The Way We Was: WCW Slamboree 1996

TWWW Slamboree

Jamie Lithgow

In a bonus edition of ‘The Way We Was‘ our 1996 timeline reaches WCW’s latest pay per view; Slamboree. The main event saw The Giant defend his WCW Title against Sting while most of the other matches were part of the BattleBowl tournament. This involved random pairings of wrestlers competing in a tag team tournament to then reach a battle royal, the winner of which would be declared ‘Lord of The Ring’ and receive a coveted BattleBowl ring. So, let’s see who left Slamboree with gold around their waist and who left with gold around their finger…

For some reason Macho Man's business is now that of Carolina Panther Kevin Green...

Macho Man’s business is now that of Carolina Panther Kevin Green, for some reason…

My intention was to compose a match by match review of Slamboree, but I just could not bring myself to do that to you good people… and myself for that matter. While the show did prove eventful – and relatively entertaining at times – there were just so many matches. As a result, here are the edited highlights from the fifteen match card held at the Riverside Centroplex in Baton Rouge, Louisiana –

I guess the big news is probably exactly what everybody predicted i.e. Ric Flair and Macho Man – who were supposed to be tag partners in the BattleBowl tournament – couldn’t help but to knock the crap out of each other. Having said that, they did actually advance to round two courtesy of Arn Anderson hitting his own partner, Eddie Guerrero, with a DDT. Just as they did prior to the match, Flair and Anderson beat the shit out of Savage after the bout too. Having recovered from his latest Horseman beating, Savage ensured that he and Flair did not even make it to the ring to face The Public Enemy in round two. Instead they brawled in  the aisle and were counted out as security tried to separate them. Later in the show, Flair challenged Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael – who last week told Savage that he had “a plan” – to bring one of his football buddies along for a fight with The Horsemen. Mongo obliged and brought out Kevin Green. Have WCW blown off their most heated feud in ages for something involving football players? Well, if it’s good enough for the WWF…

In Other News From Slamboree –

  • ...

    I think this speaks for itself…

    The Giant retained the WCW Title after Sting was ‘accidentally’ struck by Jimmy Hart’s megaphone when Lex Luger tried to confiscate it from The Mouth of The South. So Luger is back to being a tweener after WCW seemed to do a pretty good job of making him look like a babyface last week

  • It’s worth mentioning that literally seconds before Mongo introduced Kevin Green, Ric Flair jokingly mentioned Lawrence Taylor. So, let’s laugh at the WWF for booking a football player in a match, and then do it ourselves directly after mocking the concept?!
  • The highlight of the BattleBowl tournament was probably Kimberly aka The Booty Babe…
  • Moving from the outhouse to the penthouse, the tournament was won by Diamond Dallas Page. The ‘Lord of The Ring’ is scheduled to receive a WCW Title shot to go along with his shiny new ring
  • Speaking of DDP, he has new music. I watched the WWE Network version and they clearly aren’t very musically minded because WCW’s rip-off version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was actually dubbed over. What you will hear on The Network is WWE’s version of WCW’s version of the Nirvana classic…
  • Remember a couple of weeks ago we were told that a guy called Otani won a tournament to become WCW’s first Cruiserweight Champion? Well, who’d have thought it, a guy who doesn’t even work for WCW lost the belt in his first title defence?! Dean Malenko is the new champion, and he successfully defended his belt against Brad Armstrong on this show
  • Oh, it turns out ‘The Lethal Lottery’ is just the process in which wrestlers are paired together in the BattleBowl tournament. WCW kind of took this for granted in the build-up leaving me – and presumably quite a few casual fans in 1996 – slightly confused. The random nature of the draw was quickly lost with most matches featuring tag teams paired together (Public Enemy and Fire & Ice) or paired against each other (The Road Warriors and The Steiners). Then you had rivals drawn together in the same match (Flair, Savage, Sullivan, Benoit etc.)
  • Here’s the process DDP went through to win the tournament: He was drafted-in as an alternate and paired with The Barbarian. The pair then advanced through two rounds of tag team matches – one of which was won by very shady means – to qualify for an every man for himself battle royal. Guys were eliminated over the top rope – including DDP himself, but no referee saw it – until the final two when pinfall or submission was introduced. At least it’s more imaginative than throwing everyone into a ladder match…
  • In other news from BattleBowl: The Road Warriors refused to wrestle each other and actually celebrated the double count out that eliminated both of them from the tournament. The Steiner Brothers did wrestle each other, as did Meng and The Barbarian. Lord Steven Regal did not team with The Belfast Bruiser, no explanation was given. And finally, Kevin Sullivan threw Chris Benoit under the bus – so to speak – by holding his partner on a table to enable The Public Enemy to hit their ‘Enemy Sandwich’ spot. I have no idea why PE were not disqualified for this, especially after the commentators emphasised the point that a DQ would eliminate them from the tournament…

Full Results

  • Booker T & Road Warrior Animal vs. Lex Luger & Road Warrior Hawk ended in a Double Count Out
  • The Public Enemy defeat Chris Benoit & Kevin Sullivan
  • Rick Steiner & The Booty Man (w/ The Booty Babe) defeat Scott Steiner & Sgt. Craig Pittman
  • Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet defeat The Blue Bloods
  • Dick Slater & Earl Robert Eaton defeat Alex Wright & Disco Inferno
  • Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian defeat Hugh Morrus & Meng
  • Fire And Ice defeat Big Bubba & Stevie Ray
  • Randy Savage & Ric Flair (w/ Miss Elizabeth & Woman) defeat Arn Anderson & Eddie Guerrero
  • Dean Malenko (c) defeats Brad Armstrong to retain the WCW World Cruiserweight Championship
  • Dick Slater & Earl Robert Eaton defeat Jim Duggan & VK Wallstreet
  • The Public Enemy defeat Randy Savage & Ric Flair (w/ Miss Elizabeth & Woman)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & The Barbarian defeat Rick Steiner & The Booty Man (w/ The Booty Babe)
  • Konnan (c) defeats Jushin Thunder Liger to retain the WCW United States Championship
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeats Dick Slater and Earl Robert Eaton and Ice-Train and Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock and Scott Norton and The Barbarian
  • The Giant (c) (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeats Sting (w/ Lex Luger) to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Meanwhile, in Madison Square Garden…



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4 thoughts on “The Way We Was: WCW Slamboree 1996

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  2. In its first three years (1993, 1994, and 1995), Slamboree used to be about honoring the legends of wrestling, and the WCW Hall of Fame.

    But from 1996 to 2000, Slamboree dropped that concept and became just another PPV.


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