Whatever Happened to Kimberly Page?


Brian Damage

A former manager to Johnny B. Badd and The Booty Man, a Nitro girl and one time wife of Diamond Dallas Page. In this latest piece, we ask ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Kimberley Page.

She didn’t start out as a pro wrestling fan. She didn’t have any intentions of even going near a wrestling ring. Kimberly Bacon went to Auburn University to study public relations and journalism. As a matter of fact, Kimberly got her Masters degree in 1991. While Kimberly Bacon was working on her studies, she went to a night club in Florida and met Page Falkinburg aka Diamond Dallas Page who was working as a manager/wrestler.


The couple dated for a while and ultimately married in 91. It wasn’t too long before Kimberly followed her husband into the world of pro wrestling. She became her husband’s valet known simply as the ‘Diamond Doll.’ She also valeted for Johnny B. Badd and eventually became the valet of The Booty Man known as the Booty Babe.


Despite being a beautiful valet, Kimberly was not involved with any real memorable angles. She reunited with her husband DDP and began feuding with the New World Order. It was around this time that Kimberly went to WCW executive Eric Bischoff and pitched the idea of a cheerleading-esque dance troupe much like the Los Angeles Laker Girls. It was then, that the Nitro Girls were born.


Kimberly was the leader of the group and the cast of female dancers would entertain the fans during down times and commercial breaks. The Nitro Girls would last close to four years before disbanding after Vince McMahon and the WWE bought WCW.


Before that, however, Kimberly broke away from the Nitro Girls and returned to being a valet for her husband DDP. It was then that Kimberly Page turned on her husband and alligned herself with Eric Bischoff and the ‘New Blood.’ She would remain a heel until deciding she wanted to move away from pro wrestling and try a career in acting.


Kimberly Page didn’t have a great deal of Hollywood roles, but did appear in Sea biscuit and a very memorable cameo in the 40 year old Virgin. She also appeared nude in Playboy and graced the cover of several fitness and bodybuilding magazines.


So…whatever happened to Kimberly Page? Kimberly and DDP eventually divorced in 2005 after roughly 14 years of marriage. She would relocate from Los Angeles to Utah and start a career in marketing. She also remarried and has no children.

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