Wrestling With Sin: Six Three


Brian Damage

This is the 63rd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involves such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories.

Enter The Dragon


A female wrestler from the United Kingdom named ‘The Welsh Dragon’ Donna Marie Parsons was charged and convicted of planning and arranging the murder of her husband Paul Parsons. The reason for the murder according to Donna Marie was because she claimed he was an abuser and a paedophile who raped their two young daughters. Paul Parsons was bludgeoned to death by two men who used crow bars and then had his throat slit in the front of their home.


It was later revealed that Donna wanted to cash in on Paul’s 1 million dollar life insurance policy where she was the beneficiary. She hired two young men named Andrew Franz Stocker and Belal El-Ahmed to carry out the hit. The original plan was to cut the brake line on Paul’s car…but when that attempt failed…Donna Marie drove the two hit men to her home to carry out the murder and then drove them back to their homes.

Donna Marie was found guilty and received a sentence of 23 years…while Stocker received a sentence of 21 years and El-Ahmed got 20 years after pleading guilty to the crime. Donna Marie also ran her own wrestling promotion in Melbourne, Australia called Melbourne Wrestling Promotions.

Spoiler Alert!


Don Jardine aka The masked Spoiler…was called by many a real mean and tough pro wrestler. The late, great manager Gary Hart recalls a rib (Practical joke) that was played on Jardine by Stan Stasiak back in the early 70’s. The rib was to find a ring rat and lock them in a hotel room…get an unsuspecting wrestler (In this case it was Don Jardine) and tell them that the woman wants to have sex with you. Then, while the wrestler and the woman are having sex…hire a man to pretend to be the woman’s husband and have him barge in scaring the wrestler.

Sounds like a funny prank…only Jardine didn’t find it funny and instead of running away after the man barged into the hotel room….Jardine chased after the man. After he caught up with the man, the unnamed individual said that Stan Stasiak put him up to the rib. Stasiak soon left the territory in a panic. Seven years later…Don Jardine, Stasiak, Gary Hart and Peter Maivia are traveling in Houston, Texas…Jardine pulls over the car they were all in…pulls Stasiak out and starts stomping on Stasiak’s head…nearly beating him to death. According to Gary Hart…if it wasn’t for Maivia pulling Don Jardine off of Stasiak…he would have murdered him on the side of the road.

RKO Outta Nowhere

kelly kelly

In a June 2011 radio interview, WWE star Randy Orton accused former WWE diva Kelly Kelly aka Barbie Blank of being an extremely promiscuous woman in the locker room. Orton said he could name “at least 10 wrestlers” she fooled around with during her WWE tenure. Two names he mentioned were Edge and Dolph Ziggler, but from past knowledge she also had relationships with Justin Gabriel and Andrew ‘Test’ Martin. Kelly Kelly also briefly dated actor Jeremy Piven who she met while he was a guest host of Monday Night Raw. Orton said he never fooled around with Kelly during her time with the company.


Drawing a Blank


Sticking with the former WWE diva known as Kelly Kelly…Barbie Blank…a number of years ago, Blank posted several pictures of herself on her old MySpace page partying and what appears to be very drunk. One of the pics saw her with her panties down and what looks like her peeing in a hotel sink. Some of her friends came out and defended her photos as just being young and having a good time. They also insisted that she didn’t actually pee in the sink…it was just meant to be a funny photo. Blank has since settled down and got married to former NHL player Sheldon Souray.

Stand Back….There’s A Hurricane Coming Through!


In January of 2010, former WWE stars Gregory ‘Hurricane’ Helms and Matt Hardy along with Chris Jericho became drunk and hopped into a cab with a couple of other passengers in Kentucky. During the cab ride, Helms became violent striking Jericho and two other passengers…one of which was a female.

The cab driver pulled into a gas station and immediately called 911. Matt Hardy and Helms fled the scene….only for Helms to return and was arrested along with Jericho for public intoxication. Matt Hardy was never charged and the two other passengers in the cab who were hit by Helms…did not file charges. Both Helms and Jericho posted a $120 bond and were released.

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