This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 10

Brian Damage & Craig Wilson

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Brian remembers Hayabusa and shares some of the more interesting pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon this week while Craig discusses Elias Samson’s gimmick in NXT…

Remembering Hayabusa

HayabusaThis past week, the wrestling world lost a legend in the Japanese sensation Eiji Ezaki, known simply as Hayabusa. Hayabusa is the name of the world’s fastest falcon…who can achieve speeds of up to 186 mph during a dive. Ezaki adopted the name and gimmick of Hayabusa while touring Mexico.

Haybusa quickly became a sensation all over the world with his speed and agility in the ring and was the crown jewel of Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW) for several years. Hayabusa wrestled briefly with ECW back in the 1990’s during a talent exchange with FMW. He teamed with Jinsei Shinsaki (WWF’s Hakushi) to take on Rob Van Dam and Sabu. He was the innovator of the move the Phoenix Splash which has been used by countless wrestlers including Seth Rollins.

In 2001, Hayabusa slipped off the ropes and landed badly suffering a broken neck which paralyzed him thus ending his career. After being confined to a wheelchair for over 14 years…Ezaki was able to walk again with assistance during an emotional ceremony in Japan.

Eiji Ezaki was only 47 years old.

“The Drifter” gimmick is terrible

“The Drifter” Elias Samson I won’t admit to readily knowing all that much about Logan ‘Elias Samson’ Shulo before he hit our screens via NXT. Thanks to Wikipedia I learn that he performed in the International Wrestling Cartel and won the promotion’s Super Indy Championship and World Heavyweight Championship.

As a guy that’s 28 with eight years as a wrestler – two of which have been under a WWE contract – it’s clear that there is a very talented worker there and one that the WWE clearly have a great deal of faith with.

The problem, though, is that he has been saddled with a rubbish gimmick.

For me, his shtick is a throwback of all the wrong kind. To a time when performers had a gimmick that was they were “doing” wrestling in order to further the chances in their chosen field – be it as a country singer, a hockey player or one of the many cooky gimmicks thrown up during the 1995/96 time period.

In coverage of this week’s NXT tapings, the PW Torch NXT correspondent describes Shulo as growing into the role. And am sure he is improving, as you would hope. I just think that in NXT with all the focus on booking things both simply and effectively, this gimmick jars.

Again going back to this week’s PW Torch Newsletter, the correspondent states, when describing Shulo’s Asbury Park loss to Austin Aries, states: “Drifter came out first and played guitar which was received by some profane chants.”

Unfortunately, there no real detail on what was chanted or the context, but should the NXT crowd already be reacting negatively to “The Drifter” then that’s not a good thing and certainly does not bode well for the future success of Logan Shulo in NXT and the WWE.

That said, there’s probably something in Shulo is a performer and I hope he is given a proper opportunity to showcase that to the WWE fans and get over as a worker with the company. I can’t help but think it is highly unlikely as long as he remains saddled with his current gimmick of, well, really it’s difficult to describe. A guy that wanders around with a guitar? Maybe that’s a whole other issue in itself…

Death by Drew Galloway…

Drew Galloway

Picture Gallery

I really do not know what’s going on in this picture…but I absolutely love it! Bad News meets the Bad Guy!

Bad News Barrett Scott Hall

Remember when the WWE released Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero because he refused to add muscle to his frame? Yeah, about that…..

I guess Hero gives two sh!ts what anybody thinks of his body. Instead of adding muscle, he added fat.

Chris Hero

Definitely the sign of the night this past Monday on Raw!

Ric Flair

Speaking of signs, a very polite and DETAILED one about a certain wrestler this fan does not like at all.

Raw sign

We all know by now that before he was known as Sami Zayn…he was known as El Generico. Some fans had a problem with that, but if you use Google translate and translate the name Sami Zayn to Arabic and then translate that from Arabic to English…something truly amazing happens.

Sami Zayn El Generico

To further add to the above post, take a look at Sami Zayn’s logo and El Generico’s old mask. Hmmmmm…

Sami Zayn El Generico 2

Finally, congratulations to Terry Gerin aka Rhyno who was just recently placed on the ballot for State Representative out of Michigan. There truly is life after pro wrestling! We wish him the very best of luck.

Terry Gerin Rhyno

Tough enough?!? Not quite.

WWE Tough Enough

Video Gallery

Nothing screams beer more than having a pro wrestler like the late great Mad Dog Vachon doing a commercial…

Last Week on the Blog

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Next Week on the Blog

In tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon we wonder if the WWE will have Dean Ambrose win the WWE title next week on Raw, we Book or Cook Bray Wyatt, ask another ‘Whatever Happened to?‘ and more.

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