various different capacities.

Russ: It’s a shame as he is one of the few “believable” characters.

Jamie: In terms of booking or cooking old Zeb, as a manager I’m somewhat struggling to see where he would fit at this moment in time. However, you don’t cook a guy like that! Just because I don’t see anything for him right now, that doesn’t mean in six months someone from NXT might not benefit from having him as a mouthpiece. In the meantime you get Zeb into creative meetings and onto the commentary desk. I’d have him work alongside Saxton though, rather than instead of. That’s an old school and a new school perspective right there. So if we’re booking or cooking, I’d say put him in a resealable bag and keep him in the fridge. It would just be a waste to throw him out!

So there is our take. What do you think? Would you book or cook Zeb Colter? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Book or Cook? The Booking Of Zeb Colter

  1. I agree the Zeb character has run its course but Dutch Mantell knows the business and has done commentary in the past. Or is he considered to be “too Southern” or “too Wrasslin” for the WWE?


  2. Either use Mantell as a commentator or as a manager. I think he would fit in well with the Wyatts, provided they tweek his character a bit. Or maybe he manages Luke Gallows once he arrives in WWE. I say let him be the manager of the Social Outcasts, and actually let them get a little traction in WWE. Not that they need to be a monster stable like the Bullet Club or NWO, but they would greatly benefit from Mantell’s 40+ years in the business. And for gosh sake’s, enough with the xenophobic nationalistic attitude. It’s irritating as hell.

    If nothing else, send him to NXT and let him help the young guns down there.


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