Whatever Happened to Charlie Haas?


Brian Damage

One-half of the ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’ with Shelton Benjamin, a third of ‘Team Angle’ and a three-time former WWE tag team champion, in this latest article in the series we ask ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Charlie Haas?

Charlie Haas got his start in pro wrestling in 1996 at the age of 24 years old. A graduate of Seton Hall University, Haas was the grandson of former Notre Dame University head coach Hugh Devore. In the early stages of his career, Charlie teamed with his younger brother Russ Haas.


The Haas brothers were a very successful tag team on the northeast independent circuit. The brothers won tag team titles everywhere they went. After 3 years of teaming, the WWE came calling and signed the Haas brothers to a developmental deal. They would win tag titles in both the WWE’s farm systems Heartland Wrestling and Memphis Championship Wrestling. The WWE was ready to call the Haas brother up to the main roster in late 2001.

In the early morning hours of December 15th, 2001, Charlie and Russ were studying wrestling tapes getting ready for their WWE debuts. Russ went home around 3 in the morning to get some sleep. Later that morning, Russ’s wife couldn’t wake Russ up. He had died of a heart attack. He was just 27 years old.


After his younger brother’s untimely death, Charlie changed his in ring name to R.C. Haas in tribute to Russ. In 2002, Haas was called up to the main roster teaming with Shelton Benjamin and managed by Paul Heyman as a part of “Team Angle” with Kurt Angle. The team would later get the moniker of ‘The World’s Greatest Tag team’ and win the WWE’s tag team titles on two occasions. The team would eventually split up after the WWE draft in 2004.


Haas would again win tag team gold teaming with Rico and Rico’s valet Miss Jackie. Miss Jackie and Charlie Haas would start a real life off-screen romance and the two would ultimately get married. He along with Jackie would be released from the WWE in the summer of 2005.

Less than a year later, Charlie would re-sign with promotion as a singles wrestler. His gimmick would evolve into Haas impersonating other wrestlers and WWE talents like Hulk Hogan, Carlito Colon, Jim Ross and even Beth Phoenix. After the gimmick got worn out, they tried pushing Charlie as a serious singles competitor, but he never made it out of the lower mid-card position.

Haas would be released yet again by the WWE in 2010 and would find success re-teaming with Shelton Benjamin in Ring of Honor. The duo would go on to win the ROH tag team titles twice. Haas would also wrestle for several independent promotions before calling it a career in 2013.


So whatever happened to Charlie Haas? Charlie is still married to Jackie Gayda Haas and the couple has four children together. They started several health and fitness business ventures together. Currently, Haas is working for a medical supply company as a Spine Specialist and is based out of the Dallas, Texas area.

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