This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 42

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig discusses Mickie James joining NXT while Brian shares some of the more interesting pictures and videos he’s stumbled upon this week. 

Mickie James’ Return Will Benefit NXT

mickie-james On this blog we’ve previously talked about the benefits to NXT of bringing in more established acts.

At the time we referenced the likes of Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Shinsuke Nakamura and Prince ‘Finn Balor’ Devitt. The sort of acts that have performed across the world and would bring that experience to help the up and coming guys on NXT.

Other than perhaps Natalya, the female performers on NXT never had that experienced hand to look up to. You could argue with the strength of the Four Horsewomen, it wasn’t necessary.

But with all four now on the main roster and a whole host of new female wrestlers on NXT, there is now definitely a need to add to the division and provide an experienced opponent for Asuka, who has of course got more experience than most.

Therefore, I was pleased to hear this week that at NXT Takeover:Toronto next month, former WWE and TNA star Mickie James will return and challenge Asuka for her NXT women’s title.

I’ve seem some criticism online, one person suggesting James was “never reliable” while others have suggested it shows the company have zero faith in any of the other female performers.

Both statements are utter tosh. James was the women’s division for two weeks while her being on hand will benefit all the current talent who get the chance to step inside the ring with her.

Picture Gallery

This is a note that Chris Jericho wrote to Eric Bischoff before he jumped ship to the WWE back in 1999.


A newspaper clipping of a young high school kid who would later be known as ‘Big E.’


Where in the world is this bar at?


Take a look at this…

One of Big Van Vader’s earliest looks while in Japan.


A pretty cool picture of Harley Race and ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham


This is a picture of a young Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) when he was briefly a pro wrestler. He is on the left and the tag team was known as ‘The Embalmers.’


Classic Bo Dallas victory lap


Video Gallery

A very rare moment when Vince McMahon promotes a match that wasn’t a WWF match…

Last Week on the Blog

Last Sunday we previewed No Mercy; on Monday we took a look back at the run of Jach Gowen; on Tuesday we asked ‘Whatever Happened to’ Harvey Wippleman; we had Part 86 of ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ on Wednesday; Thursday’s Top Five looked at the worst title changes and we rounded off the week looking at Raw and Nitro from 20 years ago this week.

Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow we discuss wrestling big men, have the next ‘Wrestling with Sin‘, have another ‘Remember When‘ and more.

And Another Thing…

jackylAnother Smackdown Live event, No Mercy 2016, in the bag and another resounding success for the brand. Smackdown has, since the brand split, remarkably become the must watch WWE show, even eclipsing NXT.

If you haven’t already, do check out Don Callis on Wednesday’s Talk is Jericho. I’m a huge fan of him and his various guises as The Jackyl in the WWE or Cyrus the Virus in ECW. His interview with Jericho is fantastic and takes us through his entire wrestling career with several fascinating stories thrown in for good measure.

Callis is a hugely underrated part of wrestling history and could, and really should, have had a much longer run with the WWE, whether it was as a manager, announcer or part of create.

Also, if you find time, take a read at this story from Australia. A truly touching wrestling related tale.

Finally, another poor week for TNA from a PR perspective. Music pulled from TNA broadcast on Thursday due to licensing issues whilst it’s also been alleged that Dixie Carter personally owes Billy Corgan money. It’s become quite the soap opera over at TNA…

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ pieces can be read here.

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