This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 25

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig talks about Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain in NXT while Brian shares some of the more interesting pictures he’s stumbled upon this week and more.

Can Authors of Pain Ascend to Where Others Failed?

Paul Ellering Authors of PainAs well as regularly predicting that that Dolph Ziggler will be (insert year’s) breakout star, there are a few other things I occasionally call wrong on here. One of the most recent ones being that I expected The Ascension to do well on the main roster.

Fast forward in time, and the team – pre-suspension of Konnor – have been glorified jobbers hanging around, largely, with Stardust rather than blazing a trail on Raw. What it means for the team when Konnor returns, few can yet be sure.

One thing that cannot be denied was the attempts by the WWE, by creating The Ascension, to replicate the sort of teams not seen since the 80s peak of the Legion of Doom. Namely, face-painted big men that run rough shod over everything that stood in their path.

On NXT this formula worked for Konnor and Viktor, largely in part to the smaller stature of the superstars performing on NXT. However, they entered the land of the giant when they made their main roster debut and that, coupled with being ridiculed by announcers and wrestlers alike, limited their chances greatly.

Recent talk had been about the WWE attempting to trademark the term ‘Legion of Doom’ – a stupid move considering it belongs to DC Comics rather than, say, Animal and Hawk’s estate. That trademark issue and the return to WWE screens, albeit at NXT, of the legendary former manager of Hawk and Animal, Paul Ellering, with a new musclebound team got many wondering what the intentions were.

His name team, now named The Authors of Pain – which I quite like, debuted at ‘NXT Takeover: The End’ by destroying American Alpha after their title loss to The Revival. On the episode of NXT broadcast this week, the new tandem destroyed a pair of jobbers in quick fashion to mark their in-ring debut with the company.

Is this the latest attempt by the WWE to create a team of the ilk of LOD/Powers of Pain/Demolition? Or is it merely them adding variety to the division whilst giving the team legitimacy with the addition of Ellering? It’s too soon, really, to say.

However, should they go down the LOD route, the presence of Ellering is a huge boost in terms of credibility while the two members of the team – Sunny Dhinsa and former MMA athlete Gzim Selmani – have a stature that impresses more than that of either members of The Ascension. I’d rate Authors of Pain as having a good chance of being able to carry their domination from NXT onto the main roster.

There’s a long way to go but the early signs are bright: a beat-up of an established act who weren’t able to get in any offence then the dismantling of a pair of jobbers. The WWE need to keep that going if they want this pair to be stars.

Picture Gallery

This young aspiring sports writer would later grow out his hair and beard and become one of the most feared and respected pro wrestlers of all time, Bruiser Brody.

Bruiser Brody

A closer look at the AJ Styles versus John Cena ‘Money in the Bank’ contract…

John Cena AJ Styles

Ring of Honor had some damn impressive roster back not too long ago…

Ring of Honor

Wade Barrett…errrr…I mean Stu Bennett moving on from the WWE via Twitter…

Stu Bennett Wade Barrett

LeBron James representing The Undertaker

LeBron James The Undertaker

Dr. Seuss the way it should be…

Ric Flair

Cactus Jack and Howard Stern

Cactus Jack Howard Stern

Coming soon! An official Booty O’s lunch box…

New Day Booty O's

Poor Jeff Jarrett…left hangin’

Jeff Jarrett nWo

Video Gallery

Would you by a used car from Nord the Barbarian?

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Next Week on the Blog

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