The Way We Was: 1996 Week 7

The Way We Was

Jamie Lithgow

In week 7 of ‘The Way We Was‘ Jamie is still avoiding WWE’s relentless push of Roman Reigns by living in familiarity and comfort of the past. With no Raw this week, the focus is entirely on WCW who brought us SuperBrawl VI followed by a lively episode Monday Nitro…

Clussexx Country Sunrise: Champion of Dogs... and Monday nights

Clussexx Country Sunrise: A really good dog, apparently

Raw was pre-empted this week. The reason? The same as every other time Raw was pre-empted in the 1990’s – The Westminster Dog Show! In results from the annual canine extravaganza; Clussexx Country Sunrise won best in show, Lassie rescued a boy from a well and Santa’s Little Helper took a wiz on the rug. Elsewhere, Snoop Dogg missed the dog show as he was busy being acquitted of murder and Happy Gilmore hit the cinema screens. As you can see I have now run out of dog puns, so let’s see what went down in WCW this week…

Best laid plans, eh Eric?

Best laid plans, eh Eric?

Do you want the kayfabe headline from Superbrawl or a far more interesting ‘real’ story from the show? Yes, let’s have the latter…

Brian Pillman, by far the most interesting character in WCW, has wrestled his last match for the company. After brawling for a minute or so at the start of his “I Respect You” Strap Match with Kevin Sullivan – similar rules to an “I Quit” match, only with a different phrase and a leather strap – Pillman grabbed the microphone and said “I respect you, booker man” and promptly left. The commentators brushed over Pillman’s outing of Sullivan as WCW head booker, with Sullivan himself looking completely bemused by the incident. The video release of Superbrawl edited out the term “booker man” – it’s not edited on the WWE Network though. As a result of these actions Eric Bischoff fired Pillman.

The story does not end there though, far from it. According to Bischoff in his autobiography, he and Pillman had agreed upon this angle and also agreed that Pillman would be ‘fired’ as a result. This was done in order for Pillman to appear in other promotions (ECW) to further develop his ‘Loose Cannon’ character before returning to WCW. In order to make the angle look as legitimate as possible Bischoff and Pillman did not tell anyone else about it, with Bischoff even taking the measure of actually terminating Pillman’s contract, so not to arouse suspicion in the front office. Free agent Pillman headed to ECW as planned, but instead of returning to WCW he signed with the WWF instead. Get it in writing next time Eric…

The Loch Ness Monster; he's not green, he can't swim and he's not even Scottish

The Loch Ness Monster; he’s not green, he can’t swim and he’s not even Scottish

In Other News From SuperBrawl –

  • Ric Flair is now a 13 time World Champion. Just a couple of weeks after Woman turned on him, Miss Elizabeth also turned on Macho Man to cost him the WCW Title. Liz handed Flair her shoe after Woman had thrown a mysterious white powder into Savage’s eyes. Liz’s concrete stiletto was clearly enough to keep Macho down after a hard fought cage match.
  • Diamond Dallas Page is now $6 million lighter. Or, rather, the Diamond Doll got some of her money back from Page courtesy of Johnny B. Badd. The funny thing with this feud is that it has not featured once on Nitro. In fact, all we’ve seen from either of these wrestlers on WCW’s flagship show was DDP jobbing to Sting a few weeks ago.
  • The Road Warriors interfered to cost Harlem Heat their match with Tag Champs Lex Luger & Sting. Animal and Hawk, who were scheduled to face the winners, clearly prioritise beating up Lex Luger above the WCW Tag Team Titles
  • The subsequent match with LOD vs. Sting & Luger went to non finish. It was far from the only match on this show with a screwy or inconclusive result…
  • The Taskmaster has apparently found The Loch Ness Monster. Rather than some kind of ancient dinosaur or giant fish, Nessy turned out to be a large, obese man who bares more than a passing resemblance to British wrestler Giant Haystacks…
  • Mean Gene plugged his hotline by suggesting that two former champions from WWF might be heading to WCW. Interesting…
  • After Pillman walked out on his match with Sullivan, Arn Anderson – in his golfing attire – marched to the ring to take his place. Even this match was cut short though. Ric Flair came out to get Sullivan and Anderson back on the same page by saying “come on…” several times. It worked.
  • After defeating The Giant in a cage match – by escaping the cage – Hulk Hogan battered the entire Dungeon of Doom by himself. This was not a case of The Hulkster holding his own until the numbers proved too much, Hulk battered Kevin Sullivan, Meng, The Barbarian, Shark, Zodiac, The Giant and Hugh Morrus into retreat.

