Top Five Vehicle Spots in Wrestling

Jamie Lithgow and John Carbery

From the Four Horsemen breaking Dusty Rhodes’ arm whilst he was tied to a truck to Stone Cold destroying Vince McMahon’s corvette with cement, vehicle spots have featured heavily in wrestling history. In this latest Top Five we list our favourite of those spots.


5. Steve Austin Fills Mr McMahon’s Corvette with Cement: I featured this in my ‘Top Five Stone Cold Moments’ and I have included here for the exact same reasons. Namely, why did a man that always arrives in a limousine drive to work? Why did he take his best car? Why did he park in full view of his arch-enemy? Why did he leave the top down? How did Austin know how to operate a cement truck with such precision? It’s such a silly angle that you just have to go with it. Oh, the reason I have included this and not the more famous beer bath spot is purely for the mindless destruction of a beautiful car. The beer truck escaped unscathed from its experience with Austin, the Corvette did not.

4. Mr McMahon Blows Up: At the end of the June 11th 2007 episode of Raw, Mr McMahon entered his limousine only for it to blow up in spectacular fashion. Immediately following the spot WWE.Com reported the boss’ death, with a handful of media outlets actually taking it seriously! As many of you will know, Vince was back on TV the following week due to the Chris Benoit double murder suicide situation. However, the plan was for Mr McMahon to fake his own death with memorial services held on Raw with everyone paying tribute to him. He would then return a few months later, for some unknown reason. A little like a wrestling version of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, only with an exploding car.

3. WCW’s Sumo Monster Truck Match: Two wrestlers playing tug o’ war with monster trucks…. on the roof of the arena! How can anybody take that shit seriously?! Well, WCW tried. They even went to the effort of including a monster truck expert on commentary. The best bit is that this isn’t the dumbest part of the show, or even this match. In hindsight this match – and Halloween Havoc ’95 in general – is glorious in its stupidity, but what must people have thought at the time?!

2. The Four Horsemen Break Dusty Rhodes’ Arm: Being too young to remember a wrestling angle from the mid 1980’s, I am only aware of this from watching a Four Horsemen DVD a few years back. JJ Dillon and The Andersons, along with a cameraman, follow Dusty Rhodes in their cars. They park next to The American Dream – blocking him in – and jump him in the Jim Crocket parking lot. They then tie Dusty to a truck and break his arm using a baseball bat. It’s simple, it’s low budget and it’s brutally effective. It’s actually hard to watch, and most certainly ahead of its time.

1. WCW’s King of The Road Match: A full match held entirely within a moving vehicle? Well that’s top trump on this list! This may just be me, but this match is so silly that it’s actually quite entertaining to watch. I love that Dustin ‘Goldust’ Rhodes was fired for blading during the bout. WCW booked a match in the back of a moving truck with helicopters flying overhead to film it, yet Rhodes’ idea to bleed was considered the sackable offence…


5. Where to Stephanie? At the end of Backlash 99 the then young and innocent Stephanie McMahon was bundled into the back of a limo only for it to be revealed that the driver was booked by Teddy Long! That’s right the Undertaker was to be her chauffeur and if memory serves he brought her to the next building and tied her up in a boiler room. The pure ludicrousness of this situation had me in fits of laughter when watching back over it a few years later, and a running joke among my friends and I for ages was “what happened to the cameraman in the limo with Steph?”. If they’d pondered his fate along with that of Mr McMahon’s baby girl it could’ve actually added to the storyline and at least made it a little bit more realistic.

4. What a bump: I’d read about Eddie Gilbert running over Jerry Lawler for years in magazines before I’d actually seen it with the advent of youtube, and when I finally did I was still really impressed despite a decade or two of hype. Gilbert put his foot to the floor and smashed into Lawler its an incredibly dangerous stunt and it meant the tape of that weeks USWA travelled well beyond the boarders of the Tennessee territory. I’ve never actually seen the feud this was a part of but I’m sure Jerry Lawler was hoping his sacrifice would be worth it when the box office receipts came back for his matches with Hot Stuff.

3. The best match at WrestleMania XII: Don’t believe the hype, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Goldust had the best match at Wrestlemania 12. Their “Hollywood Backlot Brawl” started out with a high speed car chase before coming to a stop in an alley behind the Arrowhead Pond arena where the two had a wild tussle before bringing the action to the ring. It was overproduced, just shy of the Hardy’s current shenanigans, at times but it was a killer match nonetheless and put Hogan and Giant’s monster truck match a few months later in WCW to shame.

2. The WrestleMania X7 Golf Cart Disaster: Enough has been written already about the Hardcore Triple Threat match between Kane, Raven and Big Show at ‘X7, but thats only because its so memorable. The botched golf cart section which nearly cut off power to the arena is both intentionally and unintentionally hilarious, quite literally car crash TV and completely unforgettable.

1. The Hurracanrana off the car: At ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash in 1996 Rey Mysterio Jr and Juventud Guerrera showed the wrestling world what they were made of in a classic match. While plying their state of the art Lucha Libre they still managed to go outside and bring a little ECW flavour to their offering by doing a hurracanrana off a parked car. It was one of those “wow” moments on a traded tape back in the day and made even more impressive if you’ve ever been to the ECW Arena. I don’t know why anybody would voluntarily throw themselves onto those streets. Not the cleanest area in the world, though a legendary spot all the same.

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One thought on “Top Five Vehicle Spots in Wrestling

  1. I remember seeing the Horsemen/Dusty incident on TV and it was one of the best things at the time. Gilbert and Lawler was a hot battle in Memphis and Eddie running down the King in the parking lot was played well by all involved. There was also in World Class, the time that the winner of a match would get a new car and One Man Gang was going to smash the windshield with his chain, Kevin Von Erich jumped him and the late Gino Hernandez ran in, took the chain from the ref and smashed the window of the car.

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