The Way We Was: 1996 Week 40

Jamie Lithgow

It’s Friday which means we’re living in the past again. Back in 1996, 2-Pac is selling more records than when he was alive. Not much has changed there then. On Raw Fake Razor Ramon introduced us to his big fake friend while over on Nitro the nWo were having a party. All this and more in this week’s ‘The Way We Was‘ …

90s Raw Logo

THAT'S GOTTA BE.... Diesel???

THAT’S GOTTA BE…. Diesel???

The headline news in the WWF is still the controversy surrounding Razor Ramon and Diesel. Gorilla Monsoon joined the commentary team for fake Razor’s in-ring debut against Savio Vega. He and JR continued their circular argument from last week, to the point that even Kevin Kelly and Jerry Lawler got sick of it. Monsoon’s position is that Razor is not Scott Hall; JR’s position is that Razor is not Scott Hall and never said he was. So they agree, the dude in the Razor pants is not Scott Hall, so why all the arguing?! In the ring, the match ended in a DQ when fake Diesel made his debut by aiding fake Razor in battering Savio. The man wearing Kevin Nash’s old clothes was Jerry Lawler’s old dentist; Glen ‘Isaac Yankem’ Jacobs. King did not recognise him.

In Other News From Raw –

  • Vader cleanly and decisively defeated WWF Champion Shawn Michaels in a tag team match. With their respective partners – Jim Cornette and Jose Lothario – out of the way, Vader dominated the champion by first hitting a powerbomb and then a Vader bomb for the clean pin.
  • Post-match Vader threatened to continue his assault on HBK until Sid made the save. Goldust then ran in, to hype his match with Sid next week
  • Last week Jeff Jarrett was exposed as a phony, this week the man behind that beautiful singing voice from last year was revealed; it was Jesse James aka The Roadie. I assume this means ‘The Real Double J’ will be returning to the WWF shortly
  • The Grim Twins made their Raw debut. They seem to have the exact same tattoos and exact same faces as the Blu Brothers
  • The Undertaker is still hanging around in a graveyard cutting promos on Mankind
  • Snobbish heel Hunter Hearst Helmsley turned into a fired-up babyface when he finally called out Mr Perfect, who has made a habit of stealing his lady friends over the last couple of months. Perfect, who is sometimes a heel and sometimes a babyface, accepted the challenge, but not for there and then. A generous – or chicken, depending on who is the heel and who is the face here – Mr P. is allowing Hunter a couple of weeks to prepare
  • The Jerry Lawler/Jake Roberts feud rumbles on. Lawler cost Roberts his match with Steve Austin after he spat a mouthful of Jim Beam in Jake’s face
  • Speaking of Stone Cold, just when we thought he was finally getting something worthwhile to do in the shape of his war of words with Bret Hart, he’s back to wrestling Savio Vega. Yes, the pair will face-off again at In Your House

Full Results

  • Steve Austin defeated Jake Roberts
  • The Godwinns (w/ Hillbilly Jim) defeated The Grimm Twins
  • Savio Vega defeated Razor Ramon by DQ
  • Jim Cornette & Vader defeated Jose Lothario & Shawn Michaels

Nitro Logo

Check out That 70s Giant...

Check out That 70s Giant…

The New World Order are clearly on a recruitment drive as they have been written more firmly into the already intricate Horseman/Miss Elizabeth/Macho Man storyline. Liz found herself in trouble with Arn Anderson and Woman after showing another “moment of weakness” towards her estranged husband last week. She was afforded the benefit of the doubt for trying to protect Savage from an nWo attack at Fall Brawl. However, Double A was not amused by her being tempted to interject during last week’s Nitro too. He was especially annoyed because he and the rest of The Horseman were in Japan last week and Liz was supposed to be on vacation. Woman and Anderson issued Liz with an in/out ultimatum, which saw the First Lady of Wrestling leave the arena soon after. We assumed Liz had left to think it over until next week, but in the final segment of Nitro she was pictured talking business with Hogan and the nWo in the group’s hotel room. She promptly left that meeting when Vincent fluffed his lines while holding a gift wrapped present which the group seemed to be more interested in. Outside the hotel room Macho Man appeared and was livid that Liz had been talking to Hogan. There’s a lot of subtext to this storyline and none of it reflects well on Savage. We have to assume that he followed Liz to the hotel and was visibly a little too hands-on when showing his disappointment towards the ultra timid Miss Elizabeth.

In Other News From Nitro –



  • Have the Nasty Boys also joined the nWo? Having been invited to “talk business” last week, the duo showed up at the group’s hotel room to join the party. Do you remember when you were a kid and someone new joined your circle of friends, but they weren’t quite on the same wavelength? This is what this segment felt like, as was clear from the ‘who the fuck are these guys?’ expression on Scott Hall’s face. Or, in other words, it was like David Otunga’s commentary on Smackdown
  • Also partying with the nWo was Kyle Petty – the group’s NASCAR driver man – and a young Nick Hogan – Hulk’s son
  • Eric Bischoff kicked Nitro off by saying that he has had enough of the nWo and that their antics are going to stop. We saw no subsequent evidence of how he might accomplish this and was almost drowned out by “NWO” chants
  • Apparently one of the mysterious stipulations stemming from WarGames at Fall Brawl is that WCW are now paying for the nWo’s video promos
  • Dodgy – or just unfortunate – referee Nick Patrick was wearing a neck brace because Macho Man battered him on WCW Saturday Night. Savage was suspended earlier this year for less than this
  • Alex Wright cleanly defeated Dean Malenko in a massive upset
  • VK Wallstreet is now Michael Wallstreet. Guess there’s only room for one Vince McMahon reference in WCW…
  • Chris Jericho lost his first WCW match. There’s no shame in losing to Arn Anderson though
  • Chris Benoit cut probably his best promo to date prior to him and Rick Steiner knocking the shit out of each other in the main event
  • Just as the nWo have a NASCAR car, WCW now have one too. As a peace offering to Sting the motor is emblazoned with his likeness and face paint. Gee, I sure hope he doesn’t change his look soon…

Full Results

  • WCW Tag Team Title Match: The Public Enemy (c) defeat El Technico & Juventud Guerrera
  • Alex Wright defeats Dean Malenko
  • Eddie Guerrero defeats Jim Powers (w/ Teddy Long)
  • Hugh Morrus defeats Brad Armstrong
  • Arn Anderson (w/ Woman) defeats Chris Jericho
  • Lex Luger defeats M. Wallstreet
  • The Faces Of Fear (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeat The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
  • Chris Benoit (w/ Debra & Steve McMichael) defeats Rick Steiner


Raw bounced back ever so slightly this week. Rather than the debut of fake Diesel or the in-ring debut of fake Razor, the increase in viewership is largely due to the nWo not appearing live on Nitro

You can read all previous ‘The Way We Was’ pieces here.


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