Sunday Sermon: MiTB Match: Who Will Win and Who Should Win? Wilson, Jamie Lithgow and Brian Damage

Next Sunday we’ll have Money in the Bank 2016. On the day we’ll preview and predict the show. As a bit of a pre-preview, in today’s Sunday Sermon we discuss who could win and who should win the Money in the Bank match featuring Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn.


Craig: One thing is definitely for sure: the build-up to the MiTB match has been stellar. It’s little wonder, though, when you through the six guys the WWE have into this match. We can also safely assume that, at the very least, this match will be pretty good.

It’s the mix of old hands – Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio, established stars like Dean Ambrose and Cesaro as well as young turks in Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The fact that there is several overlapping storylines here also bodes well.

Let’s look at the runners and riders. Who should win and who could win? I think only Jericho and Del Rio can be removed from both categories and Sami from the who could win – as I don’t think he’s quite there. Cesaro winning would be a show of intent from the WWE that they finally have faith in him. Ambrose winning would position him into a title scene picture featuring his former Shield comrades. Finally, an Owens win would be the final nail in the coffin for those that say “he doesn’t have the WWE look/style.”

So, who is your pick to win it but who do you really want to see win it? For me, I’m torn between Owens and Ambrose winning it whilst I’d really like to see Sami winning it.

Jamie: You know the best part about this year’s match? The guys that are usually just there to make up the numbers are missing. Talented as they may be, a spot given to Dolph Ziggler, The Miz or Kofi Kingston would have been a spot wasted.

I’m very much on the same page though. The Money In The Bank briefcase is an excellent tool for elevating performers, and thus a powerful gimmick in the hands of a newer/younger wrestler. It’s for this reason that I too am discounting Jericho and Del Rio. Don’t get me wrong, in hindsight it was correct to have the likes of Kane and Sheamus win; otherwise this annual match becomes predictable. However, there are at least two, maybe three, other guys here that could and should win it.

Moreover, last year with Sheamus WWE did not have a ‘chosen one’. When Seth Rollins held the briefcase previously it was exciting because we had a fresh talent all but confirmed as a future headliner, we just did not know when or how the transition would take place. My hope is that this year’s winner provides us with that same optimism. I’m going with Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose as guys who could win and both have a strong case for why they should win. I like Cesaro as an outsider, but remain unconvinced that WWE will pull the trigger..

Brian: They definitely have a stellar group competing in this year’s MiTB don’t they? I mean the “Holy Sh!t” moments we will get out of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn alone are worth the price…but add capable talents like Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho and this could potentially be the best MiTB match yet.

They have certainly built the importance of this match up from the qualifying matches to the promos…they have all been top notch. I really don’t have any gripes with the way this show is being advertised thus far.

Craig: Jamie is right, there is none of the real filler that we have had previous years. Sure, no-one expects Sami Zayn to win it but no one is begrudging him his position in the match. Another exciting thing in this match, for me, is that there is every chance that, no matter what happens, it will lead to subsequent feuds. Any programmes featuring Sami, Owens, Ambrose and Cesaro would be good, that’s for sure.

I’d certainly hope that they go down the ‘making the next star’ route with the MiTB. I was disappointed with Sheamus winning but unless Jericho or Del Rio win, then it’s not going to be one of the more established acts leaving with the briefcase.

Brian, you didn’t share your predictions…?

Brian: While I certainly don’t think Sami Zayn will win, he will most definitely be one of the stars of Money in the Bank. I can almost guarantee that. In my estimation, the one who makes the most sense at this point in time is none other than KO Kevin Owens. He seems to be the one with the most momentum going into this match.

With that said though, I will be rooting hard for Cesaro to win the briefcase. He deserves it more than anyone else right now. He has certainly proved with his in ring performances that he deserves a big time shot.

Craig: there certainly is a strong case for Cesaro winning it. He’d certainly deserve it and if he did win it, hopefully would lead to a sustained run.

If Cesaro does win it, how would you book his run with the briefcase and when would he cash in?

Brian: I think it should be booked slowly, not unlike what they did initially with Seth Rollins. That way people can get use to seeing Cesaro in a top spot. I certainly wouldn’t turn him heel like they did with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan…but seeing that Roman Reigns is the champion…Cesaro would most likely be cheered anyway.

Craig: I struggle to think of anyone that wouldn’t get cheered against Roman Reigns…

But do take the rest of your points. I like the slow build idea. They shouldn’t overdo it like they did with Dolph Ziggler as we were left wondering if he would ever cash in. A happy medium is needed.

Jamie: The slow build idea is why I’ve got Cesaro as a dark horse and not a front runner. There’s no doubt that he is more than capable and deserving of holding the briefcase, but I don’t think fans are ready to see him as WWE Champion just yet. Cesaro with the briefcase would be a project for WWE, but KO is the finished article. Owens would be just as exciting a prospect, but would probably require slightly less work from WWE’s bookers in order to build him up to WWE Championship level.

I’ve always felt that the concept of the MITB briefcase better suits a heel because cashing-in is usually quite sneaky and devious. That is one major reason why I’m discounting Sami Zayn. He’s an underdog, if he were to ever win the WWE Title it would likely be the culmination of an against all odds story. However, Dean Ambrose is a babyface that I can see holding the briefcase. If Roman Reigns retains then we could see a very interesting dynamic between the pair.

Brian: Kevin Owens does make the most sense and honestly he is my top pick to win it. Of course, they could just have anybody win it and fail in their cash in attempt. Granted, it only happened twice, but the last time that happened was Damian Sandow losing to John Cena in 2013…so we may be due for another.

Craig: I can see the logic behind idea we’re due a failed cash-in but it would be a shame when you consider the talent packed into this match. The way we’ll find out if it’s for real or a failed cash-in is who wins, I guess. The more I think about it, the more I am coming round to the idea that it will be Owens that leaves the T-Mobile Arena with the briefcase. Then we can begin to speculate how he cashes in and when.

It seems to be an overarching feeling that it is between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose to win. Whoever wins, on paper it looks set to be a top MiTB match.

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