Book or Cook? The Booking of The Shining Stars

The Shing Stars

Craig Wilson,  Jamie Lithgow and Brian Damage

The WWE roster is filled with “superstars” at every level. There are the main roster guys who regularly appear on Raw and SmackDown, those who are used as glorified jobbers and those who are barely used at all. In this series of pieces, we will take an individual wrestler barely or poorly used and decide if they are worth keeping or should they be let go. Today we Book or Cook the Shining Stars.

Craig: The First performers to get a second Book or Cook treatment. Congratulations, lads.

It hasn’t been long since Los Matadores dropped their bull fighter gimmick in exchange for, seemingly, the gimmick of the Puerto Rican tourist board.

But it’s not done much for Primo and Epico at all and they are languishing in the lower mid card. Last week on Raw the pair got a jobber entrance before a match with Golden Truth where the focus was on Pokemon Go, not on the in-ring action. It’s bad enough being paired with Golden Truth let alone only grabbing the win because R-Truth was playing a game on his phone!

So, is there anything salvageable in this team? After all, they are former tag team champions. Or are they toast? That’s all up for discussion in this latest Book or Cook.

Jamie: I love that WWE felt Primo and Epico were in need of being repackaged but after that failed they re-repackaged them in the same gimmick that failed in the first place. In the ring they’re okay, on the microphone they’re competent but they continue to be saddled with completely out of touch gimmicks. On the flip side, even if they landed with a killer gimmick I find them to be bang average and rather dull, which would adversely affect even the best of gimmicks.

Craig: I totally agree. The only thing that was every interesting about this pair was Rosa Mendes back in the day. But even that was only going to take them so far. The WWE are clearly in desperation stakes when it comes to this team, aren’t they? You’re right – they are back to where they were before they were packaged as Los Matadores. Is this last chance saloon for Primo and Epico? I can’t help but think that it is. Having two brands, and invariably two sets of tag titles sooner o later, presents each team a chance for a fresh start. But I can’t be the only one thinking they have exhausted their chances.

Is there anyone likely to argue against them being cooked?

Jamie: All I can think of that might – and I emphasise the word ‘might’ interest me is if Carlito were to return. They are doing his gimmick, only much worse. Having the original Caribbean cool character return to lead them as a trio is the only play I can see that could have any positive effect.

It’s been 5 and years and 4 gimmicks – their gang with Hunico, generic guys with Rosa Mendes, Los Madores and diet Carlito – since this pair started teaming together in WWE, and not for one second have they been over with fans. I’d say I’m amazed that they’ve lasted this long, but Mark Henry hung on for 17 years before he finally got over. Cook ’em!

Craig: I have to agree. A definite cook. You certainly can’t say that the WWE haven’t tried hard enough but it’s not made a blind bit of difference. They haven’t been able to turn the pair into a team that the WWE fans care long-term for.

Brian: It has got to be nothing but a ‘cook’ for me too. Epico and Primo are two very talented workers, but neither have the charisma of their brother/cousin Carlito. Even he at this point couldn’t really generate much heat for the duo.

They are like stale bread at this point and everything the WWE attempted with them has floundered and failed. While I love their in ring work…sadly they just don’t have that “it factor.” They might as well be wrestling in an empty arena, because that is how much crowd noise the team generates. Cook ’em!

Fairly conclusive here for a cook for this team. Got a different opinion? Think this new gimmick or another change my alter things for the pair? Leave your thoughts below.

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2 thoughts on “Book or Cook? The Booking of The Shining Stars

  1. Cook the shit out of them. Once they were given that gimmick. I knew it was over as I read they got no reaction. No cheers and no boos. That is horrible. I don’t think Carlito will help them and he’s not coming back so in all means. They’re fucked.


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