Wrestling with Sin: 8 to the 8


Brian Damage

This is the 88th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involves such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

You’re Such A Sytch!


WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch aka Sunny is no stranger to controversy. Whether it is her battle with alcoholism, her numerous arrests, her adult skyping or doing an adult video Sytch often times is talked about for all the wrong reasons. Another thing that seems to get all the dirt sheets talking is when Sytch turns to social media to make comments on another diva or wrestling personality.


In the past, Sytch has gotten into online battles with people like former WWE diva Ashley Massaro. In 2015, Sytch tweeted…

FYI: for those of you emailing me, asking to “hook up”…. Im NOT an escort, sorry. give it up. tweet to Ashley Massaro, I heard she has a history in that field.

— Tamara Sytch (@WWEHOFerSunny)

The seemingly unprovoked attack led Massaro to respond with her own venom tweeting…

“I find it hilarious that Sunny is talking trash. “I work, love my fans, my life, my job. She sells herself to fans! … I honestly thought [Sunny] and I had squashed the drama – IDK why she decided to trash me again here.”

With that tweet, Massaro attached a nude photo of Sytch from one of her Skype sessions.

Sytch tweeted back…

“i guess NOBODY remembers when HER pics came out during the short WWE stint, of her from a high priced escort company….hmmmm forget?”

barbarabush wwf

That was just one of her many social media feuds which also included former WWE diva Cathy Dingman aka B.B. in WWE. In that particular battle, Sytch made some unkind remarks towards Dingman with Cathy responding by calling her a drug addict, trash and a “Twat Waffle.”


Just recently, Sytch made a comment on her Facebook page criticizing women who post nude photos of themselves while pregnant calling them “disgusting.” It didn’t take long for former WWE and TNA wrestler Brooke Adams to respond, here is a small excerpt:

First off you are a washed up drug addict. You are also a whore for any amount of money and recently just did a porno for some extra cash. Bravo formally known as “SUNNY” but now just trash Tamera Sytch.

Adams would go on to call out Sytch for selling her WWE Hall of Fame ring and tell her to go F___ herself.

Sytch responded by saying…

I love when people get tough behind a computer… No guts to say anything to your face. When you have a WWE Hall of Fame ring, you’ll have room to talk. Until then, when you work for a second rate company that can’t even run house shows because they suck so bad and are on some obscure cable network, shut your mouth. It’s nothing for me to choke a horse-faced b—h out. FOR THE RECORD: about a MONTH ago, I posted that I thought that pregnant women should keep their naked pregnancy pics private. I DID NOT name ANYONE or single anyone out. It was a generalized statement. Well, last night, a certain Former TNA girl took it upon herself to take offense to it and call me out in a very nasty rant. Ok, you have courage behind your keyboard. YOU are in the wrong here. I never even SAW your photos. Good for you. You’re pregnant. You’re proud of it. There must be SOME INSECURITY though if you took my generalized statement and made it directed at you. Grow the f–k up. You’re kid will need an adult to look up to. Not some horse-faced b—h that acts like a child. You may have just started a war that , believe me, you don’t want to battle..

