Wrestling With Sin: 65 and Over


Brian Damage

This is the 65th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker side of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve such topics as sex, greed, drugs, arrests and sometimes….even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…we do not condone or condemn the alleged involved. We are simply retelling these stories that have been told throughout the years.

Book the Crook


In 1987, a young 22 year old Booker Tio Huffman was arrested with two other cohorts after a 3 month long robbery spree of Wendy’s restaurants in the Houston, Texas area. Booker was actually an employee of one of the restaurants that were robbed in the spree. According to various police reports, the three men dressed in Wendy’s uniforms would enter a restaurant with guns. One would immediately go to the back with the restaurant manager while the other two would raid the cash registers via gun point.


It became obvious by the way the knew where to search for hidden cash and their ability to open the registers that this was an inside job. Booker T. and his friends were soon arrested, ID’ed in a police line up and subsequently charged with robbery. Booker T. would be sentenced to 5 years in jail but only served 19 months because of good behavior. He remained on parole until 1992. Thankfully, Booker T’s older brother took the young man under his wing and helped train him to become a professional wrestler and the rest was history.

Brooke-Back Mountain


It’s become somewhat of a recurring theme nowadays in the age of cell phones and social media etc. The theme is a celebrity getting their phone hacked and low and behold…nude photos of them suddenly appear on the internet. Current NXT diva Dana Brooke has become the latest victim of such a scenario.

Recently, a couple of nude selfies of Dana’s backside has hit the web. There is a couple of distinguishing things that prove these are legit pics. First off the phone case is exactly the same as when she has taken clothed selfies and the other is the unique tattoo on her butt cheek. Since this is a PG blog, I will not show the pics in their entirety, just google the uncensored pics on your own time. Here are the censored pics with an additional pic of Dana Brooke’s tattoo.

brooke tattoodanatattoo

The Doctor is Out….of His Mind!


Dr. Jerry Graham was a wrestler from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s and was considered Vince McMahon Jr.s favorite pro wrestler growing up. He is also the founding member of the kayfabe family of Graham’s which consisted of Eddie, Billy and Luke.

Jerry Graham was extremely close to his mother Mary and when she became seriously ill back in 1969…Graham threatened her doctor with bodily harm if she should die in his care. His mother did eventually pass away from her illness and sure to his word Graham took his young son to the hospital along with a large hunting knife and sawed off shotgun. After striking a nurse and attacking hospital security, Graham took the corpse of his deceased mother and carried her out of her hospital room.

Graham was arrested and sent to a mental facility for quite some time. As for his mother, it was discovered that she left all of her $500,000 life savings to a local church instead of her son. Dr. Jerry Graham was left destitute and felt ultimately betrayed by his mother and grew a hatred for religion.

Bruno Made an Offer They Couldn’t Refuse


It’s no secret that Bruno Sammartino was a huge star back in his hey day. His fame got him to hang with the upper echelon of VIP’s, celebrities and dignitaries including people like the Pope and Frank Sinatra. As an Italian American…he also had some fans in the underbelly of society including members of the mafia.

The late Freddie Blassie recalled a time he wrestled Sammartino and used a low blow to get disqualified in a match. After the event backstage…members of the mob paid Blassie a visit and threatened to take him out for what he did to their champion. It took Bruno himself to intervene and convince the mobsters to back off, saying he would handle Blassie inside the ring. Blassie’s life was legitimately spared that night.

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