This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 7

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig and Brian discuss whether Daniel Bryan has wrestled his final match, Craig looks at Titus O’Neil’s suspension and Brian shares the best wrestling-related pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon this week…

Daniel BryanHas Daniel Bryan Wrestled His Last Match?
Brian & Craig

This past week you will have seen, unless you live under a rock, that WWE superstar Daniel Bryan announced his retirement from the squared circle. It initially led to some wondering if this was a swerve from the WWE. Once it became clear that it was not a swerve, attention turned to whether or not he was actually done. So, has Daniel Bryan wrestled his last match?


As much as I hate to say this, Daniel Bryan really is done with professional wrestling. I really don’t think this is a stunt or a ploy of any kind. I truly believe D-Bry has had enough and is walking away for good. Good for him for making this difficult decision.

While as fans, we tend to be greedy and selfish, Bryan is walking away at a time when he can still walk away. He has a beautiful wife to take care of and a future family to consider. One wrong move and he could end up in a wheelchair or even worse.

I know that wrestling will always be in his blood and he may one day consider an epic comeback, maybe to New Japan or some-place else. Is it smart? No! New Japan is a great promotion but they certainly hold nothing back in the way they hit an opponent. I think when it is all said and done, Bryan Danielson will stay retired and ride off into the sunset with Brie Bella, have a bunch of kids and live off the money he made and saved with the WWE and elsewhere. I for one, being a huge Daniel Bryan mark, applaud that!


I’m saying no, I expect we’ll see Daniel Bryan wrestle again. Not in the WWE, but we will, I think, see him compete again. This isn’t said out of hope rather than expectation as although I’m a fan of Daniel Bryan, I’d hardly describe myself as as big a mark as others.

And before comments are left, I know that Daniel Bryan has expanded on the reasons for his retirement on ESPN’s SportsCentre with The Coach on Tuesday evening citing seizures he was suffering as a result of his concussion.

Every concussion based retirement in wrestling, and indeed other sports, is tragic. I was saddened with Corey Graves was forced to hang up his tights owing to multiple concussions and it is a shame that Daniel Bryan – perhaps the ultimate underdog – has also had to bid farewell to his career within the ropes.

That said, I think we will see movement eventually. I think in, say, three to six months time we might hear from Bryan that there has been movement. That further tests have shown an improvement and that he is feeling better and fit enough to work a limited (one-off?) schedule somewhere. The destination likely being Ring of Honor or even Japan.

I don’t think we can count it out. He’s never hid the fact he wanted to return to the ring and that he had had tests that showed he was well enough. It all comes down to his well-being, though. That is the priority. But should there be an improvement in his health, I don’t think we can discount a return.

The Grab Confusing People Around the World

We’ve all heard about ‘the slap heard around the world‘ when ahead of the inaugural WrestleMania the journalist John Stossel asked then WWF wrestler David Schultz if wrestling was fake and was slapped hard across the face for his efforts.

More than twenty years on, we now have a grab heard around the world and while still generating national media headlines, it’s left the majority of people quite bamboozled.

Titus O'Neil Vince McMahon

As discussed above, Daniel Bryan retired this past week and the end of Raw saw him make an announcement to fans before all the superstars joined took to the stage to applaud him. This was all captured by WWE for airing on The Network.

What was also captured was a frankly bizarre confrontation between Vince McMahon and current superstar Titus O’Neil that initially led to the latter receiving a 90 day suspension but that has since been reduced to 60 days. Further more, WrestleZone report that the Prime Time Player was also fined a significant amount of money.

All in all, it’s a completely bamboozling story. The clip above shows a fairly innocuous, but strange, incident. God only knows what possessed Titus to grab the arm of Vince but crime of the century it is not.

Frankly, the suspension – although since reduced – and a fine is a staggeringly embarrassing overreaction to the incident. Was it because Vince was embarrassed by it or is there more to this story? Regardless, it’ll go down in the annals of history as one of the most bizarre suspensions in wrestling.

Picture Gallery

For just $12,500 you can own your very own “classic” WWF ring truck. Apparently, this beauty is wasting away somewhere in Pennsylvania. Now obviously, it’ll need some work to get up and running again. I wonder though, if someone does buy it and is able to get it running, would they be allowed to keep the logos on there? I mean, that is a major selling point right?!? No word if there is any of the old ICO PRO merchandise stashed in the truck…

WWF Truck

The Rock is a major movie star and can give two sh!ts what anybody thinks. Not even Vince McMahon….Good for the Rock wearing a Lucha Underground shirt!

The Rock Lucha Underground

Say what we want about Tammy Sytch’s personal choices the past several years….but she has a way to keep people talking about her. Here is the cover of her new book…

Tammy Sytch

An anonymous reader sent this picture to me. It is the Undertaker’s first wife Jodi posing with Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx…

Undertaker's wife

I’m not much into horse racing, but this year’s Kentucky Derby may be something to tune into especially if the horse circled in the picture is a part of it….

Kentucky Derby Rated R Superstar

How many current NXT and WWE stars can you spot in this picture of Adam Rose and his Rose express entourage?

Adam Rose

Most fans reaction to reading about the reason for Titus O’Neil’s suspension…

Chris Jericho

Video Gallery

We can’t truly say goodbye to Daniel Bryan in the WWE without Dr. Shelby adding his two cents…

Mean Gene Okerlund selling a Hulk Hogan “injury” like no other….

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