Brooke Adams quickly retorted: For my fans I apologize again you have to even see this side of me. And honestly it’s no way to talk or act. I am 100% not leading by example with any of this. It solves nothing. But sometimes you have to talk like trash to get through to the trash. She obviously has zero class so this is the best way to get my point through that ignorant head of hers. Sometimes standing up for yourself and a mass of people such as other mommies is more important than keeping your mouth shut to save face. Like I said in my last post its woman like yourself that cause other woman to hide from the real world during one of the most challenging and should be most rewarding time of their lives (pregnancy) and go into serious depression because they don’t feel beautiful or accepted anymore. You should be ashamed. You aren’t a mother so you’ll never understand. You’ll never be able to grasp what I am even saying. Sunny if I ever saw you in person trust me Id be glad to say it all to your face. This has nothing to do with being “tough” through a computer. I have zero relationship with you and will never come in contact with you so this is how I will have my voice heard. You bash all new younger talent because you’re just an ate up jealous hag so why not a pregnant woman next right? And weren’t you the “tough” one first bashing me for being a proud soon to be mom without actually saying my name? At least I have the balls to state the direction of my message so I can be sure you know it’s for you sweet cheeks. I wouldn’t expect that from you tho..we all know how weak you are because most of your nights end looking down an empty pill bottle, a needle in your arm, or with some random dick in your ass for $5. And that Hall of Fame ring you have ….the one you want to try and throw in my face as if it’s some value to your worth …what happened to it?? oh yea you sold it . Something that you should have cherished and been proud to keep. The only real thing you ever accomplished you sold. Something that should have never had a price tag on it. That’s how pathetic you are. And for the record I don’t care who you are or if you actually had real accompaniments it doesn’t give you a free pass at being an asshole and disrespecting other woman. You can bash my wrestling career all you want. It legit has zero affect on me. My life has never revolved around it and it’s doesn’t pay my bills. My life is so much more than that. Wrestling and my wrestling career doesn’t define me. It’s simply a chapter in my life and something I enjoyed doing. Did you even wrestle?? I can’t seem to remember a single match. Interesting thought right? lol…But hey keep begging for money and selling your old v—-a for cheap porno flicks because the ONLY thing you have accomplished in this world is being in the Hall of Fame. So you’re worthless to society. Most people are clueless to who you even are especially from this generation. The only exception to those who remember are the few from 20 yrs ago who buy your Skype videos . I imagine they must be lining up for you. So yea keep holding on to the one tiny thing you have left with no ring to even show for it . You have zero relevance whatsoever. You should actually send me a thank you card for giving you this much attention lol lol. My biggest piece of advice is to just be happy. Lord wake up and care about getting your own life together. Stop worrying about what everyone else around you does. Stop always trying to knock someone else down for what they are proud of or for their accomplishments. Your life will never be fulfilled when it revolves around bashing other strong, confident, happy women who inspire so many others. Learn to love yourself. It’s obvious you don’t. Feel free to bash back but this will be my last comment on the subject. Done rolling in the mud with pigs. I’ve got bigger things to worry about…like if my national geographic boobs will ever go back to normal and what level my pregnant gas will be at this afternoon.

Don’t Taz Me Bro!


On September 12th, 1998, ECW wrestler Peter Senerchia better known as Taz was arrested for before a wrestling show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was charged with corruption of a minor and indecent exposure after allegedly exposing himself to a 15-year-old female at a local tanning salon.

According to reports, Senerchia asked the girl to take off her shirt and later exposed himself to her. Bail was set at $10,000 which Taz did not pay. He later waived his rights to hearing on the case and no other information was made available. My guess is the case was thrown out because Taz continued his career and is not listed in any way as a Sex offender.

Barry WHOA!


Barry Orton was a semi-successful pro wrestler in the 1970’s and 80’s. He is probably most known for being enhancement talent for the WWF in the mid 80’s as ‘Barry O.’ Barry Orton is also the uncle of current WWE star Randy Orton.

Back sometime in 1986, Barry was drinking heavily and decided to drive with a female passenger that was believed to be his girlfriend. Barry wound up crashing his car severely injuring himself spending about two weeks recovering in the hospital. His girlfriend wasn’t as fortunate, as she died due to her injuries in the crash.

Because the woman died, Barry Orton was arrested and charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter. On the advice of his attorney, Orton decided to take a plea deal and received a 4 year prison sentence. He was released on parole after serving about 2 years of that sentence.

After his release, Barry Orton faced another legal issue, he was served with divorce papers from his wife. Apparently, Orton was fooling around with the woman that died in the car wreck while being married to another woman.

When Tojo Lost His Mojo


Tojo Yamamoto was a wrestler who competed starting in the 1950’s to the 1980’s. He would move from active wrestler to a manager and a trainer. He helped train future stars such as Bobby Eaton and Stone Cold Steve Austin during his illustrious career. By the time the 1990’s rolled around, Yamamoto became ill suffering from such diseases as diabetes. His health forced him into retirement and by 1992 became despondent and depressed. He wrote a will and a suicide note and shot and killed himself with a 25 caliber pistol. Tojo Yamamoto was 64 years old.

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5 thoughts on “Wrestling with Sin: 8 to the 8

  1. I like Tammy but she needs to chill out at times. She calls out everyone of being jealous but I honestly feel like she’s the with insecurities.


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