Whatever Happened to Deuce ‘N Domino?


Brian Damage

What happens when you combine a 2nd generation wrestler, an indie wrestler and valet? You get perhaps a very underrated tag team. This Whatever Happened to is the story of how Deuce ‘n Domino became a team and their eventual fall.


James Reiher Jr. also known in the indies as Jimmy Snuka Jr…..Cliff Compton also known as Dice Domino a gimmick parody of comedian Andrew “Dice ” Clay and a valet known as Miss Kara Slice. Together they became one of the WWE’s hottest teams.

Deuce ‘n Domino got their start as a tag team in the WWE’s developmental territory called OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) back in 2005. Their gimmick was that of a couple of “greasers” from the 1950’s and they claimed to be from the ‘Other side of the tracks.’ They were one of developmental’s top tag teams winning the OVW tag titles on three occasions and also winning the tag team titles from the WWE’s other developmental promotion DSW (Deep South Wrestling) They were also managed by a woman named Cherry Pie who came to the ring wearing roller skates and a poodle skirt.


Deuce ‘n Domino went by the team names of the Throwbacks and the Untouchables and feuded with such teams as CM Punk and Seth Skyfire and Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears. Deuce was seemingly the muscle of the group and was “dating” Cherry who was the kayfabe sister of Domino. Domino was the more flamboyant and charismatic member of the team. Deuce, Domino and Cherry were called up to the main WWE roster in 2007.


It wouldn’t take long for Deuce and Domino to win tag team gold on the main roster as they defeated the team of Brian Kendrick and Paul London capturing the WWE tag team titles (Smackdown version) They held those belts for over 4 months before losing them in August of 2007.


Eventually, the team fired Cherry as their manager and replaced her with Maryse. The team would split up after a loss on TV in the summer of 2008. The two would go on their separate ways from that point on.


Deuce was repackaged as Sim Snuka and briefly joined Randy Orton’s faction the Legacy. Domino was used sporadically and often on the losing end of matches and he and Cherry were eventually released entirely from the company. So it begs the question…Whatever happened to Deuce ‘n Domino?!?



After he was released from the WWE, James Reiher Jr. wrestled some independent shows before retiring from the business altogether. He now currently resides in Arizona where he works in research and development for a health supplement company. He is the son of Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka and the brother of current WWE diva Tamina Snuka.



Cliff Compton continues wrestling all over the world including places like Global Force Wrestling, Ring of Honor and Japan. He has also become a successful T shirt designer as well as a podcast host and resides in Kentucky.



Kara Drew is retired from pro wrestling and has focused herself in a new career as a baker and cake decorator and now resides in Florida. Kara is best friends with Nattie (Natalya) Neidhart.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Deuce ‘N Domino?

  1. They were a better tag team than people gave them credit for, as most people just saw them for their gimmick. Nut those guys had real training and years of experience before ever stepping foot in a WWE ring. But I’ll sheepishly admit that the only reason I paid attention to them was because of Miss Cherry herself, Kara Drew.


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  3. One thing you forgot to mention about Super Domino is that around 2011, he and Luke Gallows a.k.a. Super Festus beat the shit out of Nigeria’s own Hulk Hogan in The Great Power Uti, as seen in this video:


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