Whatever Happened to Scott Steiner’s Freaks: Midajah and Shakira?


Brian Damage

Scott Steiner had quite a transformation during his wrestling career. From babyface tag team with his brother Rick to a jacked-up heel in the dying days of WCW into a short return with the WWE. His late run in WCW saw him accompanied to the ring by his ‘freaks’. In this latest ‘Whatever Happened to‘ piece we find out where Midajah and Shakira are now.

In 1999, WCW executive Terry Taylor was looking for fitness models to sign to the company. The initial plan was to have these models become members of the nWo aka the New World Order. Taylor auditioned several female models and signed the likes of Tylene Buck (Major Gunns) April Hunter and Kim Kanner (Shakira).

Taylor then became aware of fitness model Melinda O’Hearn (Midajah) and immediately contacted her agent and signed her as well. Kim Kanner also had a background working in the music industry working with bands such as Korn, Incubus and Cypress Hill.


After some brief training at the WCW Power Plant….the nWo girls debuted later in 1999. They were eye candy for the fans…but looked the part that they could kill on command. Eventually, the nWo girls gravitated more to Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner who was rapidly becoming the company’s top heel star. Tylene Buck and April Hunter would soon leave the group and who was left were Midajah and Shakira.

Scott Steiner Freaks Shakira Midajah

According to Kim “Shakira” Kanner, it was Scott Steiner who renamed the nWo girls…”The Freaks.” The duo would always accompany Steiner ringside for his interviews, matches and photo shoots. They wouldn’t do much as far as interfering in matches or getting too physical in the ring. They were more Steiner’s eye candy that helped get him over as an even bigger star for WCW.


Eventually, Shakira left WCW to pursue outside interests and focus more on her modeling career. She was offered a deal to pose nude in Playboy, but turned down the offer feeling it wasn’t the right time and place to do it. With Shakira now out of the picture, Midajah became the sole remaining “Freak.” She became more the voice of reason when Steiner would become violent. For instance, she pulled Steiner off of Mike Tenay after trying to choke him during an interview.


Midajah remained with Steiner until the very last Nitro took place in March of 2001. After the World Wrestling Federation bought WCW…Midajah decided to leave the business and once again focus on fitness competitions and other interests. So, whatever happened to the Freaks Midajah and Shakira?!?


Midajah wound up divorcing her bodybuilder husband Mike O’Hearn and started dabbling in acting starring in movies like Bubble Boy and Date Movie. She has since focused her attentions as a personal trainer and a make up artist in Hollywood. She resides in Los Angeles, California.


Shakira started her own real estate business with her sister and now resides in Malibu, California.

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6 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Scott Steiner’s Freaks: Midajah and Shakira?

  1. I actually saw Midajah live at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland on December 8th 2002, for a house show held by the World Wrestling All-Stars.

    There, Midajah was in Perry Saturn’s corner, as he lost to Sabu in a hardcore match.


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