Answering The 10 Count: Jeanie ‘Lady Blossom’ Clarke


Brian Damage

In May of 2016, Jeanie Clarke better known as ‘Lady Blossom’ in World Championship Wrestling wrote her autobiography entitled, ‘Through The Shattered Glass.’ In the book you will read about her career, love life and past drug addiction. The former model, turned wrestling valet now mother and grandmother is honest, gracious and welcoming. Today we catch up with her in this latest ‘Answering the 10 Count‘.

We here at Ring the Damn Bell were fortunate enough to briefly catch up with Ms. Clarke and ask her a few questions about her life, career and her outstanding book!

Ring the Damn Bell: Tell us about your relationship with Gentleman Chris Adams. How was it?


Jeanie: Chris and I met when I was 19 and he was 24 in England. We started dating and I started running his fan club. After a little while he suggested I be his valet or “second” as they called it in Uk. It was for a company called Joint Promotions and they had a show on TV every Saturday afternoon, I got to work with such great legends such as Tom Billington Davey boy Smith, Mark Rocco and Marty Jones.


Chris was using the name Blackbelt Chris Adams at the same because of his judo background. He met a wrestler by the name Yasi Fugi who also had a martial arts background. He recommended Chris to Mike Labell. Chris and I got to come to the USA together but we had a bit of a tough time in Los Angeles financially until he got picked up to work in Portland. Unfortunately Chris and I had some problems in Portland that caused us to split up but as we had a daughter Jade, we remained amicable and worked together for WCCW. Chris and I remained very close friends right up until his death and we always had a special bond.

RTDB: So through Chris Adams you met Steve Williams aka Steve Austin correct?

Jeanie: Yes, Steve was one of Chris Adams students. Chris had an idea to do an ex wife angle and called me up and pitched me the idea to be Steves valet and we worked together in WCCW.

RTDB: How was the atmosphere in WCCW? I heard it was a real wild experience for many. Was that the case for and Steve as well?


Jeanie: There was no other atmosphere I could compare to the sportatorium. It was electric. So many big stars have gone through there, it was so much fun at that time. Steve and I would both say it was the best place we ever worked.

RTDB: Let’s talk a little about Steve Austin’s venture into WCW. Steve was first paired up with a valet named Vivacious Veronica. What were your personal thoughts about her and how and why did WCW make the switch to you?


Jeanie: I didn’t actually know he was paired up with Veronica, one day I took a call for Steve at my house from magnum who fired up a conversation with me and I said I was Steve’s valet in WCCW, he then asked me to send some tapes of my work. I did not know I was a replacement for Veronica nor did I see her work/know her. But I found out later they did not think she and Steve had good chemistry and preferred the chemistry Steve and I had together.

RTDB: Is it true you hated your gimmick name ‘Lady Blossom’ in WCW and if so why?


Jeanie: I didn’t like it when Dusty gave me the name. I was use to being Jeanie and I didn’t think it was suited to me. Later, I found out that Dusty said it was because my chest was blossoming out of my dress.

RTDB: I have read it over and over, but is it true you came up with the nickname ‘Stone Cold’ over a cup of tea?


Jeanie: Yes, Steve and I were watching a documentary on TV about Richard kuklinski “The Iceman”. Steve wanted his character to be based on that concept. But the iceman name had already been used by Iceman King Parsons. Steve called the WWE office and they faxed him several temperature based names like fang Mcfrost, ice dagger and Otto Von Ruthless which caused Steve, I and Brian Pillman to roll around in hysterics. Later on, Steve still couldn’t come up with a name but one day he was sitting on the bed frustrated he hadn’t yet found the name he wanted. Me being from England, I drink hot tea a lot and so did Steve. Seeing him very pensive, I made him a cup and told him to stop worrying and drink his tea before it gets stone cold. I then said “that’s it, there’s your name”. “Stone Cold Steve Austin”.

RTDB: What led to you and Steve Austin calling it quits as a couple?


Jeanie: The details are very complex and are very detailed in my book, however it was a combination of many things that caused us to split up.

RTDB: Fair enough, do you still watch wrestling today and if so, do you think valets still have a place in pro wrestling?

Jeanie: No, to be honest I haven’t kept up with the show these days, not since the attitude era so I can’t fairly answer that question.

RTDB: What led you to write this book and share your stories to the world?

Jeanie: Unfortunately, I became an addict which nearly caused me to lose my life on many occasions. This was some of the issues causing of my break up to Steve Austin. My addition caused my life to spiral out of control and effected not only me but all those around me to suffer.


I also have lost so many close friends to drug addition, I am so very lucky to have survived and beat the odds. I was in rehab for 6 months and when I came out I had many consequences to face, I think writing my book was so therapeutic and gave me the opportunity to tell of the horrors of addition and a chance to make amends to the people I have hurt. I hope it’s an inspirational book from someone who has survived. I hope people know more about me and my life in and around the industry and find it a really interesting read. I’m very proud of it.

RTDB: Just from talking with you for a little bit, I find you warm, inviting and charming. Were there any wrestlers, agents, management that you didn’t get along with at all during your time in wrestling?


Jeanie: Thank you so much for the interview, I am very grateful. And, no I have never had any problems with anyone in the business. Everybody was and is very kind to me. There was only animosity with DEBRA and I mainly over issues with my children after she and Steve got together.

RTDB: Totally understandable considering the circumstances. Where can people find your book and purchase a copy?

Jeanie: The book is available on and

RTDB: Jeanie you have been an absolute delight to talk to for a few minutes anything you want to tell your fans about what you are up to today?


Jeanie: I’m rebuilding a strong relationship with my daughters after surviving an 18 year addiction that nearly took my life and doing public appearances to share my experiences. I am now in a happy and peaceful place and hoping to do some fanfests to meet the incredible fans who support has been very heartwarming.

RTDB: Did God and your faith play a role in you getting clean?

Jeanie: Yes, my faith is really important to me. It played a massive part in my recovery. Was a source of strength in moving forward. Sometimes when I went through dark times, I held on to the light. I never felt alone.

I depend on God and I still do and still believe that it gave me hope. I always recalled quotes from the Bible that gave me encouragement when facing burdens and found freedom from despair. He was always the light at the end of the tunnel. He filled the emptiness in my life that only God can fill.

From birth to death Jesus had a difficult life. He had moments of joy and hours of pain and we are no better than he is and cannot expect a trouble free life. Jesus said we would have trials. I always felt he knew what I was going through and I always said to myself, Jesus said, “Consider it joy in your suffering for my name sake.” It was a great source of strength.

RTDB: Thank you for a few minutes of your time Ms. Clarke. I wish you nothing but great success with the book. I hope this interview gets people rushing out to buy the book. You truly have an interesting story to tell. God Bless!

Jeanie: Awww, thank you God bless!


We will have a full review of Through The Shattered Glass later on, but I sincerely urge all wrestling fans and readers to buy a copy and tell us what you think. Ms. Clarke is beautiful both inside and out, so support her and get your copy fast!

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