Wrestling With Sin: The Rule of 72


Brian Damage

This is the 72nd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin’ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker side of professional wrestling. Many of these stories involve such topics as sex, greed, drugs, arrests and sometimes….even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…we do not condone or condemn the alleged involved. We are simply retelling these stories that have been told throughout the years.

Kicking Sand in his Face


Back in the mid to late 1990’s in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) the Harris Twins of Ron and Don Harris were involved in a match that was suppose to feature the Sandman. Problem was, the Sandman missed his cue because he was too busy getting drunk backstage. The match continued without Sandman but eventually Sandman made his way to the ring apparently completely wasted. Sandman came in as he usually does swinging his Singapore cane at anybody within striking distance of him. During the melee inside the ring, a drunk Sandman recklessly began swinging his cane and struck one of the Harris brothers (Don) in the back of the head, stunning him.


Don’s brother Ron got pissed off after seeing his brother legitimately hurt started pummelling Sandman with legit punches and kicks to the face. Once Don shook off his pain, he joined in on the beating of Sandman. Afterwards, the Harris Twins left an unconscious Sandman laying in the ring.

Sandow-n for the Count


Billy Sandow was a famous grappler/wrestler/promoter/manager in the 1920’s and 30’s. In the Autumn of 1931, two men broke into Sandow’s Los Angeles home. Sandow, who was at his house at the time managed to scare off one of the men, but the other man attempted to attack Sandow. He shot Sandow in the hand, but Sandow was able to use his grappling maneuvers to wrestle the gun away and take down the attacker. The attacker was able to break free and escaped…never to be caught. It was believed by some, that the two men were kidnappers who wanted to take Billy Sandow for ransom money.

Throwing a Monkey Wrench into the Plans

Elisa Sampson

Former British model turned pro wrestler/mud wrestler Elisa Sampson was having drinks at her apartment with three friends when she accidentally walked in on two of her friends having sex on her couch. Sampson was startled and asked the couple to stop and leave her place. The couple got angry and began assaulting Sampson, choking her and punching her repeatedly in the face.


Sampson, a trained kick boxer was able to fight back but only temporarily as her female friend grabbed a nearby wrench and smashed Sampson in the face with it. The trio of friends fled the scene and Sampson was able to go to a neighbors apartment and call for help. Sampson received two fractures around her right eye, 17 stitches and her eye lid nearly ripped off. The 3 “friends” were arrested and given sentences with her female friend (The one who used the wrench) receiving the stiffest punishment of two years in prison.

Canadian Beggin’


In the 1970’s, in Montreal, Canada, a wrestling war was taking place between two Canadian promotions (All Star Wrestling and Grand Prix Wrestling) While the two tried feverishly to dominate the French Canadian territory…one wrestler by the name of Dick Taylor became an important part of that war. According to Ray Rougeau, Dick Taylor was All Star Wrestling’s top heel and its champion to boot. He was booked to wrestle Jacques Rougeau Sr in a series of matches…but decided to start no showing the events.


Word had gotten back to Jacques Rougeau Sr that Taylor was going to jump ship to the rival Grand Prix Wrestling run by Paul Vachon. Jacques Sr., Johnny Rougeau and the LeDuc brothers (Paul and Jos) scheduled a meeting with Dick Talor to try and convince him to stay but Taylor apparently refused and was subsequently jumped by all four men. Taylor received over 200 stitches and was in a coma for 3 days.


When Taylor awoke from his coma, he pressed assault charges on the 4 wrestlers but the charges were later dropped when he decided not to go forward with them. According to Dick Taylor, the Rougeaus booked him without his permission or consent and when he refused to do business he was assaulted.

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