This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 16

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig discusses why this week’s episode of Raw worked so well, Brian shares some of the more interesting pictures he’s stumbled upon this week and more.

Why This Week’s Episode of Raw Worked

Raw was excellent this week. There’s really no other way of saying it. We had a show packed full of good in-ring action but more importantly there was a point, or at least there felt like one, to everything.

Shane McMahonBut first thing’s first, let’s discuss the biggest change: it didn’t start with a lengthy promo focussed on The Authority. Instead, what we got was Shane McMahon getting 10 minutes in the ring to announce the matches for the evening. Revolutionary? No but certainly a very welcome change to the usual lengthy interview segments that serve no purpose really other than for filling in time.

Sure there was a lack of continuity with Shane still in control – more of that in tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon though – but everything served a purpose, we got debuts and it felt kinda fresh. And then there was the matches.

We got Steen vs. Cesaro and AJ Styles vs. Sami Sayn – you know you are going to get first class matches from those pairings. Throw in the fact that The Miz is doing the best work of his entire career and a lot of things are starting to fall together for the WWE.

It was also great to see the long awaited, and much anticipated, arrival of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Their debut leaves a lot of things answered – after attacking The Usos will they go after their relative Roman Reigns and help former Bullet Club member AJ Styles win the WWE title at Payback? Will we then get a heel turn from AJ Styles and a call up to the main roster, and heel turn, from Finn Balor? Does this all lead to a Shield reunion as well for a series of Bullet Club vs The Shield matches? It’s actually an exciting time again.

After watching this episode of Raw I really believe if I hadn’t seen it I would have felt like I actually had missed out. God only knows when the last time was that I could have said that. It was certainly a long, long time ago. And in addition it started the build-up to the Payback show. All in all, a very, very good show from Raw. Fingers crossed that this is only the beginning.

A Lucky Escape for Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn

Picture Gallery

A very cool drawing of the New Day in Anime form…

New Day

Holler if you hear me….or not…either way…

Big Poppa Trump

Perhaps two of the worst fan signs ever…

Rey Mysterio

Rick Flair

Plumbing done straight edge style…

CM Punk

Okay, who remembers Stone Cold Steve Austin’s country album? I actually heard from people that it wasn’t at all bad.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Congratulations to good ol’ Jim Ross on receiving the Cauliflower Alley Club’s Lifetime Achievement Award! As a part of his ceremony, he will receive this bad ass looking title belt!

Jim Ross

A nice pic of the Undertaker with his youngest daughter…Kaia.

The Undertaker

Saturday Morning Steen

Someone has gone to the effort of photoshopping Kevin Owens into a series of old Saturday morning cartoons. Random? Certainly but it is good fun too.

Garfield Kevin Steen

Inspector Gadget Kevin Steen

Last Week on the Blog

Last Sunday we looked at the women’s revolution in the WWE, on Monday we reviewed the new Dudley Boys DVD set, on Tuesday Brian took a look at the 80s war between the WWF and Jim Crockett Promotions, Wednesday’s ‘Missed Wrestling Opportunities‘ focussed on Terry Taylor, on Thursday we had a Top Five that looked at current or existing talent from NXT that may struggle on the main roster and rounded off the week by looking at the episodes of Raw and Nitro from 20 years ago this week.

Next Week on the Blog

In tomorrow’s piece we wonder, based on story lines since, what the point was of WrestleMania 32, have the next instalment of ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ and much, much more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ pieces can be read here.

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