This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 35

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig talks about the blurring of lines in the WWE and how the company need a filter for PPVS while Brian asks ‘Whatever Happened to‘ WCW’s Midnight and shares some of the more interesting pictures he’s stumbled upon this week and more.

Blurring the Lines Between Fiction and Reality

Randy Orton SummerSlam 2016This week, more than any other in recent memory, the WWE blurred the lines between fiction and reality.

First we hand the mauling of Randy Orton, left, at Sunday’s SummerSlam event and that was followed by the worked shoot fallout between Daniel Bryan and The Miz on Talking Smack.

With Orton, it saw him left a bloodied mess at the end of a brutal, and often very difficult to watch, main event against Brock Lesnar. Instead of having the match many expect, it lasted just over ten minutes and saw a very brutal beatdown of Orton take place with several stiff looking elbow shots leaving the Apex Predator needing ten stitches in a head wound and Chris Jericho rumoured to be left wondering if that was the real finish.

As for The Miz and Daniel Bryan, this occurred on Tuesday’s ‘Talking Smack’ and began with Bryan stating that he didn’t respect The Miz or the way he wrestled. “You wrestle like a coward,” Bryan said. “You wrestle like someone who’s afraid to get hit.”

This prompted a furious backlash from the current Intercontinental title who said that his style allowed him to wrestle for over a decade sans injury – an obvious dig at the recently retired Bryan.

“I don’t get injured,” The Miz retorted. “I am here each and every week” before referencing the Smackdown Live GM’s promise to return to wrestling, which has not yet happened.

“If they would let me come back, I would come back,” Bryan protested. “You would?” The Miz fired back. “You love wrestling, right? Then why don’t you quit and go to the bingo halls with your indie friends, huh?”

Daniel Bryan finally walked off after The Miz stated “You’re the one who calls me the coward, but you’re the one who doesn’t get in the WWE ring again.”

Whilst both undoubtedly caused a buzz, particularly online – which would have been their goal – both were quite clearly worked. That said, the blurring of the lines and leaving us fans wondering if it was Brock and The Miz going rogue, piques interest and gets folk talking about the product. A win for the WWE.

The WWE Needs a Filter

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer listed the top ten most viewed shows on the WWE Network. In first place was NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2 followed by SummerSlam.

Yup, that’s right, the ‘hottest show of the summer’ was in second place to Saturday’s NXT special.

And is really any wonder? Take NXT, a half hour preview show hyping the event followed by six matches, three of which were for titles. Contrast that to SummerSlam and you had a pre-show the same length as NXT Takeover Brooklyn, featuring plenty of pauses and three matches, followed by a four-hour show packed with a total of nine bouts.

When you factor in the stop/star of SummerSlam – with matches placed on the card to allow the crowd to cool down – compared to NXT which is designed to build more to a crescendo, it really is no surprise that NXT is deemed to be more watchable. And it was certainly more enjoyable.

It leaves me thinking that the WWE really need a filter when it comes to their main shows.

I’m not suggesting it lifts the formula like-for-like from NXT, merely that in this post-PPV era, where everything is on the Network, there is still a need to have fans left wanting more not wanting the show to end.

Furthermore, that’s just for us at home. Imagine being sat at the Barclays centre and waiting six hours from the pre-shows kick-off – and you’ve probably been there for a bit before that – until a bloodied Randy Orton was helped to the back.

Factor in that rumours suggest that Corbin and Kalisto was cut from the match, it leaves you thinking the powers-that-be at the WWE could have kept cutting a little big longer.

WCW MidnightWhatever Happened to Midnight in WCW?

Ann Marie Crooks was a professional bodybuilder who was scouted by WCW executives and signed to a contract. She trained in WCW’s Power Plant for about a year before getting called up to be the valet/manager of Booker T and Stevie Ray aka Harlem Heat.

She was given the moniker of “Midnight” and her wrestling career didn’t last all that long. She eventually quit pro wrestling and got married and is now known as Ann Marie Rae.

She lives in South Florida and is a motivational speaker. She also owns a fire safety equipment store and is a licensed real estate broker.

You can read all other ‘Whatever Happened to?’ pieces here.

Picture Gallery

Dolph Ziggler might by passionate about reading…but somebody doing the graphics isn’t so passionate about spelling. Is Sin Cara working on graphics now?

Dolph Ziggler

While I certainly wouldn’t compare Steve Austin’s 3:16 promo to the Miz’s promo on Talking Smack, it was really good and shows that the Miz despite what flaws he may have in the ring…is a damn good heel.


Regardless of how you feel about weed, this is still a better looking title than the Universal belt….

Maybe the first champion could be Rob Van Dam or Val Venis (Ed: Allegedly!)?

Cannabis Champion

Speaking of the new Universal title, it looks like they used Shinsuke Nakamura’s jacket to make it…

Universal Championship Nakamura

Sorry Finn Balor, but Seth Rollins is always watching you!

Finn Balor Seth Rollins

Here is an original advertisement for the very first SummerSlam,,,

SummerSlam advert

The pros and cons of doing aerial manoeuvres in wrestling……

The Pros

Aerial 1



Video Gallery

An old commercial for the late ‘Gentleman’ Chris Adams wrestling school. The same school that trained a young man who would later become ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin…

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One thought on “This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 35

  1. The PPVs are really too long. I prefer TakeOver to be a couple hours instead of 3 as well. In the days when I cared more about the product, I would gladly sit through three hours of mostly filler. These days, the main WWE brand and roster just isn’t interesting (even more so when you compare it to NXT). I couldn’t even finish SummerSlam. They go on so long that you just tune out. Story of the modern day WWE.


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