The Way We Was: 1996 Week 35

Jamie Lithgow

While Monday Night Raw took a week off and the rest of the world tried to dance to ‘La Macarena’ the nWo made quite an impact on this week’s WCW Monday Nitro. To find out why Hall and Nash are wearing headsets and for news of a fourth and fifth member you will have to continue reading this week’s ‘The Way We Was‘ …

Nitro Logo

The nWo throw one heck of a party…

With no Raw this week it is somewhat of a blessing that Nitro provided plenty of highlights to fill the void. WCW could have easily taken their foot off the gas with no opposition to pressure them, but instead they seized the opportunity to solidify their current superiority over the WWF.

Still operating with a ‘week on/week off’ policy for the nWo, this week was most certainly a week on. At the mid-point of the show we left a Rey Mysterio vs. Mr JL match to join Hogan, Hall and Nash spray painting a TBS production truck with the words “NWO 4 Life”. Not content with that, the group gate-crashed the main event with their spray cans too. As Chris Benoit and Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael tried to prove a point against Lex Luger and Sting, the nWo struck. Ric Flair and Arn Anderson tried to make the save, but Hogan and co. overcame the numerical disadvantage by spraying paint in the eyes of The Horsemen. Flair in particular was targeted, with Hogan spraying his hair black to the point that The Nature Boy resembled a skunk. With The Horsemen, Sting and Luger all unconscious, The nWo tagged their prone bodies with their initials. Acting both disgusted and scared, Bobby Heenan and then Eric Bischoff high-tailed it from the announce position. The show ended with Hogan, Hall and Nash hijacking, and spray painting, the commentary desk. This was a truly fantastic angle, let’s hope WCW don’t go to the well too often with it…

In Other News From Nitro –

  • The fourth man…

    WCW shuffled their deck with a night of debuts, re-packaging, break-ups and fresh feuds…

  • Debut #1: Juventud Guerrera. Had fans not already become accustomed to Rey Mysterio Jr, Juvi would have gone down a treat. As it was, he came across as the second best luchador in WCW. Post-match he spoke in broken English and was heavily booed when he resorted to speaking Spanish. Stepping in to save him, Mean Gene said “you’re gonna have to give it a rest pal”
  • Debut #2: Ted DiBiase: Walking through the crowd during The Giant’s match with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, DiBiase took a front row seat, looked straight down the camera and counted 1, 2, 3, 4…. 5 on his fingers. Prior to reaching five we could lip read him saying “next week”. This moment was replayed as Nitro went off the air
  • Debut #3: Chris Jericho. The embodiment of the term ‘white meat babyface’ was roundly booed in his match with Alex Wright. Eric Bischoff called Jericho “an upstanding young man” before the future Y2J refused to accept a count-out victory over an injured Wright. Post-match, Jericho said he wanted to beat Wright “at his best” and even called out Hogan and the nWo, which was rather bold for a newcomer. While fans did not take to his squeaky clean image, they surely could not question the quality of his in-ring and microphone work
  • Repackage #1: Konnan was spotted in the crowd wearing his – using the benefit of hindsight – trademark checked shirt, sun glasses and hat combo. His get-up was a far cry from the bright colours and tassels we have seen him in previously
  • Break-up #1: The Blue Bloods. Earl Robert Eaton and Squire Dave Taylor argued during and brawled after their tag match with The Steiner Brothers. Rick Steiner could be heard egging them on!
  • We saw a trailer for a new film – The Crow: City of Angles. Was this a subtle hint at what lies in store in the months to come?
  • Mean Gene came in for a fair amount of stick from interviewees accusing him of still being friends with Hollywood Hogan
  • Ric Flair claimed that Hogan verbally submitted while in the Figure Four at last week’s Clash of The Champions
  • Nick Patrick was at it again. Having counted Big Bubba’s shoulders to the mat, he changed his mind and decided The Dungeon of Doom member kicked out of Jim Powers’ pin after all. Predictably Bubba claimed the win after the restart. Teddy Long, who is Powers’ new manager apparently, was not amused
  • Big Bubba wants a piece of Glacier, despite the fact that the Sub-Zero lookalike has yet to even make his debut
  • WCW’s next PPV, Fall Brawl, is taking shape. The card so far looks like this –
  • Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Sting & Lex Luger vs. The nWo in a Wargames match
  • Macho Man vs. The Giant
  • The Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat for the Tag Titles
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chavo Guerrero
  • Furthermore, we’ve even got a match booked for Halloween Havoc in October. Macho Man will face Hogan for the WCW Championship in the main event

Full Results

  • Juventud Guerrera defeats Billy Kidman
  • Big Bubba Rogers & Kevin Sullivan (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeat Jim Powers & Marcus Alexander Bagwell (w/ Teddy Long)
  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeats Mike Enos
  • Cruiserweight Title Match: Rey Misterio Jr. (c) defeats Mr. JL
  • The Giant (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeats Jim Duggan
  • Arn Anderson & Ric Flair (w/ Miss Elizabeth & Woman) defeat The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
  • Alex Wright vs. Chris Jericho – No Contest
  • The Steiner Brothers defeat The Blue Bloods
  • Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael (w/ Debra McMichael, Miss Elizabeth & Woman) vs. Lex Luger & Sting – No Contest


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2 thoughts on “The Way We Was: 1996 Week 35

  1. I miss those old nWo beat-downs. They were fun and chaotic as you didn’t know if it was real or not but it had that air of excitement while fans throwing garbage during that time made it feel real.


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