Wrestling with Sin: Class of ’87


This is the 87th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involves such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Russian to Judgement


While competing in Eddie Graham’s Florida territory in the late 1970’s, Soviet wrestler (He is Croatian in real life) Nikolai Volkoff wrestled ‘The Raging Bull’ Manny Fernandez. The problem according to Volkoff, was that Fernandez came to the ring completely drunk on booze. Because of this, Fernandez began working extremely stiff on Nikolai.

Volkoff asked that Fernandez ease up several times and when Fernandez didn’t oblige, was legitimately knocked out by several punches from Nikolai. You see, Volkoff was a semi professional boxer aside from being a pro wrestler.



In the early morning hours at a Waffle house in Nashville, Tennessee, wrestlers Randy Savage and Rip Rogers showed up to get something to eat. During the course of their visit, a large man in a cowboy hat began shouting out that he just got married. Savage obviously annoyed turned to the man and shouted, “Well who gives a big sh!t? I don’t care what you’ve done.”

That comment allegedly angered the man in the cowboy hat and according to eyewitnesses…approached Savage and asked him to repeat what he said. Savage got up from his table and said: “Who gives a f__k?” The cowboy took a swing at Randy Savage and a melee soon broke out. The cowboy pulled out a knife and Savage ran to the back, jumped the counter and grabbed a butter knife and the two started taking wild stabbing motions at each other.

The cops were called and when they arrived, they tried to place Savage under arrest, but Randy Savage was resisting arrested and had to be maced. When the mace didn’t work, police dogs were sent in and the police dog bit Savage on his butt ending the fracas. Savage was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, failure to comply with police orders and disturbing the peace. Randy suffered several bumps and bruises and received stitches for the dog bite. He was bailed out by his dad, the wrestler/promoter Angelo Poffo.

Gotch Cara-Away


In June of 2016, WWE wrestlers Simon Gotch and Sin Cara got into a physical altercation backstage in catering before a Smackdown television taping. While the exact details of what exactly ignited the fight, what we do know is that Gotch said some things to Sin Cara. Sin Cara was visibly upset and threw a can of soda at Gotch’s head. Sin Cara then proceeded to punch Gotch in the face giving him a black eye.

Simon Gotch was pulled from TV, while Sin Cara was allowed to work, indicating that perhaps Gotch was 100% at fault. It has been speculated that this wasn’t the first time that Simon Gotch has run into trouble for saying things he shouldn’t be.



‘Hacksaw’ Butch Reed aka ‘The Natural’ was arrested in 2012 for aggravated DUI. Reed had been arrested multiple times for drunk driving infractions in Missouri and was facing a sentence of up to 6 years in prison.


As far as we can tell, Reed was able to get out of that particular sentence with very little prison time.

Ready, Willing and Sable



Sometimes art imitates life and vice versa, such was the case in the feud between the late Luna Vachon and Sable during the WWF’s ‘Attitude Era.’ The two women simply did not get along during their run with each other. Sable aka Rena Mero became an instantly huge star for the company and wasn’t afraid to throw her weight around apparently.

During her feud with Vachon, Sable refused to take wrestling instructions from the much more seasoned veteran in Luna. According to Luna, Sable felt she was above that. The women nearly had a physical altercation after Sable read an interview Luna had conducted with the WWF magazine. In the article, Luna said that Sable hadn’t really paid her dues like she had during her career.



After reading the article, while backstage, Luna said hello to Sable and was shown a hand in her face. Luna confused, approached Sable and asked what her problem was. That is when Sable’s then husband Marc Mero came out and started yelling at Luna for the article. The argument soon spilled out into catering where Mero began yelling at Luna’s then husband Gangrel. Gangrel and Mero would nearly come to blows and according to Gangrel, if Triple H and Droz didn’t hold him back…would’ve thrown punches at Mero. Gangrel would later credit both Triple H and Droz for saving his WWF career, because he was convinced if he had hit Marc Mero, he would’ve been fired.

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