This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 29

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig discusses the first WWE Cruiserweight Classic and this week’s NXT main event while Brian shares some of the more interesting pictures he’s stumbled upon this week and more.

WWE-Cruiserweight-Classic-LogoThe Cruiserweight Classic

I had been looking forward to the Cruiserweight Classic since the WWE announced it. And after week one, it’s fair to say it is as good, if not better, than I expected.

The show had a very different feel and vibe too it. Despite being filmed where NXT is, the WWE managed to make it look nothing like NXT. The rampway was different, the ring itself was different and the venue was brighter. Nice touch, also, having the referee – in a nod to days gone by – check wrestlers for any objects on their person before the bell. To keep with the old school style, foreign objects if you will.

And the show sounded different…

Another big plus against the Cruiserweight Classic is undoubtedly the announcing skills of Mauro Ranallo coupled with Daniel Bryan. That, with the above aesthetic differences, really makes the show feel different.

I’m looking forward to, over the coming weeks and months, seeing some of the finest cruiserweights in the world fight it out every Wednesday night on the WWE Network. Also looking forward to seeing my home country boy Noam Dar compete in a few weeks time.

Also, be interesting to see which superstars then go on to get a run with the WWE.

Finn Balor Shinsuke NakamuraBalor vs. Nakamura was Something Else

Undoubtedly the best in-ring moment from this week in wrestling was undoubtedly the main event of this week’s broadcast episode of NXT: Finn Balor facing off against Shinsuke Nakamura.

This match had been mooted since Nakamura first joined the WWE and the only surprise, really, was that it was given away on TV rather than held off until an NXT Takeover. Not that we should really complain. After all, we were treated to an excellent 20 minute PPV quality match-up. And the other thing? It felt like the guys were holding something back meaning that any future match, and there has to be one, could be even better!

Anyway, if you missed it you can watch it here:

My Week in Wrestling

This week, as the above suggests, I watched NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic. Also watched ‘OMG Moments’ on the WWE Network. Podcast wise, Vampiro on Stone Cold unleashed was excellent, Dutch Mantell on the PW Torch Livecast was fascinating. I also read, and thoroughly enjoyed, the Reddit AMA with Ben Pluimer, the director of Swerved.

Picture Gallery

A classic pic of Groucho Marx with Haystacks Calhoun

Groucho Marx with Haystacks Calhoun

A news clipping about an up and coming amateur wrestler named Chris Pallies. Without cheating, who did he become in pro wrestling?

King Kong Bundy

An unmasked ‘Sexy Star’

Sexy Star

Apparently, Ric Flair has an Ale named after him. As does Triple H.

Ric Flair Triple H

It looks like Mickie James has just been signed to a major record label. Congratulations!

Mickie James

Somebody posted that this looks an awful like Shawn Michaels if he were bald. I can’t say I disagree…

Shawn Michaels

A candid shot of Jake the Snake Roberts and Sensational Sherri Martel partying.

Jake Roberts Sensational Sherri

Watching the little Twitter spat between Reby Sky and Bray Wyatt

Dean Ambrose

Video Gallery

Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan’s final appearance on WCW television

Last Week on the Blog

In last week’s Sunday Sermon we discussed did a half term report for the WWE: on Monday we listed proposed WWE gimmicks that never saw the light of day; on Tuesday The Usos got the ‘Book or Cook‘ treatment; Wednesday saw us look back at the firing of Ric Flair by the WCW in 1991 and we rounded off the week with a two-parter ‘The Way We Was‘ firstly recapping Bash at the Beach 1996 then looking at Raw and Nitro from 20 years ago this week .

Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon looks ahead to Battleground; we have another ‘Well That Didn’t Work‘, the next ‘Book or Cook‘, another ring attire themed Top Five and more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ pieces can be read here.


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