Wrestling With Sin: 64 Bit


Brian Damage

This is the 64th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, sometimes seedier world of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve sex, drugs, greed, arrests and sometimes even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…we do not condone nor do we condemn the alleged involved. That is not our intention at all…we simply retell many of these stories that have already been shared throughout the years.

The Dogg House


Brian Armstrong aka “The Road Dogg” in the WWE, readily admits he screwed up his career at the height of his popularity. The Road Dogg says his drug and alcohol addiction got him fired from both the WWE and TNA. He first used marijuana while in high school and eventually graduated to harder drugs like painkillers and cocaine. He says he was a drug addict his entire career in pro wrestling.


Brian Armstrong recalls back in 2000…after a WWE TV taping….he was high and his match was sloppy. After he got to the back, he had an argument with one of his best friends Triple H who yelled at him for being so messed up. Armstrong replied by threatening to break Triple H’s nose and do him bodily harm. He was suspended and eventually released from the company not long after.


That sparked a bitterness inside of Road Dogg against Triple H and the WWE for several years to come. Road Dogg would bad mouth Triple H and the WWE in several shoot interviews and would call out Triple H and Vince McMahon while on TNA television. Thankfully, Brian Armstrong got himself clean and sober and is now once again employed by the WWE as a road agent.

Life gone Arai


Shoichi Arai was the promoter and president of Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW) based in Japan from 1995 to 2002. Arai borrowed millions from the Japanese Yakuza to keep FMW afloat. When FMW went into bankruptcy, Arai was in serious debt to the Yakuza.


Arai eventually went into hiding and his wife would divorce him. Feeling like there were no other alternatives, Arai committed suicide by hanging himself with his own neck tie. According to friends, he did this, so his wife and child could collect his life insurance money and pay off his debts to the Yakuza.



Famed luchador Psicosis, who competed in various promotions such as ECW, WCW, the WWE and Mexico was involved in an incident that got him fired from the WWE and made headlines throughout Mexico. In 2006, Psicosis allegedly pulled a gun on a man and stole his car. There was a high speed chase with police, that led to Psicosis hitting several cars. Psicosis was arrested and led to his release from the WWE where he was competing as one third of the Mexicools group with Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy. As it turned out, the gun was nothing more than a water pistol.

A Date With Destiny


Former wrestler/valet Angelica Mercado Cruz aka “Destiny” competed in Carlos Colon’s World Wrestling Council (WWC) based in Puerto Rico. In 2008, she was arrested at a local bar in San Juan for prostitution. She was charged with 21 counts of prostitution. The bar named the ‘Lucky Seven’ was located next door to a police station.

Outback Jacked


Jake the Snake Roberts recalled a story about how the Dynamite Kid once drugged fellow wrestler Outback Jack’s drink with Halcions. Outback Jack became so high, he was butt naked in his hotel room masturbating while talking to Stu Hart on the phone. He was told it was his girlfriend back in Australia.

Dynamite Kid then told Outback that his food was ready at the hotel restaurant…so Outback Jack…still totally messed up from the drugs..went downstairs to the restaurant naked. Dynamite Kid was a notorious ribber (Practical joker) but apparently he had issues with Outback Jack dating back to when both wrestled for Stu Hart’s Calgary Stampede promotion.

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2 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 64 Bit

  1. Good to see Armstrong clean and sober. He looks and sounds better than he was in previous years. Always liked his style and he was pretty good on the mic.


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