Full Results

  • Nasty Boys def. Public Enemy in a Street Fight
  • Johnny B. Badd def. Diamond Dallas Page
  • Sting & Lex Luger (c) def. Harlem Heat to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles
  • Konnan (c) def. One Man Gang to retain the WCW US Title
  • Brian Pillman vs. Kevin Sullivan was declared a no-contest
  • Sting and Lex Luger (c) def. the Road Warriors by DQ to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles
  • Ric Flair def. Randy Savage (c) to win the WCW Title in a cage match
  • Hulk Hogan def. The Giant in a cage match

Nitro Logo

This week’s Nitro mainly served to recap events from SuperBrawl and set up matches for next week. We learned early on that Randy Savage would invoke his mandatory rematch with Ric Flair for the WCW Title on next week’s show. Also, after a brawl also involving Savage and Flair, Arn Anderson challenged Hulk Hogan to a match next week too. All this sounds well and good, but Anderson’s challenge was issued and accepted just seconds after he had defeated Hogan – with use of Woman’s white powder and Liz’s shoe – in the show’s main event. Clearly the folks at WCW haven’t heard the phrase about repeat visits to the well…

I wonder how this guy would look with black hair and a goatee?

I wonder how this guy would look with black hair and a goatee?

In Other News From Nitro –

  • Pepe was a vision of 1990’s cool in his shades, headphones and bandana combo. Cowabunga dude!
  • To emphasise that she is now a heel, Miss Elizabeth was wearing a sexy little black number. She even showed a bit of ankle. Ooh la la!
  • Ric Flair cut a promo while attempting to strut with Liz and Woman on either side of him, and mean Gene trying to hold the microphone for him. Flair began this promo lying on a gurney, under a sheet. As if this segment doesn’t sound bad enough, a nervous Liz forgot her lines while Mean Gene very nearly dropped the microphone as she was attempting to speak. You gotta love WCW…
  • The Loch Ness Monster made his in ring debut, and botched what appeared to be the match ending move. He was clearly supposed to catch Scotty Riggs in mid-air and slam him, but instead Riggs just bounced off him and land awkwardly on the canvas. Nessy covered by delivering a couple of big elbows for the win.
  • Mongo thinks Loch Ness is in England…
  • Just as at SuperBrawl, Hogan had a patch on his eye and butterfly stitches to sell the injury received last week. Problem is; these dressings fell off at SuperBrawl to reveal no damage or scarring, yet were reapplied the following day for some reason.
  • Dangerous Devon Storm made his WCW debut. The man with the best mullet in the company was defeated by Konnan, on front of a completely silent crowd.
  • Quote of the night came from Macho Man – “Ric Flair, I have one thing to say to you; helter skelter, yeah!” Answers on a postcard folks…

Full Results

  • Randy Savage defeated Hugh Morrus
  • Loch Ness (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Scotty Riggs
  • Konnan (c) defeated Devon Storm to retain the WCW United States Championship
  • Arn Anderson (w/ Woman) defeated Hulk Hogan

Pepe's Fashion Corner


Unopposed by Raw, Nitro scored its highest rating to date with a 3.7. SuperBrawl attracted 210,000 buys, which was WCW’s best PPV performance in over a year.

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2 thoughts on “The Way We Was: 1996 Week 7

  1. Poor Pepe. McMichael should have had his ponytail cut for putting that little feller in such a stupid ensemble.

    I remember the Pillman thing. Thought it was funny that Pillman didn’t come back to WCW. Smart man. Rest in peace, Brian.


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