This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 14

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig discusses the WWE Hall of Fame whileBrian shares some of the more interesting pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon this week.

A Hall of Fame or More a Hall of Memories?

WWE Hall of Fame logoThe WWE Hall of Fame has cemented itself as part of the WrestleMania weekend as fans flock to see the heroes of yesteryear inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame. At the same time it is often criticised, particularly for the inductees. Is some of the criticism unwarranted? I certainly think so.

But first you have to really acknowledge what the WWE Hall of Fame is. It is a great many things: a big part of WrestleMania; a cash-cow for the WWE and a chance to honour greats from wrestling history. What it isn’t, though, is a bona-fida Hall of Fame.

If you want that you have the Cauliflower Alley Club or others like it, what the WWE version is, in the same way the company’s DVD sets are, is the WWE’s version of history.

It is the chance for the promotion to honour the guys, and gals, that made the WWE what it is today. It is a chance for former superstars to get the limelight once again and, as is often the case, a chance for the WWE to make a bit of money out of the induction with a DVD set or some such.

Fans can, and do, argue till their blue in the face over the merits of so and so and why X should be in as their acomplishments eclipse those of Y who is already in the WWE Hall of Fame. However, the more you study it the more you see there is no real rhyme or reason why X is in but Y isn’t and why despite A being a world champion they aren’t in but B was only a lower mid-card comedy act but is in. Heck, maybe the aforementioned ‘B’ refers to the initial between Koko and Ware…

You know what, don’t take the WWE Hall of Fame too seriously or get too worked up about who is or who isn’t in it. Instead, sit back tonight and watch some of the stars of years gone-by have their moment of glory at this year’s WrestleMania weekend before they once again take to the stage at WrestleMania tomorrow night.

It’s about seeing the performers you cheered as a kid get one more moment of fame and glory on the grandest stage of them all.

A Hall of Fame? Nah, more like a Hall of Memories. So sit back and reflect on all the great memories the likes of the Freebirds, Sting, Big Boss Man, Stan Hansen, The Godfather and Jaqueline have given us throughout their careers.

That really is the point of it.

Picture Gallery

While everybody might be fixated on the improper spelling of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s last name on that fan’s sign circled in the picture…I am more fascinated that Bruce Willis wrestled in the WWE! 😉


So I guess after Triple H is done “burying” the competition…he can dig them back up?

Triple H

….And here’s a pic of the Boogeyman and Papa Shango riding stuffed animals in a mall.

Papa Shango The Boogeyman

Fans of the WWF/E then and now….

WWE Then and Now

I know many fans were outraged to see the Wyatt Family ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Market on Wall Street. Before many lose their minds, keep in mind…Bray Wyatt’s daddy WAS V.K. Wallstreet aka Irwin R Shyster (IRS) so it is all good.

Wyatt Family

VK Wallstreet

Perhaps the greatest collection of wrestling action figures EVER!

WWE figures

I think what this lackluster Wrestlemania 32 card (At least on paper) needs is a little infusion of Tony Schiavone. “The single greatest, most epic, important and historic show in Sports Entertainment history!!!”

Tony Schiavone

Video Gallery

Now THIS is how you promote a WrestleMania card…….

Last Week on the Blog

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Next Week on the Blog

In tomorrow’s piece we share our thoughts and predictions for WrestleMania 32, a review of the new Dudley Boyz set, have the next installment of ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ and more.

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