This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 37

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig talks about fake retirements while Brian discusses Chris Jericho while also sharing some of the more interesting pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon this week and more.

Sasha’s Bad News Was Just That – Bad News

sasha-banksAh, retirement speeches. Something we’ve seen, sadly, a-plenty as a wrestling fan.

Whether it was Edge’s after WrestleMania 27 or, more recently, that of Daniel Bryan, these are moments that many fans see their heroes say goodbye to the world of in-ring competition.

A moment where the fans shed a tear and thank the superstar for their graft inside the squared circle.

As a wrestling fan, a by product is of course injuries and as a result we see far too many superstars bring their careers to a close earlier than they should. It’s one of those moments that generates a very sad and emotional response from an audience that has, invariably, invested in the superstar in question.

Yet despite the emotion involved, or perhaps in spite of, the WWE has sought, on several occasions, to play on these emotions. Most recently, this occurred this past week on Monday night’s episode of Raw.

Throughout the broadcast the announcers played up the fact that Sasha Banks would appear and had bad news.

Having, unsurprisingly quickly forgotten about Wade Barrett, many within the WWE universe believed that there might be something more in the recent back problems that have plauged Banks.

After all, those bank issues cost her her WWE women’s title and with a billing, both on TV and on social media, of “bad news”, fans in attendance and those watching at home feared the worst. In no small part to having seen some of their favourite superstars retire in the past and hearing and seeing Sasha speak with tears in her eyes.

Instead, the WWE played on the emotions of the WWE fans with a fake retirement angle.

In the end Sasha’s “bad news” was for Charlotte, revealing that she would challenge her for the women’s title at Clash of the Champions later this month.

It was an angle poor in taste, as the WWE evoked memories of Daniel Bryan’s recent retirement to sell a women’s title match at a PPV later this month.

Most worryingly, from a company perspective, it also cashes in a lot of goodwill from the WWE fan base. Throughout Sasha’s fake retirement, the fans sat in silence soaking up what they were hearing and expecting before chanting their support for one of their favourites they assumed was bringing their career to a premature stop. As one of the most over female acts on the roster, it seemed like a shock was on the cards as she drew her career to a halt.

In the end, the WWE fans were swerved and instead she announced her challenge for the title at an event later this month.

Only time will tell what long-term impact, if any, was caused by this. But having seen so many of their favourite acts call time early on their carers, how forgiving will WWE fans be to such angles now or in the future?

The Gift of Jericho…Soak it in Maaaan


Call him the Lionheart, Y2J, whatever, but Chris Jericho is without a doubt one of the very best the wrestling industry has ever seen. I am not just referring to his in ring prowess which is exceptional or his promo abilities which are outstanding. Chris Jericho knows better than any wrestler when to repackage himself.

Whether he works as a babyface or a heel, Jericho “gets it.” Just when you start to feel that Jericho is becoming a stale character, he tweaks his personality and you find him interesting once again. His latest character tweak is perhaps his best work since his heel days with WCW. That’s saying a lot considering Jericho did some of his best heel work with that company many years ago.

It doesn’t matter if he wants fans to soak up his presence or calling people ‘Stupid Idiots’, Jericho in my opinion is more entertaining than he has been in a long time. This truly is the gift of Jericho, the ability to make himself relevant after all these years in the business. So drink it up man and be fortunate you are in his presence.

Picture Gallery

Kevin Owens is just the latest of what is becoming a long line of WWE champions who were former Ring of Honor champions


Simply Ravishing…


The World’s Strongest FAN…Mark Henry showing up at the college football game of the University of Texas.


The former ‘Adam Rose’ in between a couple of other former WWE wrestlers. Can you name them?


Who knew????

Al Snow was an extra in the movie “Rudy” starring Sean Astin


An independent wrestling version of the iconic Sting???

Is his name Sting or Stink?


That poor hospital probably didn’t know what hit them with all the cards and letters they got when the NWA put this graphic up after Magnum TA’s career ending car accident…


Video Gallery

Now this is a cool political commercial I can get behind and watch…

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