Wrestling With Sin: Position 77


Brian Damage

This is the 77th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involves such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Well Done


Biff Wellington was trained by the Hart family as well as legendary Japanese wrestler Hiro Hase. Biff wrestled in such promotions as Calgary Stampede and New Japan. He also wrestled briefly for WCW in 1992 teaming with Chris Benoit.


In May of 2000, Wellington was arrested while on tour of Japan. The reason for the arrest, he was allegedly in possession of drugs. Biff, as with many other wrestlers, had allegedly battled a serious drug addiction. Many say, it curtailed his once promising career. On June 24th, 2007, Biff Wellington was found dead in his bed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The cause of death was believed to have been a heart attack. Many friends claimed that Wellington was clean and sober for at least two years prior to his death. His body was found on the same exact day that his former friend and tag team partner Chris Benoit committed a murder/suicide of him and his family. Wellington was just 42 years old.

Adiva Wannabe?


If the name Dana Adiva doesn’t ring a bell, she is an aspiring pro wrestler who has appeared on MTV True Life and also had a cameo on WWE television as one of Adam Rose’s ‘Rosebuds.’


She is also a second generation wrestler, as her father wrestled for years on the independent circuit as ‘Diceman’ Ronnie Vegas.


Before Dana Adiva gained any fame and entered the wrestling business, it has been alleged that Dana worked for an erotic massage parlor called Bella One Spa in the Chicago area. That establishment has since closed down, but a number of patrons alleged that Dana worked there under the alias of Heidi Wood. Keep in mind, none of that can be completely verified.

What we do know is, Adiva did compete in several nude competitions in her pre pro wrestling days under the moniker of Heidi Wood. Below are edited pics of Wood and another of Adiva. Notice the identical tattoos of her side.



There have been other accusations made by anonymous wrestlers who claim that Adiva slept with wrestling promoters to try to continue getting better bookings. Again, none of that can be substantiated at this time.

The Barber of Savile

jimmy savile

Jimmy Savile was a popular radio disc jockey, television personality and philanthropist from England. He was also an occasional professional wrestler during his heyday. The closest personality I can compare Savile to, was the late Andy Kaufman. A celebrity who appreciated the wrestling business and wanted to be a part of it.

Due to Savile’s celebrity status, many promoters who wanted to utilize Savile for their shows asked their own pro wrestlers to “put over” Jimmy Savile in his matches. Many of the wrestlers were not fond of losing to essentially an outsider like Savile, but did it for a pay day. In 1971, one particular wrestler was approached to lose to James Savile and refused. That wrestler was none other than the ‘Exotic’ Adrian Street.


Street refused to lose to Savile so the promoter and Savile’s management team agreed on a draw in their match. Adrian Street whose gimmick was that of a cross dresser, was a legit tough guy outside of the ring. In their match, Street took liberties on Savile pummeling him repeatedly leaving him black and blue and then tearing out clumps of Savile’s hair. Adrian Street claims that Jimmy Savile never wrestled another match after theirs due to the severe beating he took in it.


Years later, after Savile passed away at the age of 84 it was revealed he was a paedophile and extreme sex offender. He had allegedly had sex with over 28 boys under the age of 10 years old and had multiple rape accusations from girls under 16 years old. Adrian Street said he would later find out about Savile’s crimes when several wrestlers came forward accusing him of bragging about his young conquests during wrestling shows. Street said he would have given Savile a worse beating if he had known that before their match.

Come Sail Away


‘Sailor’ Ed White was a Canadian born wrestler who made it big in the then WWWF in 1981 as Moondog King, one half of the tag team champions with Moondog Rex. During their brief tag title reign, White returned home in Canada for a visit and when he was ready to return to the states was refused entry for what was believed due to his criminal past as a youngster.


That started a downward spiral in Ed White’s life, as he turned to drugs and alcohol. He wound up being arrested several times for drug possession, drug trafficking and pimping prostitutes. Thankfully, White was able to get clean and sober, but White died at the young age of 56 after suffering numerous heart attacks.

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4 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: Position 77

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  2. Just wanted to say I came across this series about a week ago and already went back and read every one of them. Awesome stuff, really enjoyed em’. Hope it continues 🙂


  3. Savile was a lot worse than a paedophile, he preyed on anyone who would be unable to defend themselves. His victims even included people in old peoples’ homes, disabled folks and even dead bodies.


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