This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 28

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig reviews ‘Living on a Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story’ and Brian shares some of the more interesting pictures he’s stumbled upon this week and more.

‘Living On A Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story’ Review

Living_on_a_Razor’s_Edge_The_Scott_Hall_StoryHEY YO!

A flawless start to a DVD set looking at the career of Scott ‘Razor Ramon’ Hall. The main feature documentary starts looking at his early life with interviews with Scott, his mum Pat and Steve, his brother. They talk about the travelling year in, year out the family did due to Scott’s father being in the army.

His early adult years follow including Scott working as a bouncer in a strip bar and getting involved with a girl. This leads to the discussion of her other man coming at Scott with a gun, which resulted in him being murdered but Hall faced no charges, although his mum states it’s something her son can’t get over.

Working nights led him to spending a lot of time in the gym. Hall admits to using all the gyms in town until he found the one that the wrestlers worked out in. Something that led him to working out with Kevin Sullivan and bagging himself a chance to try out in the ring.

The documentary is, as always with these WWE sets, excellent quality. And typically with guys of Hall’s generation, it follows their usual path: sleeping in cars and on sofas as they start of in the business, hardships on the road generally as well as the low pay.

This segues into Hall joining the AWA after he met Blackjack Lanza. That was where he first met Diamond Dallas Page, a man that would have a significant impact on his life. It was here that Hall teamed with Curt Hennig and the two would win the promotion’s tag team titles. Hall states Hennig did all the work and was the “most unselfish person” he ever met.

We get a clip opf Hall talking to NXT talent and telling them about the pitfalls of being on the road, namely the temptation of pills and drink. Hall shares that he didn’t drink until he got to AWA and only went to the bars after Hennig said that, because he didn’tm some of the boys thought he was stuck up.

Lanza talks about WrestleMania debuting and the change in the business. It’s at this point that Hall begins to give up on his dream of making it as a wrestling. Hall states he’s ready to quit the business but needs money. He picks up the phone to DDP and pitches the Diamond Studd character to him.

Hall attributes much of the look and mannerisms, including the famous toothpick, to DDP. It was at this stage that Scott Hall became friendly with Kevin Nash, who was stick packaged as the awful Oz. Hall talks about not being anywhere near the top and if he was to be a job guy anywhere he wanted to be in the WWE. However, during the first WCW section it is interesting to see Hall team up with Oz, at the time this meant nothing but a few years down the line it would help change the business.

We learn that Hall called the WWE and Pat Paterson constantly hoping to blag a chance with the company. As soon as his old teammate Curt Hennig puts in a good word, Paterson returned his call.

The birth of Razor Ramon is next. Hall joins the WWE but feels he might have the look but has nothing really to say. When he tries to find a character, he says his favourite film is Scarface and the lead character, Tony Mantana’s “take a look at the bad guy”. The rest is history.

As Razor Ramon became more and more popular as a bad guy, a faceturn was inevitable. But in a moment that shows just how well Hall understands the business, instead of turning face but running in to make a save he had the Lightning Kid beat him, introducing the now 1-2-3 Kid and turning him into a good guy.

Once in WWE, the documentary runs through his career with Vince’s company. Featured are some of his finest matches in the company including his excellent title match against Bret Hart. There’s also some time spent on his Raw lose to the Lightning Kid that resulted in a programme between the two that would, in one way or another, last for several years.

It’s what’s next that really turned the wrestling business around. And it’s crazy to think that one of the biggest boom spells in wrestling history started with a certain Scott Hall walking through the crowd during a nothing match-up on WCW Nitro.

It may surprise some viewers that the subsequent run of the nWo in WCW doesn’t feature all that prominently on this set. Instead, the bulk of the remaining documentary looks at the real-life downfall of Hall, due to drink and drugs.

This section features a very interesting talking head chat with Eric Bischoff where he admits that he was wrong, as we all know, for him to use Hall’s real-life problems in an on-screen storyline. Obvious as it is, it is quite revealing to have him admit such. It is also interesting to hear Hall wonder what would have happened in his life had he remained in the WWF.

One of the best stories to tell is the journey from rock bottom back to the top, and it is a credit to those that created this set that they were able to focus so much of the set’s time on this. We see Hall hit the very low, an indy show from May 2011 when Hall is so out of it he is helped to the ring before cutting an incoherent promo. It was moments like that that led him to call his friend Diamond Dallas Page who turned his life around. This led, of course, to Razor Ramon’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

A stunning DVD set on a remarkable in career that ends on such a high point. This, like all of these type of sets, is a worthy addition to any collection. A one-stop shop for all Hall’s best matches coupled with a very interesting, warts and all, documentary on his life.

You can order ‘Living On A Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story’ now via

Picture Gallery

A young, clean cut Shinsuke Nakamura….I wonder if he amounted to anything?

Shinsuke Nakamura

I don’t know who made this cake of Gorilla Monsoon, but whoever did deserves some sort of recognition. It is awesome!

Gorilla Monsoon

A rare picture of the legendary El Santo unmasked. Keep in mind, this was a guy that insisted when he died to be buried with his luchador mask.

El Santo

For all of our UK readers and friends, this is very cool.

British wrestlers

A rare hat from the WWF’s old talk show TNT (Tuesday Night Titans)

Tuesday Night Titans

Wasssssssssss up!

Ahmen Johnson

Video Gallery

A classic commercial for Mean Gene Burgers. I never had one, I wonder if they were any good?

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