This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 8

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig talks about the return of cruiserweights to the WWE and Brian shares the best wrestling-related pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon this week…

WWE NetworkThe WWE Global Cruiserweight Series

This week the WWE announced that it was adding the ‘Global Cruiserweight Series’ to an already stellar list of shows on the WWE Network.

It’s fair to say that I’m certainly intrigued by the idea of there being such a series appearing on the WWE Network. It provides fresh and new content for the company’s streaming service and will likely drive sales. And as a wrestling fan, I’m looking forward to seeing some high impact, high-flying wrestling.

The statement described the show as:

For the first time ever, WWE invites cruiserweights from all over the world to compete in the inaugural Global Cruiserweight Series. Thirty-two of the greatest in-ring competitors under 205 lbs. will descend upon Full Sail University in Orlando, Fla., and collide for 10 weeks to earn the right to call themselves the best cruiserweight in the world.

As per the Wrestling Observer:

It will be a 32 man tournament of wrestlers who all have to be under 205 pounds, and will be taped at the NXT tapings.

The first episode of the show will be on 7/13, and the championship match will air on 9/14.

But it’s got to have annoyed the powers that be at TNA as after all, no matter how many times they have botched up their X-Division – and they have botched it a lot – it was one of the unique selling points of their show versus the WWE.

While traditionally WWE has been seen as the land of the giants, TNA has created a niche for themselves by putting cruiserweights in a prominent position on their TV programming. Previously to see that sort of action you would have to watch old WCW shows – and really only for the opening matches – or attend shows by indy promoters.

But there has been a significant change in position over the last five years or so and this is the latest attempt by the WWE to try and lure fans of different wrestling styles to their product and to the WWE Network.

What we can expect to see is stars from the main roster, NXT and the best independent talent the company has yet to snap up compete in fast-paced matches during this season.

And that’s something to look forward to.

Angelico Takes to the Air

Sticking with high-spots – this is absolutely incredible! It’s great to have Lucha Underground back.

Picture Gallery

A very cool looking custom made Four Horsemen “Big Gold Belt.”

Four Horsemen

In case you were wondering about what Xavier Woods did with his calculator a couple of weeks ago on Raw….Renee Young was happy to share.

New Day

Speaking of Renee Young, she looks like a completely different person as a brunette.

Renee Young

I smell a lawsuit in rapper 50 cent’s future…

50 Cent The Undertaker

A young girl named Tammy Sytch wanted to marry Marty Jannetty and even wrote a letter to a wrestling mag to prove it…

Tammy Sytch

Video Gallery

The WWF’s first ever toy commercial circa 1984!

Austin Calls Match when Mankind wins WWE Title

Someone has taken the time to line-up the Stone Cold Steve Austin commentary with the Rock vs. Mankind 1999 title match on Raw and it’s rather cool.

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Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow’s we give our thoughts and predictions on WWE Fastlane, we have the next ‘Wrestling with Sin’, we ‘Book or Cook’ Titus O’Neil, the next instalment of ‘The Way We Was’ and more.

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